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(TPA) Citrus Punch

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv gremlin wizard

Used in 294 recipes at an average of 3.702%.


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Time for something fruity. Mixed this up on a whim and very pleased with the results. Enjoy everyone.

I wanted To see how a lemon/Citrus would work with a grape, not like a candy, more of a soda. Kind of. Ish. Sadly I was out of any lemons. It works pretty nicely, and will probably be nicer with the addition of some Koolada. It's still in testing, but have at it.

Grape Juice
This is an annoyingly weak concentrate, but I fancied working with it, and trying to get to work is a nightmare. @ 5% it stands up as the main note without overshadowing any of the supporting flavourings. This is going to be substituted for INW Grape in the next batch, in the hope that that'll lend itself more to the flavour profile.

Citrus Punch/Oba Oba
Seeing as I was waiting on some lemon to come through the post box, I went down the citrus line. Citrus Punch also helps with drawing out, and adding a sense of fizz to the grape, and the Oba Oba was used to accentuate the tang

This serves two purposes: I personally feel in this context it fills out the body of the grape, thanks without actually adding a huge amount of flavour, and its refreshing nature adds to the soda-y vibe, and the juice overall

As Mentioned above, INW Grape is getting subbed in in the next batch, and I'm going to try it out with a hint INW Raspberry as well in the hope that it'll feel out the body better than the watermelon and add a little more natural sweetness/tang.
Koolada 10% would also make this a more enjoyable and refreshing vape as well. I'll play with some percentages and adjust the recipe accordingly.

I've been working on this recipe for the last month and a half, I feel it's really close to the original and delicious as it is. I used fw blue raspberry because I know it's definitely in the original, I used the harvest berry to tone down the blue raspberry and add a BlackBerry type of note. The citrus punch I thought was the best citrus for this type of recipe as I was looking for a light citrus note not something thats gonna dominate the mix. And finally cap super sweet was definitely needed in this mix to give that commercial type taste and it brings everything together, without the sweetener this recipe wouldn't work. This is the type of recipe that tastes better and better as it steeps, when the mix turns a light yellow thats when its ready.


This recipe, is an Energy drink mixed with exotic fruits.
Ginger Ale and Polar Blast, added to give the Icy "Soda Type" Drink feeling.
As always use the Polar Blast or Koolada or any other Coolness additive at your own taste. I found my sweet spot of coolness @ 0.5%.

So I bought this flavor called Burst and it was a citrus burst and I can totally taste cap lemon lime and alil bit yellow burst and it taste just like fuckin mello yello so if you guys wanna try this make sure U drink some mello yello and get your flavor notes that why bcuz what I got when I first tried this and it was amazing and not really sweet either

Much more simplistic take on Monster than Wayne did on live mixing, but it's the drink none the less!

FW Green Goblin- The main flavor of the whole recipe. Just straight up monster, just a little lacking solo to me
TPA Citrus Punch- Adds just a little extra limey(???) soda taste
TPA Champagne- Just added "fizzy"(not actually any fizz) aspect you get from the drink. Maybe its a power of suggestion, I don't know, it just works
CAP Super Sweet- Bc Monster is so sweet its almost syrup-like, 1% does just the trick


This is a pretty authentic mountain dew type soda. It may not be name brand but it is very close. Great refreshing pop. I have had this recipe on elr for quite some time but ID10-T suggested I move it here so his lazy ass can link it better ha ha.


I tried too look up tfa max dew but nobody has used so I had too type citrus punch for the mtn dew flavor
TFA orange cream is the main flavor in this and will the creamy orange soda
CAP it will help brighten up the orange cream and make it feel like a better orange flavor
Koolada will give it the chill factor and make it seem like there is fizz in the soda
guys mix this up its a perfect S&V and it taste just like sodalicious orange cream soda

Profile: A sweet, buttery Pound Cake with a slightly tangy citrus flavor.

The body: The FW Yellow Cake is the dominant flavor here with a little added CAP Vanilla Cupcake V2 to soften the richness of the Yellow Cake. The TFA Bavarian Cream and CAP New York Cheese Cake V2 were added to simulate the moist dense texture of Pound Cake.

Supporting flavors: The combination of TFA Citrus Punch, CAP Sweet Tangerine and TFA Sweetener add a sweet but tangy citrus note that delights the pallete. It is noticeable on the inhale but much more present on the exhale.

Steep time: It actually tastes great as a Shake N Vape but really comes to life after 2-3 weeks. The depth of flavor and mouth feel are spot on with a full months steep

A tasty fruity soda blend that you can't quite put your finger on.

Flavor Notes