(TPA) Cotton Candy (circus)

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A creamy apricot drinking yogurt, I've been chasing this flavour since I first started mixing. It's a very artifical apricot with a creamy and sweet yogurt base.

Fruit base: TFA Apricot, TFA Juicy Peach and TFA Cotton Candy (Circus). I used TFA Juicy Peach to boost the apricot flavour, when used with apricot and cotton candy the harsh edges gets refined and the peach is no longer a throat killer. I wanted to apricot to stay in front of the mix and at 5.5% it stays as a top note. I also chose TFA Cotton Candy Circus to help boost the candy profile.

Yogurt base: CAP Creamy Yogurt, FA Cream Whipped, FA Marshmallow and CAP Super Sweet. I used CAP Creamy Yogurt at 3.5% because I wanted a subtle yogurt base, at this percent it isn't downright offensive when mixed with other creams. I used FA Cream Whipped because I wanted a milky tea base that didn't mute the fruits, at 2% you get a nice milky undertone that pairs well up with CAP Creamy Yogurt. FA Marshmallow is used to fluff up the creams. The reference was sugary sweet, I used CAP Super Sweet because I didn't want the water content or maltol from TFA Sweetener. CAP Super Sweet at 0.5% is perfect to create sugar without making the mix nauseating.

Going for a red apple jolly rancher/candy. I feel like it hits the mark really well. Any suggestions welcome. Inspired from a live mixing with Wayne a couple months ago.

Well here it is winter time and i've finally come to a version of a Bubble pop sucker that is actually really tasty and authentic. It is very reminiscent of when you finally get to the bubble gum center in a few places if that makes sense. This is at least the 5th reversion so If ya like Candy vapes please give this one a go and let me know how ya likey


This is a blue raspberry jolly rancher

Raspberry/Razzleberry - this is where the main "blue" raspberry flavor comes from, that razzleberry is very candyish which lends perfectly in this mix.

Cotton Candy (Circus) - this flavor helps sweeten up the mix and give it more of a candy taste while helping out the blue raspberry taste

Sour Wizard - this is what gives this recipe that extra tart and in your face flavor. It really makes the raspberry flavors pop.

Sweetener - I really wanted to drive home the whole candy idea and needed more sweetener to do this. Jolly Ranchers are a very sugary candy.

Adapted from Marcie-Peppermint Patty Clone by reddit user discchord using flavors that I had on hand.Good as a shake and vape, but gets better with a steep . Chocolate is the prominent flavor with the peppermint following behind.

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