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(TPA) Cucumber

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv wizard

Used in 119 recipes at an average of 2.411%.


11 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Mixed for the fundraiser on Fresh03's Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3WsPJP8QfvxiiIBRr18lPQ) for the Ali Forney foundation!

FLV Gin is our base note, and the juniper shines through the whole mix. At 2% it's prominent but not overbearing. .25% Bar Back Bitters helps carry the tonic through the finish

3% VT Persian Lime, with a boost from 1% TPA Key Lime really helps push the lime all the way through.

3% LA Lemonade provides a nice citrus base, and WF Passionfruit with TPA Cucumber gives a fruity body and helps to tame the top end of LA Lemonade and keep it from pushing out the Lime in favor Lemon.

If you're a sucker for cold things I think this would be perfect with .5 to 1% WS-23 as well.


Hello Summer!! So way back I vaped NAKED Green Blast and all I tasted was Honeydew. Like most commercial juice it left a lot to be desired. After looking at the profile I was inspired to come up with something that I think is completely refreshing, unique, and a rad balanced green leitmotif. Some say it tastes like the Airheads Mystery flavor. I just think it's delicious.

TFA Cucumber is just a fun flavor that I think doesn't get the attention it deserves. I really haven't been much for melon vapes but I dig this flavor. I find it brings a melon like flavor that is as cucumber refreshing as it is different. This stuff is pretty strong and the front man at 2.75%. No subs are possible here.

FA Kiwi at 1% and FW Kiwi at 2% was the preferred candy to realistic juicy kiwi balance I liked the best. If you only have FA go 2%. If you only have FW go 4%. Either of these will turn out tasty without completely butchering the concoction so have at it. Although, I think they are both great concentrates and worth owning.

FA Apple Fuji adds a great crisp apple to pretty much complete the main popping green fruit trifecta at 2.5%. JF and Cap probably work here at an equivalent strength but personally, I never felt the need to try them so YMMV.

FA Pear at .5% is just here to add some sweet juicy love without being intrusive on the overall pop of the profile while maintaining the all green motif.

Although I like this fruit profile alone... adding FW Yogurt just completes it and gives this an amazing finish. At 3.75% the fruits still pop but that finish is just too lovely to go without.

Options: As always, sweeten to your liking. Cap SS is my preferred sweetener depending on the mood at .2-.3%. You can use 2x more FW Sweetener to equal it. I don't recommend TFA because of the added maltol. I add my 10% PG Erythritol solution at 1.5% because I like what it brings to the fruit and the cream. For all you cool heads add some WS-23 if that is your gig.

Buck NAKED on a Big Wheel and feel the breeze... You're buck NAKED on a Big Wheel but it's no Green Machine!

This mix is very close to my memory of the " White Mystery" air heads
I may make a 2.0 version of this recipe to try for more authenticity, but I plan on keeping this recipe up as is because it's amazing.
all day vape, shake and vape... perfect after a one day steep.

the watermelon and guava give plenty of sweetness so I didn't feel it needed any super sweet.

feel free to share and adapt to your taste, just please give credit to the creator.

Email Brodycowden18@gmail.com for recipe development and licensing.

based on https://alltheflavors.com/users/ThomasChirafisi -Watermelon Cucumber Mint

Yakima Hops / Cucumber / Creme de Menthe / Key Lime

Refreshing and juicy. Strange, intriguing. Drip on to figure out the point...

More details at: http://vapingmule.com/articles/ejuice-recipes/moose-hops/

Relax poolside with cucumber and guava. Get naked and give no fucks.

A refreshing summertime vape that tastes like pure vacation.

Orange citrus mix, served with a dash of tequila and supercool.

Building blocks:

FA Royal Orange paired with TFA Sweet tangerine to give this mix a flavorful and refreshing main profile.
FA Lime Tahiti Cold Pressed, a refreshing and realistic lime juice flavor. It's not very sour and no bitterness in it is used to lift the orange and tangerines.
FW Mt. Dew type added for the body of this mix.
FA Polar Blast for the super coolness.
SA Tequila, the best on the market, added to give the mix a lovely agave taste and perfectly spices the whole mix, very balanced at 2%.
TPA Cucumber to rounds it all of.

What you get after a decent steep (5 to 7 days) is a very fruitfully, rich agave spiced vape to satisfy your biggest thirsting needs.

inhale: fruity, cool and fresh orange and citrus vape.
exhale: a fruity combinations with notes from cucumber, tequila and more cooling freshness.

1 drop Super Sweet per 15ml or /and 2 drops of mint per 15ml

Enjoy this very tasteful vape.
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Fantastic and refreshing summer time vape.

Pretty straight Fuji and strawberry are always a great combination, and the addition of honeysuckle, make the experience juicier and sweeter .

Finishing the profile off with Rosemary and cucumber for a unique and extremely satisfying Vape experience.

If you do not have shisha Rosemary would highly recommend picking it up not the most versatile flavor but works very well floral situation and pairs well with melon and sweet fruit flavoring.


Bilí is a popular drink from Vieques, a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Traditionally, it’s made by fermenting rum with quenepas, a local tropical fruit. However,i expand the infusing concept with other fruits. In this one, cherries, orange, lemon & Lime, cucumber and spiced cinnamon are macerated with sugar before infusing dark rum.

This is a digestif that packs a real punch, a very refreshing vape

FLV Rich Cinnamon 2 drops per 15ml!

S/V let it sit 24 hours, better or perfect 3 days.

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The idea originally was to create a simple cucumber/watermelon profile. But as I played with the flavors I concluded that, although it was tasty, it was a bit boring. Adding some cantaloupe and a 2nd watermelon was good for perking the whole thing up. Fresh cream and a touch of lemon made it a little more interesting.


Great for a refreshing summer flavor, and a great shake n vape.

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