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This isn't CC but it's actually not to bad if your into this sort of thing. The creme de menthe and acia really mellows out after about 7 days.

Smooth and silky with an Attitude.
Kinda like a wet dream about Daisy Duke.

Cyclone paddle pop (icy pole/ice block) not a fan of coolant but works if you’re into that kinda thing

Simple and nice recipe. Blue Raspberry is the main profile. Sour Gummy Candy bring some bubblegum/jelly feeling, and Lemon Lime Soda helps on fizzyness and sourness. Enjoy.

A blue raspberry green that's super reminiscent of a blow pop . For a sweeter version , cotton candy and sweetener can be removed for super sweet 0. 5. * Note LB's Blue Raspberry is mixed in 50/50 pg vg so you need to alter the pg vg ratio slightly to accommodate accordingly .

Used cotton candy to smooth out the fuji apple.
Sweet and tart because I like how it brings the forest fruit and jungle juice together.
Added ws-23 this morning just because I wanted a slight cool, tastes a little bit like green apple jolly rancher now.***Edit, I ended up doubling the fuji Originally and forgot to adjust the recipe. It should be good now.😑

First time to try, want to reach thick coffee and chocolate ice cream taste

This is a delicate layered balance of deep and sweet of both plums and and pomegranates. And has a little bit of Zen for that added freshness that only zen can give.

Ok. As a mixer. I try to stay humble and stay focus on growth.

This to me...tastes exactly like strawberry wafers you get in the dollar store or latin markets. My favorites. Not that lavish expensive stuff at grocery stores. I'm talking about that artificial goodness. That wafer you can eat the whole box of.

For this week. I wanted to show how important FA Meringue is to certain recipes. I created this recipe and a simple .75 instantly boosts the recipe. This is pretty good and accurate to me . I thought it would be bad but it tastes exactly like those cheap wafers lol I hope you enjoy. SSA has been a joy so far. Really fills the corners and gives some texture. The strawberries mix to make the artificial but yet tasty mix...even thou they're pretty authentic. I wanted some strong strawberries to fight the tough SSA and WF. These flavors are bulldozers and well. Strawberries are some wimps so I brought some of the big boys out. Shisha gives it the Gooey semi artificial that I wanted and glazed strawberries comes in the back em up. It's a mellow strawberry, just like the authentic wafers but the strawberries put up a great fight



To me, it tastes exactly like it and I love it. Hope you do too

West Hill Brandy - Notes of black currant with a honeysuckle finish, Also tastes like brandy. Found in the wine cellar in the basement of Vigil's Keep in Northern Ferelden.

*Black Currant is Silverline which isn't an option , but that is made by Capella.

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