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(TPA) Cocoa Rounds

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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A few of my favorite flavors here with Kahlua , Irish Cream, and some chocolate 🍫 and some sweet cream. As always let me know what you think


Chocolate Clusters where my favorite breakfast cereal, but since I am still going strong on my new year's resolution of no sugar in 2019 I tried my best to make a juice that tastes like them.
Needs some steep to get extra yummy, so please be patient.

The ingredients:
Bavarian Cream TPA + Milk FA + Meringue FA + Irish Cream FA create thick creamy milk, with very slight cocoa/chocolate notes, just like the milk that cocoa cereal have just been dumped on.
Breakfast Cereals FA + Cocoa Rounds TPA + Peanut Butter Cup FW gets you cereal that are coated on both cocoa and chocolate!
Hazelnut FW tastes exactly like the white nut clusters that this brand of cereal uses.

Don't skip the Super Sweet, you can even get it higher if you have a sweet tooth!

This is one of my childhood cereals that I used too eat all the time before elementary school mix up and enjoy


A delicious fried oreo purchased from a shady trailer covered in lights, manned by a guy in a dirty apron with no more than 3 teeth. The sounds of shoddily-erected death traps and children screaming in the background come separately.

Increase sweetener to your liking.

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