(TPA) Cotton Candy (circus)

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I add 3 drops of ws-23 per 15 ML so one drop per 5 ML . I’m also using flavorahs whipped cream which I accidentally use the first time I ever made his recipe , I never realized it until i went to make this . lol . BUT I think it is amazing this way but you can do anyone you want you can use flavorahs whipped cream you can use FA Cream whipped or you can’t use TFA vanilla bean i i’ve cream . i made this for a juul pod at 50 MG nic salt just to keep in mind for y’all .


Honeydew and apple Waynes style much love for all the work you do for the mixing community...

Today on SaturDIY'ing with fresh03 and Friends! Poke'Mixing Generation 2! We're doing Pokémon! I chose Galarian Rapidash because it is a beautiful pink unicorn that packs a fireball, just like me!

TPA Cotton Candy Circus/OOO Marshmallow Vanilla/WF Strawberry Gummy Candy = That's my candy, soft, chewie and full in the mouth. Also sweet enough that you don't need and sweetener.

INW Raspberry/FLV Red Raspberry/FW Razzleberry = my usual tasty raspberry with a little FW razzle to turn it into a candy. Anytime you're making a pink candy, through a dash of razzle into it and you'll have a candy berry trick.

Give it a couple of days and you'll have a juicy and powerful gummy, that's really tasty.

Enjoy, be queer and vape on,

Cécile aka Queer Your Vape

[Photo credits: Galarian Rapidash by Kiiro-nee-san ]

Another request for a pod/MTL vape. This time I'm after a really classic cotton candy flavor profile that you would find at the fare. Just a pink cotton candy that tastes like red candied sugar and vanilla.

TPA Cotton Candy Circus/TPA Marshmallow = this is ethyl maltol for days, but the closest you can get to an actual cotton candy flavor.

TPA Vanilla Swirl = for the vanilla and for the mouthfeel. This is the body of the vape.

WF Strawberry Gummy Candy/FW Razzleberry = the redness in this vape. I like strawberry gummy candy because it's a very good candy flavor that isn't exactly strawberry but carries that gummy/candy profile very well. Razzleberry is bright but mixed and I'm using it here for its pink fruit quality.

CAP Super Sweet = You don't have to, but I like how it rounds everything in this recipe.

This is a popular profile yet it's pretty hard to actually manage the texture of cotton candy, but I think this is nice. You can do a 50VG/50PG for your typical pod/MTL tank or 70VG/30PG for your sub-ohm tank and RTA/RDA.

Many thanks to @MECHMODRN ( https://alltheflavors.com/users/MECH_MOD_RN ) who is, as always, a great sounding board and support.

Enjoy, be queer & vape on!

[Photo credits: www.oceanmistsoaps.com/cotton-candy-dreams/ ]

This works well for "pods" when using nic salts super intense 🍓flavors

An Inspired Remix of a popular Aussie eLiquid called
"Jake The Musk"
A simply delicious and balanced Musk stick flavour that satisfies so many vapers downunder.

Available from: https://www.juicecartel.com.au/collections/australian-e-liquids/products/juice-cartel-range-rtv?variant=12122923925624

I have called this "Fire Your Muskets" because I have been under fire by some Aussie eLiquid companies for chasing this recipe profile.
I don't belive in "cloning" any more than I really believe in Santa Claus or a fart powered Unicorn flying backwards over a rainbow and falling into a pot of gold lol. I do believe in being able to be inspired by an eLiquid that keeps you off the stinkies and customizing something close or better to suit your taste buds and olfactory. This is why I call this an
"Inspired Remix"

All the other development details and how I came up with this final version can be seen via the DIY Downunder You Tube channel.

Part 1:

Version 1 - July 15 2019
Cotton Candy (10% EM/Ethyl Maltol) (TPA)2.00
Musk Candy (TPA)1.50
Rainbow Sherbet (TPA)2.00
Super Sweet (CAP)0.50
very close off the shake maybe Musk could come up 0.5%, lets steep a couple of days.

Version 2 - July 15 2019
Cotton Candy (10% EM/Ethyl Maltol) (TPA)2.00
Musk Candy (TPA)2.00 ***
Rainbow Sherbet (TPA)2.00
Super Sweet (CAP)0.50
Musk up 0.5%, lets steep a couple of days. Seems a little stronger than the original but is delicious. Highly suspect the Musk may fade a little though to come into balance.

Version 3 - July 17 2019
Cotton Candy (10% EM/Ethyl Maltol) (TPA)2.00
Musk Candy (TPA)1.75 ***
Rainbow Sherbet (TPA)1.75
Super Sweet (CAP)0.50
Definitely tastes closest to the original but not quite as pleasant as the 2% musk has a more depth of flavor and solid sweetness.

3 Day steep
I enjoyed this on a Dual Recurve RDA 0.14ohm SST Alien Coils, COTN Threads wicking at 70W

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed creating this recipe, but let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Seriously if you like a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

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Think blue raspberry, but for pineapple. Now you have blue pineapple.

Made on Live Mixing: INDEPENDENCE OR DIE

It's a semi tobacco with hazelnut cream.Hope you enjoy it..!Thanks in advance


Fruity cotton candy with cream. I released a berry version some time ago this is just my strawberry version. Hope you enjoy.


This was just an experiment of mine to see how a run of the mill cotton candy recipe would mix with a light ice cream. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it. It was smooth and tasty. Going to be trying new fruits soon. Let me know what you think.

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