(TPA) Cheesecake

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Need around 5 days steep but can shake and vape
Sweet banana cheesecake flavor

Ohh yes, here we are.
Finally online with my first public recipe.
As a beginning I propose a simple cheesecake with strawberry topping, a simple recipe but full-bodied and tasty.

  • TPA Graham Cracker: The biscuit of cheesecakes, this is not very kind with coils but at 1.5% is tolerable and you don't have to change cotton twice a day.

  • CAP New York Cheesecake: The body of the recipe, everyone knows this flavor, it's a delicious cheesecake base.

  • TPA Cheesecake: Gives to New York Cheesecake more thickness and complexity.

  • TPA Strawberry (Ripe): Another must have flavor, it's not very concentrated and for perceiving it clearly you'll need at least 6%.

  • INW Shisha Strawberry: Here, however, we have a very concentrated flavor, 2% is good. An excellent flavor that gives the topping sensation at the recipe.

  • CAP Strawberry Taffy: The last piece for the strawberry topping, which gives a more complex taste to the whole. (I love this flavor).

It's a very good to shake and vape (because TPA cheesecake is creamy immediately) but a couple of days will make the work.

I was making juice one night and was running low on flavors and decided to make something to use them up. I thought why not make something that would just use them all up at once. It was like 3am and I needed to get to bed. So Shadow's Milk was created. Oh well I love it. Since this one is heavy on the creams I mix this one until frothy then I let it sit, until it's clear, then I mix until it is frothy again. Then I heat in the baby bottle warmer for 30 minutes. Then I let this one sit for 2 weeks.

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