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(TPA) Coconut Candy

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1715 recipes at an average of 1.34%.


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Just a nice sweet Moist Macaroon Cookie. The recipe taste good off the shake but give it 3-5 days for the flavors to meld together to get that nice crispy taste. For me the Supersweet makes the cookie just a bit more vibrant and brings a much needed sweetness that I like. Mixed at 69/31. The vanilla pudding and vanilla bean combined with the cream and condensed milk make this cookie nice and moist . Hence the name.


Simply just whipped cream and sugar cookies. It's a little floral off the shake but still good, best after a 5 day steep. Have at it!

Faerie Maize is my attempt to recreate the sensation I got from my favorite eliquid, Faerie Wings, by RNR Vapors. They went out of business last year and the juice is no longer available.

The original Faerie Wings was a "Rich Taro & Coconut Medley Blended With Creamy Milk Tea". It's hard to put your finger on the exact reason why this juice was so good. It was rich and starchy, like a solid bakery custard, with a floating whisper of coconut in the background, like a delicate faerie wing.

I tried a plethora of different juices, searching for that combination of rich and delicate, but nothing even came close. The taros were all too tangy, the custards were all too sweet, and the bakeries were all focused on other elements in the recipe.

The first time I tried the retail version of Terkish Maize, I hated it. It was so sweet that everything else about the profile was drowned out. Still, I knew there had to be a good juice in there, so I started experimenting.

I mixed it 50/50 with an unflavored base, and the flavor profile started to emerge. It had that rich custard feel to it, and I thought it would be a good base for the other elements. I used Inawera Biscuit to strengthen the bakery effect imparted by the corn, then I added TPA Taro and Coconut Candy to weave in the rest.

I vaped this creation until the 120ml bottle was gone. It was simply fantastic. I was about to make another batch when I saw these recipes by TooTall and ActionRalph, so I decided to try my hand at an all DIY version first.

This is my first attempt at a first attempt. I'm actually really happy with it. I would love to get some feedback on this if anyone has any suggestions to make it better.



*Note: This is the first time I've shared an adapted recipe on All The Flavors. I tried to do all the licenses, links, and credits correctly, but if I did anything wrong or left anything out, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!


Doesn't actually taste like seawater.

It's that blue beverage from Sonic Drive-In that's just Sprite + coconut-flavored syrup. It's blue because their coconut syrup has blue food coloring in it.

FLV avocado isn't exactly a realistic avocado, but they did a very good job capturing that fatty thickness you get from an avocado. The reality is an avocado isn't packed with a ton of flavor to begin with. You get more of the actual taste as it lingers rather than when you vape it, but none the less this is the closest to avocado out of the others I've tried. This flavoring is actually fairly strong and can be used lower depending what you're doing, I liked it most in this at 0.75% to stand up to the creams. It needed to separate itself rather than just thicken things up, which you can also use this for lower at around 0.25%.
I initially created this using VTA creamy avocado because I had it first, and while that was also very good, this was more in line with the actual flavor. The VTA offering is also nice and fatty, but I get a heavier nutty banana like note from it. FLV also has a bit of this going on but not as much. I like the VTA offering a lot as a sub, but it's completely different from this even though it's very good in here as well. If that's all you have, throw it in at 1.5% for a really good recipe of it's own.

This is a nice rich ice cream base to go along with that fatty avocado. It will need a good 4-5 days for the buttery note in the creams to tone down and let the coconut come out a bit more.
The coconut is a nice and sweet layer that lays in here underneath all that thick goodness. I know this is an odd profile, but I can tell you it's very good and I can't get enough of it.
If you like thick creamy mixes this is right up your alley.


"Tropical Melon with a Coconut Exhale"

Sounds strange but it has a cult following. And for good reason. Creamy, buttery coconut with a clean melon flavor. It breaks up the monotony of your ADV of Strawberries and Dragonfruit on top of being refreshing and unique.

Good as a Shake & Vape but gets better after a short steep.

