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(TPA) Cotton Candy

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v4 is available here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/22318#shurb_by_captaincannibal

captaincannibal's SHURB clone.

"No steeping required, though a day or two will really help it out. Otherwise, shake until it turns white and your arm becomes a noodle and then enjoy the smooth, dark, enigma that is Shurb."


White Gummy Bear recipe based on INW dragonfruit and HS Pineapple

My attempt (successful IMO) at a sweet strawberry and cream custard. I like the natural taste of ripe strawberry a tad bit more than red touch strawberry hence the use of both. If and when I get some inw strawberry shisha in stock i will try subbing that only or subbing it for the red touch strawberry. A combo of creams used as most of the strawberries and cream recipes I have tried lack some depth that I want. I also wanted that sweet taste that many of the major labels have but without using a bunch of sweetener to accomplish it. And of course I had to have some custard in there for flavor and mouth feel/thickness. This continues to get better every day it is allowed to steep. If you don't have holy vanilla you could just bump cap vanilla custard up to 3-4%. I used gelato instead of the common vbic as some people experience a pepper taste to vbic. Dragonfruit used as recommended to brighten the strawberry note so it's not completely drowned by the custard and cream. Marshmallow and meringue to add sweetness and texture as well.

A dessert that originated in New Zealand. Essentially just a plate of meringue, a layer of cream, and topped with strawberries, nectarines, and lemon zest.


Strawberry Custard

Easily the best peppermint patty recipe! By reddit user discchord.
Discchord states that it should steep for at least 3 days, but preferably for a week.



Lime coconut yogurt. Currently a WIP

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