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(TPA) Coconut Candy

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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so my mom is known throughout the family for her holiday desserts.. coquito, rice pudding, coconut flan (working on this might be 2nd submission), pumpkin cheesecake. shes not allowed entrance to homes if she doesnt bring one or more of these things.(jk)
one of my favorties she makes is her rice puddin that she throws some coconut in. she boils rice adds cream of coconut, evaporated milk, sweetened codensed milk, and topped with a dusting of cinnamon end result is a delicious sweet coconut rice pudding. so far i am at v2 of this and its nice that it would coinside with the competition points. I am going to be eating alot of this over the next 5-6 weeks so im sure the recipe will change as I get closer..ill be sure to edit any changes.

CAP Horchata 4% -milky, light cinnamon, closest thing to an impression of rice.

FLV Vanilla custard 2.5% - pudding flavor (i've heard somewhere that this was reformulated and i have to order flv vanilla pudding to try here)

DIYFS Holy Vanilla .75%- creamy delicious vanilla.

TFA Rice Crunchies 2.5%- Ive never gotten too much out of this flavor but i need that rice note so here is where i started. v1 was 1%.

TPA Coconut Candy 1.25%- because i love this with the next ingredient.

Flv Sweet coconut 1.25%- My favortie coconut on the market (v1 i tried Fa coconut because i wanted to switch things up and use something i dont normally and after v1 i quickly went back to my go to coconut mix).

FLV Vanilla Pudding 3%- With this I no longer needed Marshmallow. This brings a light extra vanilla custardy flavor but plays very nice with flv vanilla custard which has a nice pudding flavor in itself.
Sucralose .75%- v1 didnt have sweetener but thinking of how sweet my reference tastes it needed a bit.
dropped cinnamon ceylon out of v1 because was too much even at 1 drop per 30ml.

Next week my mom will be making up some rice pudding and i will compare and tweak or maybe even reconstruct completly if i have to.
Im enjoying the base even it needs to steep this is just notes off of S&V. pudding flavor is there, still no rice, and i need to up the coconut.

For menu: Not My Mamas Rice Puddin: Sweet coconut rice pudding. Finished with a pinch of cinnamon.
I have gotten positive reviews of this recipe.. still tweaking %s but damn good

Reminiscent of an orange Mounds bar. Smooth, creamy chocolate covered coconut orange candy.

While trying to create a recipe for this contest, I was aiming for something unique for the season of Fall. More precisely, I was aiming for using the 'colors' of Fall as opposed to using Fall 'flavors'. Orange, brown and white achieve that color spectrum for me.

I wanted a relaxing vape involving chocolate as a subtle note. Possibly even a back note. And that, in the beginning, was all I was sure of. As I was considering my options, I reached to open a Mounds candy bar(one of my favorites since childhood). As I bit into it tasting the smooth chocolate, sweet coconut and a nearly imperceptible hint of cinnamon, I swooned and sunk back into my couch totally relaxed and chilled out. My senses immediately awakened. I've only tasted that faint cinnamon in Mounds(specifically) and often wondered if it was only in my imagination, as other people I've known can't taste it at all. At any rate, it hit me like a truckload of....coconuts(pun intended)! I wanted to make an orange flavored Mounds bar eliquid. And one as relaxing as I find eating a Mounds bar to be. I've never worked with orange flavorings EVER, so this would be a very challenging task for me. Truthfully, I can't even think of a time when I even purchased an orange flavored eliquid.

I was very pleased this turned out exactly as I wanted on only my second formulation. I find it extremely pleasing to my palate and I hope you will too. On the inhale I taste coconut most prominently with a light mandarin orange. On the exhale, I taste a light coconut, stronger orange, and smooth creamy milk chocolate mixed with extremely light cinnamon at the back end. I found myself immediately mixing up a larger batch as I knew my first batch would never last long enough for even a week's steep(due to the TFA DCC recommended steep time).

I usually find coconut flavorings to be very harsh. But I believe the TFA Ripe Strawberry flavor not only enhanced the creaminess of the coconut...it also, to my surprise, eliminated the harshness of the coconut that has always been a turnoff for me. The FA Fuji always provides that 'candy' aspect to any recipe whether you are looking for candy apple or just looking to "candyize" any particular flavor, which in this case, was the orange. Fuji just adds a sort of "buttercream" candy sweetness to my mix.

This contest was a total surprise to me, as I never(on the surface) would have thought to add Strawberry Ripe, CAP CDS, or FA Fuji to a recipe if I was looking to create an orange Mounds-like flavor. But when forced to use these bastard basket flavors, I was forced to think of how to make them work for what I was aiming for. And that's something I would have never done on my own. Yes, if told to use "any" 3 flavorings plus 3 other flavorings, I would have created my Orange Mounds bar. But I seriously/homestly doubt it would ever taste as good as this mix does. Without those basket flavors, my new ADV would have never been developed. Thank you all so much for making me come out of my linear comfort zone!!


7 day steep recommended, though I find it delicious after only 2 days!!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Strawberry cheesecake with lce cream


My moms best dessert. Coconut custard dessert sitting on sweet caramel.


Coconut cream, pineapple juice, rum, and fresh ripe mango chunks, blended until smooth. Full Notes in /r/DIY_eJuice's September 2016 Monthly Recipe Thread.

A light coconut-vanilla cream with a hint of toasted almonds
Add Koolada if you like an ice creamish vape


This is among my proudest creations after working on it for more than a year. If you like pina coladas, you are in for a treat. Full notes for this are in the /r/DIY_eJuice's June 2016 Monthly Recipe Thread.

New cover art by @mlNikon!


The notes for this lime custard bar are in Reddit's DIY_eJuice July 2016 Monthly Recipe Thread

Smooth coconut/lime gelato. Refreshing, not too heavy.

Add koolada or menthol to taste. Steep 4-5 days.

Flavor Notes