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(TPA) Dairy/Milk

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1137 recipes at an average of 1.92%.


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A nice Kool(ada) Banana shake. WS-32 may give a better cooling effect, but I haven't tried that variation.

A milkshake banana full in milk and cream, while the milkshake base its an amazing concentrate and really helps to our mix to get the taste of a real milkshake. Give it 5 to 7 days to steep and enjoy!

Inspired by the classic Apple Buttah from Goldfish18.

SnV certified - seriously, the fresher this juice is the better! Mix this up, give it a good shake and fill or drip to your hearts content!

Cake batter, Pudding base, Pound cake, Funnel cake & Pie crust - this provides a wonderful base of cake batter-y goodness! CAP cake batter is truly glorious, as I was trying to bring out the silky batter side of the flavour VT’s pudding base seemed like it would be a good companion. Oh boy was it a good choice! It really amplifies the vanilla/pudding aspects of the recipe. Pound cake “firms up” the cake side of it, whilst funnel cake adds a bit of a deep fried tinge. Pie crust adds a slight buttery/pastry note for a bit more depth.

Meringue, Dairy milk, Sweet cream - playing again on the cake batter notes of the recipe, these 3 add a bit more of a moist, dairy edge which sets off the vanilla pudding aspects of the juice.

Apple pie filling, Fuji Apple - the Apple portion of the recipe! Apple pie filling is an interesting one, and pretty bang on for what it should be! The only problem is that it doesn’t quite have the Apple “bite” that I was looking for. This is where Fuji steps in! The combination of the two provides a deep, textured, no holds barred Apple pie filling that sits right on top of our batter base. Feel free to sub FA Fuji Apple for CAP Fuji Apple here @ the same percentage!

Super sweet - sweeten to taste, I find 0.25% to be the sweet spot for this recipe though!

Another Chocolate Milk looking to expand my ADV juices , getting tired of my others time to swap it up alittle

The Ingredients:
Inw Chocolate Cream -The Base of the profile creamy choclate goodness ...MMmmmMmm
TPA Dairy/Milk - The milk of course
OOO Creamy Milky undertones- to add some edge to the milk and round off the Dairy notes
TPA Malted Milk Conc - add some graininess to the milk

the FM cinnamon is actually VapeWild Cinnamon but AlltheFlavors doesn't give you the ability to label your own so I had to randomly pick one...it pulls out the cinnamon a little in the recipe...this isn't spot on but it's pretty great..I will keep working on it but I went through 10 ml very quick..I know most people on here don't use vapewild so try to replace the cinnamon if you don't have it..

Was watching VICE's "F*CK, THAT'S DELICIOUS" with Action Bronson. They were touring the borough of Queens, NEW YAWK and picked up these awesome Colombian snacks that looked amazing.

It's a crunchy waffle wafer layered with Dulce De Leche in between. There's probably better choice for the waffle cone out there but I'm limited to what I got. Still experimenting with this so subject to change in the future! If you mix it up, leave a comment and let's brainstorm!

INW Biscuit and TFA Graham Cracker Clear are going to be the crunchy, primarily for the texture and dryer mouthfeel + FW Waffle for some waffle flavor. Keeping it low so it's just barely noticeable and doesn't give too much maple flavor some folks get at higher percentages.

JF Dulce De Leche because it's fucking amazing, TFA Dairy Milk + FA Fresh Cream to soften it because I don't want a syrup, more of a creamy spread. Plus they help to smooth out the recipe in general so you're not vaping on straight dry biscuit with dulce de leche on the side.

Thick creamy bananas blended in a decadent rich milky smoothie.

Scrumptious chocolate​ cookies​ and​ graham​ wafer baked to​ perfection.

This​ is​ a​ remix of​ the​ royal​ cookies​ By​ Black​

Pearl.​ I've tried to​ hit the​ flavor profile for​ month​ and​ it's​ very​ close​ to​ the​ original now.​

Imagine taking a deliciously moist piece of lemon cake topped with meringue and dipping it in a glass of milk before each bite. That's what you get with Pounded In Milk.

This is a bowl of frosted flakes cereal doused in milk. The super sweet bumps the sugary note while the meringue and vienna cream layers and accentuates the milk. It is descent SNV but really pops after 3-5 days steep. After a week it will fully mature.

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