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(TPA) Cherry Blossom (pg)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Used in 214 recipes at an average of 2.424%.


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Created a nice floral bouquet of a sweet herbal tea. Kind of a changeup from my normal approach. I may modify further in the future, but it is a very enjoyable alternate profile mix.

is silverline PUR? that's what I put - wasn't sure. Okay so I wanted a floral and fruity yogurt with some crunch - I think I probably got that here or close - suggestions are welcome

Creme de Menthe (TPA/TFA) – obviously the main role player in this recipe. Even though the flavor itself is not bad as a “single flavor mix” too, it’s missing something. It actually asks for another flavor to boost its background notes unless you are OK with how it plays as a stand alone. I’m a flavor junkie and I long for that missing link.

Cherry Blossom (TPA/TFA) – very lightweight cherry flavor, floral, airy, excellent addition to Creme de Menthe. It doesn’t bring any additional weight to the mint and the juice itself in general. It’s 100% spot on. I’ve also tried to replace Cherry Blossom with Elderflower (FLV) but it didn’t turn that well. If you want to give it a shot, replace Cherry Blossom with Elderflower at 0.5%.

Creamy Coconut (FW) – I was actually missing a touch of tropical sensation to this juice and coconut was the most logical choice. Didn’t try any other fruit/nut because it pairs so damn good with Creme de Menthe. Both outside and inside color of coconut fit to my juice color scheme too so that’s another plus. Don’t try to replace with Coconut Extra (TPA/TFA) coz you might end up vaping the rubber tasting mint!

Vienna Cream (FA) – in order to accent the creamy note of Creme de Menthe I needed floral note cream which also pairs well with Cherry Blossom. The cream itself has to be lightweight, no custard or heavy vanilla because all other ingredients are likewise. So two creams came into consideration: Vienna Cream (FA) and Sweet Cream (FW) but the formal one won elegantly.

Sugar is optional.

Original recipe updates at: http://vapingmule.com/articles/ejuice-recipes/moose-42c/

This is a nice creamy Floral Berry recipe. Taste good after a shake. Mix it up you might just love this different recipe. This goes beyond any flavor I ever mixed. Really it’s delicious. Add Sweetner to taste if you like. I added .25 cap Supersweet. Would love some feedback. Thanks mixed at 65/35.

A delicate Cherry Tobacco, after many versions this is what I've landed on and it's quickly become my ADV.

Maxx/Ozone - Maxx is basically a black and mild. I had tried other tobaccos that I thought would work well for this profile, but none of them hit the flavor I was looking for. Ozone is a slightly floral tobacco and it helps to carry the Cherry Blossom and Cherries.

Cherries/Cherry Blossom - Cherries is by far the best cherry flavoring out there, this was the most difficult portion of the profile. I wanted it to be prominent, but not overpowering and 2% works here. The Cherry Blossom adds a nice sweetness and blends perfectly with the Ozone.

Red Oak/Holy - Red oak adds a bit of earthiness and Holy Vanilla works as an emulsifier.

This can absolutely be a shake and vape, but also doesn't hurt to have a few days steep. The floral isn't a super prominent note in this but it works great. Enjoy!

This mix was inspired by a lovely B&BW candle. Main notes were cherry bourbon (I used cherry blossom because most cherry flavors taste like medicine to me), Chestnut, Pistachio (made a version with pistachio added and my dad and I both preferred it without) and sweet cream. I didn't want to add sweet cream because I'm not a big fan of that flavor but I did want to add that sweetness that I smell with the candle. I added CAP Sugar cookie and it was perfect. This is a nice and unique mixture. Everyone that I've had tried it has liked it.

**I mix low so you may need to increase my percentages anywhere from 50-100% (double)

Quick tobacco recipe for the "thon" harking back to a casual challenge from His Bearded Majestic Holiness Himselfs.

This recipe draws a good bit of inspiration from @shyndo and his The Pink recipe. Dont judge him to harshly on it. I removed the supporting elements :)

A FLORAL tobacco, something only I will enjoy ;)


It's often said that possession is nine-tenths of the law, but when it comes to... certain things, I still subscribe to the playground rule of ownership: "I licked it, it's mine." This abstract recipe, made of only ingredients found in All The Flavors' June 2017 Awesome Box, was inspired by that philosophy.

Cherry Blossom is an ingredient you generally want to use as an accent at lower than 4%, as it can even be the focal point of a recipe as low as 2%, but here the higher % is needed to make it the star and to make its cherry flavor stand out in the mix. The rich ice cream pulls its floral top notes way down but doesn't extinguish them entirely, which is good, they keep things interesting.. The pink part of LB's Pink Lemonade, which is a delightful powdered-mix pink lemonade flavor on its own, further enhances the red fruity flavor of Cherry Blossom. With a little help from FLV Cream, the lemonade combines with that cherry flavor for something oddly somewhat reminiscent of a Sonic Drive-In "Cherry Limeade CreamSlush," which is just their cherry limeade blended with ice and soft-serve ice cream.


What started as a cherry blossom macaron quickly turned into something else. The original mix was a bit lighter in flavor but I ended up liking certain parts of the vape so much I wanted to emphasize them. The main aspect of this is a certain in your face PINK flavor. There is also an almost cereal note with a bit of crunchberries in there.

TPA cherry blossom and CAP hibiscus blend together to create a sweet, airy, cherry pink floral note with a bit of syrup on top.

FA almond adds body to this pink note and lends it's own cherry note through our own minds associating almond extract with cherries. My best example of this phenomena is eating a big pint of ben and jerry's cherry garcia. This stuff is loaded with almond extract.

FA meringue adds a powdered sugar note, body, and acts as a condenser to the whole mix.

FA cookie adds a bit of texture and keeps the mix from being too one-note.

Cap Butter Cream works really well here, it actually has this unique taste when combined with meringue where it creates an almost delectable creamy filling and separates from the powdered sugar.

The suggested steep time brings out complexity but this mix is good day 1 for me.


This is a nice floral green tea with lemon. The cherry blossom needs a bit of a steep to develop.

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