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(TPA) Champagne Type (pg)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Used in 477 recipes at an average of 1.94%.


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Time for something fruity. Mixed this up on a whim and very pleased with the results. Enjoy everyone.

A Pomegranate\Cranberry Sodastyle Ejuice.
The Combo of Pomegranate\Cranberry is a Bomb :)

This is a simple and delicious cream soda, no steep needed. Luscious and silky smooth vape, a real treat when you want something sweet.

this is a very simple cherry cola mix it up and enjoy it at 60/40

Refreshing and vivid summer vape , With a nice fizzy feel.

It's a bangin fruit punch if you have these common flavors.

I love Grape Soda, so I had to make something that that I could vape that was similar. Played around with this one for awhile and hit spot on Welch's Grape Soda IMO.

No strange perfume or floral flavors. Not a dry vape, but not super wet. The grapes and champagne flavors play well together and the double apple brings it together. I use two sweeteners because they are different alone,. Together they give me something I like. I may be wrong, but it floats my boat in several of my mixes. A little sour wizard. You can leave it off if you are not a sour fan, but it won't be quite the same.

Nice shake and vape. Better after one to two days. After a week still nice and flavorful. I do let it breathe for a few hours after mixing it.

Tell me what you think and enjoy.

Just going for a simple blueberry Monster flavor.
Green Goblin - The base monster flavoring.
Champagne - Adds a little bite to it.
Blueberry - the side note behind the monster flavoring
Cap super sweet - 2 drops per 30ML, basically a must have to get a true monster profile.


This is a classic take on mountain dew Baja blast I made this along time on elr and it turned out amazing guys mix it up if your looking for a good soda in the summertime mix it up at 70/30 That's where its best at guys

Relax poolside with cucumber and guava. Get naked and give no fucks.

A refreshing summertime vape that tastes like pure vacation.

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