Updates and Revisions:

Coconut (TPA) 1.5% to Coconut (FA) 1%
I can't believe I didn't think of this before. Duh.
Coconut Candy (TPA) lowered to 1%
To better compliment FA Coconut.
Introducing Honeydew II (TPA) at 2%

Lowered Butter Cream (CAP) from 1.5% to 1%.
This should be a supporting flavor and I feel this change reflects that.

Omitted Almond (FA).
As much as I wanted to continue to keep FA Almond in this mix, there was not much of a difference. Feel free to continue adding it to your own mixes, but at .5%, it seemed unnecessary.

3/21/18 BIG UPDATE:
Almond (FA) 1.5% to .5%
Coconut (FA) to Coconut Candy (TPA)
VBIC 3% to 4%
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)
Coconut (TPA)

Went back to A/AP VBIC. After testing, I have concluded that Diketones are delicious and in small quantities, I have had no problems. Ordering Sweet Coconut (FLV) and will continue to test.

Changed Golden Butter (CAP) to Butter Cream (CAP). The Butter Cream lends a bit of sweetness and still brings that buttery note I wanted.
Lowered the Honeydew (TPA) by 1%. I feel that 3% still brings that overall melon tone, but perhaps without nose raping you.

Changed Toasted Almond (TFA) to Almond (FA). I feel like the sweetness of Flavour Art's Almond will really shine in this recipe.
Changed Butter to Golden Butter to reflect Capella's decision to change the name.

I have reworked the recipe to replace VBIC with A/AP free VBIC. I don't expect a noticeable taste difference.

I've taken out the Cantaloupe and reworked the other percentages.

Side note: I've seen my recipe re-posted on other sites and re-posted here. I'm glad you guys like it!

I steeped for 3 weeks and it was quite close. I reduced the Cantaloupe and upped the Honeydew. I really feel like I'd miss the Cantaloupe if it wasn't there, so I'm trying a reduced batch before I consider omitting it all together.

Quick note on a small change that made a big difference (huge thanks to mlnikon for the help with this one): ADDED 0.5% FA FUJI APPLE this really brightens the pear notes and makes it much more vibrant and delicious!

So I have dicked around with this Graham Mother Clone for a while now and decided this is my final version, imo it tastes quite nice. I was never able to get it spot on to the actual juice which is probably because Im still somewhat new to mixing and recipe creation. That being said, i have really enjoyed vaping this recipe and wanted to share it with everyone here! I will add a bunch of flavor notes in the future when i get the time, i really like to add as much info as possible and dont have time to do that right now. I really hope you all enjoy this as much as i have. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve this recipe please let me know, because like i said i am still rather new and am always open to advice and constructive criticism.

Note: You can sub super sweet with a different sweetener or exclude or increase the percentage depending on your tastes. I think the actual premium juice might be using a higher percentage of sweetener than my recipe but i like to keep it low/not overly sweet.

This is an interesting recipe and probably wont appeal to everyone. I wanted to do something with chocolate and I thought about doing a pairing with lime. When I went to draft the recipe I was thinking of my recent tests on FA limes, cold pressed would have been fine and gave me a more natural lime that would go nicely with chocolate. I thought though about distilled, which is far from a natural lime. Distilled reminds me of the green suckers from the dentist office, that very distinct green hard candy that really tastes far from a real lime. So I decided to go for it, see where this would take me. Then I added some coconut and creams to really give more depth to the recipe. After a few revisions this was what I came up with. Enjoy!


A delicious coconut whipped cream.

S&V, but best after 3 days.


A bowl of taro sticky rice, with shaved taro, topped with a coconut cream.

I figured I would just derive this from @Shyndo and his Mango Sticky Rice recipe, mainly because it is already very similar. It didn't actually come from him, but after working on the recipe, its so similar, I might as well right? This is a mix you want to let and sit for about a day or so and then vape. The sticky rice does get starchy if you let it steep a too long. I still enjoyed the mix, but I felt it was much better early on. My findings also fit @Shyndo and his assessment on that as well. FLV Cream is used, to meld the mix together, while bringing only a neutral cream and mouthfeel. The coconuts that are used, are both creamy and sweet as well. TFA Coconut is not used because it is a little more natural, which is no what I was aiming for in a coconut cream.

Flavor Notes