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was attempting a BB vapes XO blind mix and came up with this. its not really anything like what i had hoped, but it still turned out well.

So I have never ever in my life had this kind of dessert, and to be honest I do not think I ever will because my poor teeth cannot handle it anymore. The butterscotch is the main profile, obviously, with the coconut cream pie and the coconut itself to back each other up which is kind of mutes in a small way. The cheesecake graham crust is there alongside the coconut cream pie. The creams are made up of Dx Bavarian Cream and meringue and they work very well.
This recipe still needs some improvement, but in the meanwhile enjoy it and leave some feedback.

The reason for this recipe is that I tried a commercial juice called "Tropical Strawberry". For both me and my wife we did not enjoy the funkiness coming from the vape of the juice. It tasted amazing off the smell and back of the hand. So I thought about trying to make the tropical strawberry more "tropical" in a sense. Let me see how well this goes haha.

Dark gooey cookie with a delicious blueberry chunks and a jammy filling perfect for that morning coffee fix

1st try In just layering in the pineapples and strawberries then setting that coconut on top. The next batch will be more focused on the coconut and strawberry.

First attempt at breaking down ingredients in an actual recipe and building a profile that compliments a desert.

Okay the person had said no custard. I wonder if that means no creams too..... Anyway still mixing for that person - here I have strawberries and cherry crush and butter pecan as the higher numbers and then as back up players the tangerine, coconut, almond, blood orange, vanilla and blueberry. Should be a-okay to vape straight away right? Couldn't find quite the right free photo but this should do,


Refreshing,tasty pina colada.just 4 ingredients and 3.7% aromas but still so yummy!for my personal taste 2% of jamaican special is fine,but still you can adjust it to your own preference.inawera's mississippi is one of the best pineapple aromas and a must have.hope you mix and enjoy this,cheers!

Sweets like marshmallow and white chocolate with sparkling wine and cream soda - added touches are coconut and jasmine

berries coconut marshmallow on custard with the addition of banana's foster and butternut to round it out

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