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(TPA) Champagne Type (pg)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Used in 479 recipes at an average of 1.934%.


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Much more simplistic take on Monster than Wayne did on live mixing, but it's the drink none the less!

FW Green Goblin- The main flavor of the whole recipe. Just straight up monster, just a little lacking solo to me
TPA Citrus Punch- Adds just a little extra limey(???) soda taste
TPA Champagne- Just added "fizzy"(not actually any fizz) aspect you get from the drink. Maybe its a power of suggestion, I don't know, it just works
CAP Super Sweet- Bc Monster is so sweet its almost syrup-like, 1% does just the trick

Notes to come.

Super Sweet (Cap) @ 0.5% / EM @ 1% / Sweetener @ 1-2%


This is a pretty authentic mountain dew type soda. It may not be name brand but it is very close. Great refreshing pop. I have had this recipe on elr for quite some time but ID10-T suggested I move it here so his lazy ass can link it better ha ha.


I tried too look up tfa max dew but nobody has used so I had too type citrus punch for the mtn dew flavor
TFA orange cream is the main flavor in this and will the creamy orange soda
CAP it will help brighten up the orange cream and make it feel like a better orange flavor
Koolada will give it the chill factor and make it seem like there is fizz in the soda
guys mix this up its a perfect S&V and it taste just like sodalicious orange cream soda

A variation on a stand alone flavouring.
Ametrine is a fresh orange juice type flavour with a couple of ice cubes.

(Ecto cooler) I used to have this as a stand alone, it's a great tasting flavour but uses a hell of a lot, it's supposed to be reminiscent of an old school juice box from the mid - late 80's although I can barely remember that.
It's a clean tasting orange juice.
I was hoping this would give it a fizzy type mouth feel, it doesn't at this % but it does help change the orange flavour a touch to make it more genuine almost like Fanta or tango.
I love this flavouring I can say it does change the recipe from dry and flavoursome to juicy and tastier you can't pick it out it helps blend the fruit and makes the mix mouth watering.
I would say use this to taste
I added a touch even as 1-2 drops per 10ml it makes it noticeable and changes the mix to a slightly chilled taste.
I wanted to make the mix more realistic to step away from the soda taste and I feel that this does it well, the addition of sour heightens the orange and brings it back to the front almost a candy effect without making it sickly.
(Super sweet)
Use sparingly, just enough to bring it to life although without it it's still good.

Thanks, happy mixing

4 D

Elderflower cordial. Think St. Germain. I'm still waiting to be rocketed into the fourth dimension of existence. Until then, I'm going to miss cocktails... I mix at 75% VG. Certified shake and vape. Actually a bit better fresh before the champagne mutes everything all to shit.


A simple and refreshing classic Lilt taste.

A tasty fruity soda blend that you can't quite put your finger on.


My take on a Ginger Ale with Rum -- The TFA Ginger Ale tastes like the syrup of what would be a mix between Vernor's and store brand Ginger Ale, and the TFA Champagne does a good job of watering down the syrup a bit and providing an essence of effervescence

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