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All tpa full banana bread.
Straight up toasted, buttered banana bread.

This is a remix of damommas ry4 delight because i didnt have catalan cream. Im new and working with limited ingredients so im trying to replicate a catalan cream


This is my entry into the #TPACHALLENGE

First off, I knew when I saw this post that I wanted to use TPA Banana Nut Bread as the main note in my entry. It's one of my favorite flavors that TPA makes. If you've never had it before I strongly recommend you pick it up. It's warm and buttery and a perfectly dense Banana Nut Bread.

I've combined it with TPA Cinnamon Danish Swirl to bump up the spice notes and add to the bakery note of the banana bread, give it a little bit of crispness, Those slightly toasted edges are perfect. I think the two compliment each other really well.

Another of my favorites from TPA is Bavarian Cream. It's sweet and sticky. The mouth feel that it provides is second to none in the BV Cream department.

I've added TPA Vanilla Custard II in really low here. Not for the custard but for the vanilla sweet creamy vanilla note that compliments the BV Cream.

Finally, the recipe needed some sweetness. TPA Sweetener is not my favorite sweetener but it does fine here.

This recipe needs a good steep of 4-5 days.

Based off of Muon Gold. First recipe ever. Extreme WIP

This ones taste really good may need a bit more cinnamon but good the way it is


A maple bar has been a vape I've mess around with off and on for about a year now, and now I finally found it.
For background, as a weight class athlete and bodybuilder I generally keep a very strict diet, but I'm also a former fat kid so I LOVE food and Maple donuts have always been one of my favorite foods to eat, so since I partially use vaping to curb my sweet tooth, this was not just a flavor I wanted, but somewhat needed for my own sanity. Now I can have a little cheat day ever day. :)

FLV Maple bar:
So this is obvious, it's a maple donut. But it's not quite a maple donut. Check out ConcreteRiver's review on the DIY subreddit, I'd agree with him. But the short of it is it's dry, somewhat stale donut base, but the Maple frosting is very good, and it's just that, a maple/vanilla frosting, not maple syrup.
FA Zeppola:
The perfect donut body, light and fluffy, somewhat fried and sugar covered. This simply fills the body of the donut base out. The only issue with it is it's a little TO light of a donut in my opinion so next we add
TFA Cinnamon danish:
Okay, so this is SUPER low %, but to me all the Cinnamon danish's are very strong. I prefer TFA over CAPS, the cinnamon is more baked into a dense dough and less "bright" so to speak. .25% is low enough it doesn't provide any cinnamon flavor to the finished recipe, but it adds just a bit of dense dough to the donut.
FLV Frosting:
I actually really love this flavor, it's kinda waxy but in a good way. Not like a buttercream frosting, but like canned vanilla frosting from the store, which works great to separate the maple frosting from the dough flavors making it seem more like it's on top of the donut and not just maple baked dough
FA Maple Syrup:
The frosting kinda lightens the maple frosting and brings a touch to much vanilla, so this just brings the vanilla back into balance.
FLV Milk & Honey:
This is a weird flavor. But it's also an amazing flavor that I only just recently finally picked up. It's not honey, but it's not maple either. It's a weird somewhat dark sweetness, but when combined with other maple flavors it really takes on a darker, more maple type flavor. Without this the whole thing was just a little, so this smooths it out, sweeten's things up, and enhances the maple frosting. I would say this isn't 100% needed, but it's much better with than without.
Super sweet:
This is always optional, but it's a donut and donuts have all the sugar in them, so just put it in.

Right after I mixed this it smelled dead on like a maple donut and tasted great after a shake, so you can SnV this, but it really comes together better after a week, letting some of the dough flavors settle in, and the frosting/cream type flavors fill out.

A rich cinnamon roll drizzled with cream cheese icing, using common flavors that you probably already have all (or at least most) of. FW Cake (Yellow) can be substituted for CAP Yellow Cake or CAP Vanilla Cupcake without a huge effect on the recipe if you have concerns about using this flavor.

My first try at bakery type flavor. I think it may need a little bit of tweaking in the way of a cake feel.

Cinnamon bun with icing. A simple cinnamon bun recipe but with an explosion of sweet vanilla icing.
TPA Cinnamon Danish as the base. Mostly for the cinnamon
INW Biscuit to add a pastry texture
CAP Vanilla Cupcake V2 for the icing note and texture
CAP Sweet Cream to bolster the icing note
TPA Sweetener for that extra bit of sweetness
I didn't add a nut flavor because I prefer it without that nut flavor or texture, just my preference
Steeping is best after 3 days but can be a shake n vape
Max VG

The name speaks for itself: This is a simple recipe for an "Apple Strawberry Jam"-vape, inspired by Goldfish's famous "Apple Buttah", a recipe I like very much. I came up with this recipe during the first round of Beginner Blending's Mixxed Competition. In my opinion it was a bit too close to "Apple Buttah" so I decided not to submit it in the comp, but it is definitely very tasty and worth mixing it! Nevertheless it helped me to find the right balance between FA Fuji and TPA Strawberry Ripe for my actual recipe for round one, "Apple Strawberry Roll".

FA Fuji Apple
Fuji apple is the most authentic fresh apple flavoring I know. 2% turned out to be enough to be recognized without overpowering the strawberry.

TFA Strawberry Ripe
Again, IMO the most authentic strawberry out there and my favorite strawberry flavoring. 2.5% turned out to be the right amount to blend in with FA Fuji.

FA Liquid Amber and CAP Butter Cream
Both are used to turn the strawberry and the apple to a jam, blend them together and add some sweetness.

TFA Cinnamon Danish Swirl
CDS is used mainly for the small touch of cinnamon. CAP CDS was one of the basket ingredients for the 1st round of Mixxed Competition and works as well, but I prefer TPA's version in this recipe.

CAP Vanilla Custard (v1)
VC again found its way into one of my recipes. Its purpose is to add the vanilla note to mix and also thickening up the whole vape.

Mixed at 70/30 (VG/PG). Steep: can be "shaked&vaped" but best after 2-3 days.

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