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(TPA) Creme De Menthe

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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My thoughts on this recipe in a review I sent the creator: This stuff is great. Tastes very much like the mints I remember, rich, creamy, a little minty, a little buttery, sweet as all hell. Just utterly vapable and delicious. The only minor quibble I have is that there's a touch too much caramel flavor. Arguably, this should knock some of the points because of accuracy/authenticity. Thing is, it actually ADDS to the taste. There's something to a little caramel added into this that kicks the flavor into overdrive. Can't put my finger on if it adds more to the buttery side or to the sweet side, but when that note shows up, it makes a nice zing moment before it slides back, and the mint goes out completely smooth.

This one's for mint addicts, candy junkies, or someone looking for a sweet, creamy minty rush to add something different, without going for the usual fruit/menthol thing. Absolutely ADV worthy, if you can handle the richness.

While it can be shake and vaped, it really shines after 7 days.

Posted with the creator's permission.


I got the idea from Mr. Walker and just wanted too expand on it alil more and maybe give you more mouth fill

Steep for at least a week. If you shake and vape before a week the creams just don't pick up as well. Cool minty inhale with a creamy, vanilla exhale. You can add marshmallow or sweetener if you want more of a milkshake flavor, if you want less cool mint then dial the creme de menthe back to 2% or so.

Oreo Shamrock Shakes is a Summer drink。 but I still working on it。

A cool, herbal mix inspired by traditional medicinal soft drinks and small beers. While there is enough sassafras and root beer flavor to remind you of the more familiar supermarket offerings, the creme de menthe, absinthe, and cinnamon give the minty, earthy, and anise notes associated with its traditional, rustic counterpart more of a leading role.


Simple Shamrock Shake from Mcdonald's. For all those times when you want a Shamrock shake but they are only here for 2 months out of the year. Give this thing a good 3-5 days for all of the Creams to work their magic and the mint to fall into the background like a true shamrock shake. If you like your Shamrock Shake extra minty bump the Creme De Menthe to 3%. The Butter Cream is what sets this Shamrock Shake apart from other recipes of the same. It adds that buttery cream that is perfect for this profile.

Based off of Kreeds Kustard and inspired by The Plume Rooms Banana Mint Milkshake.

I've used both LA and TFA banana cream in this recipe and feel like TFA banana cream fades too much, whereas, LA's Banana Cream holds up a little better over time. I added INW Banana to help out the banana profile a bit and I feel for the real banana heads out there that both banana cream and INW banana can be upped .5%

The Creme De Menthe to me is perfect, it's not overpowering mint, but it's there. It makes this recipe cool and refreshing. If you want a stronger mint experience you can add 1% more of Creme De Menthe or menthol of your choice.


Wanted to simulate a Peppermint Patty for a friend. The Double Chocolate is what I had on hand to start with and it seems to work well at this ratio. The Creme De Menthe is the creamy mint portion, and the Koolada is the the cooling sensation on the exhale. The sweetener is there as more of a binder than anything else, not sure why but without it the mint is very strong and the chocolate doesn't come through as much. I played with this for quite some time before coming up with the final blend that works well as a shake and vape but is great after about 48 hours.

Adapted from Marcie-Peppermint Patty Clone by reddit user discchord using flavors that I had on hand.Good as a shake and vape, but gets better with a steep . Chocolate is the prominent flavor with the peppermint following behind.

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