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Vanilla Chai Spice Latte (Dunkin Donuts Style) 😃 This is mine & my wife's favorite treat this time of year and since it's getting colder again I figured I'd give this recipe a try...


It's been a year in the making and I think that I finally have it this time 😁 breaking it down to its core profiles, and with the addition of some new flavorings, simplicity is the best way to go in recipe development. 👍

1st off I wanna give props to Jennifer Jarvis for her help with this recipe back in the beginning... Thank you! 👊

Now onto the notes:
(FLV Eggnog) This is the main flavor that comes thru in this recipe. The first time that I drank this stuff, it reminded me of a warm eggnog with a slight tea back note.

(VT Vanilla Cream) Gives a nice thick/rich mouthfeel to the recipe as well as a nice vanilla base. The drink itself is thick & creamy.

(WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream) Adds a deeper vanilla layer and more mouthfeel.

(TPA Chai Tea) Gives just a little chai tea note to help fill out the recipe. Too much will give weird off notes.

(SA Black Tea) Gives the backbone for the tea flavor cause the TPA Chai Tea needs a lil help in the tea department. This stuff is STRONG, so be careful if your going to add more.

(CAP Super Sweet) This recipe I feel needs this for authenticity because the drink itself is SWEET... 🤤

Hope you like this recipe as much as I do (and the real thing) 😉
Feel free to comment and review.

Based off of Muon Gold. First recipe ever. Extreme WIP

Threw some shit together, wanted a nice warm vanilla and spicy tobacco to toss in the Kayfun Prime for the day. Semi-sweet, dry, and leaves that nice little nose tickle that I love. AP @ 1 drop per 15ml. This is mixed for MTL atomizers.

As a SNV, vapes pretty well! Will modify/add notes as it steeps.


Lilith is a Sumerian or Babylonian demon Goddess, Who is perhaps better known for Her role in Jewish legend. Called "The Dark Maid" or "Maiden of Desolation," Lilith is associated with owls and is a creature of the night.


Simple spiced tea using FLV black tea which is pretty much a dark rich black tea, some nuttiness and sweetness. not much earthiness or green. You get some of that tannic dry finish . I can see this tea being used with tobacco, or in a nutty banana bread, I think you can sneak this in some very unexpected places nicely .

Used with the TPA chi tea and cream of your choice you have a really nice chai tea mix. I love OOO creamy milky undertone and FLV milk and honey here seems to really hit that dairy sweet note of steamed milk that I wanted. FLV cream would also be used here nicely as well i think. The vanilla is here just to boost that note a bit . But you could add some toasted nut notes as an additive if that is what you wanted to pull that forward from the BLK tea.

if you like chai teas this is for you it is my ADV of late

This is my papaya chai tea loaded with sweet orange cream and a few cloves of anise were used when the cream base was heated on the stove top..

I used dried papaya and put it in the tea with the rest of the chai tea seasonings. This is a light chai to highlight the sweet creamy papaya and orange.

I serve this with a couple toasted marshmallows to stir in and melt to brighten the papaya and lighten the spices for a wonderful summer night experience.


I have been playing with TPA Chai tea and hit on a nice combination.

So I mixed together a recipe by /u/billgarmsarmy, along with /u/HeadlessMami's "Ugg Juice" both from reddit, because I felt like these both had good components, but were just lacking slightly. I changed around some percentages, and came out with this. It's pretty delicious, but I'm thinking the gingerbread could be brought down just a tad along with the HS Pumpkin Pie, but I like where both of them are at personally.

It's rich in pumpkin flavor as well as spices! It takes around 3-5 days for it to come together, but it just keeps getting better and better with time. HS Pumpkin Pie tastes really odd at first, but definitely becomes rich and full of pumpkin goodness.

I'm conflicted in putting this as an original recipe, because I used two others to get to this point, so I'm just going to leave that off, even though I feel like it is, there's definitely no debate it was inspired.

The MIXXED ingredients;

  • FA Fuji Apple
  • CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl
  • TFA Strawberry Ripe

The first thing I thought of when I saw these was an apple pie of some sort, but that'd be pretty boring.

Fuji apple is a great flavour and the first time I tasted it, I thought, wow, this would make a great spiced apple drink - so that's what I decided to aim for.
It's a solid flavour. I've used it in fruit mixes at 1% with great success previously, but because I'm wanting it to be the main note here, I started at 3%.
3% ended up being a little too strong in the final mix, so I toned it down to 2.7%.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is a really nice cinnamon, but the pastry is a bit lacking unless you're going to add something like INW Biscuit.
I'm not really going for a pastry flavour in this drink, but the cinnamon is going to pair really well with the apple and the subtle pastry notes will add depth to the juice.
3% might seem quite strong, but it'll come together as the other 'spice' flavours I'm using in this drink seem to lack cinnamon and I want that warmth!

TFA Strawberry Ripe. I'll be honest, there are other strawberries out there that I like better than this one. To me, this has always seemed like a very tacky strawberry flavour.
When I've tried to use it as a main note, it's always a bit too sickly sweet for me. What I did find out when mixing it with TFA Absinthe is that it makes a GREAT sweetener!
So we're going to use it to add sweetness to our apple juice drink! Anywhere from 0.5% to about 2% will do. I'm going to sit it at 1.5%, it's really going to add to our apple juice!

Additional ingredients!

  • TFA Chai Tea
  • TFA Horchata
  • TFA French Vanilla Deluxe

TFA Chai Tea is a STRONG flavour that normally needs a bit of a steep to calm down. This is what's going to add the bulk of the spice to our drink.
This is going to give us a chunk of clove, some ginger and a bit of cardamom, but we're going to have to go lightly on it, because we want it to flavour our apple juice, not overtake it!

TFA Horchata (not to be confused with Horchata Smooth) is another STRONG flavour. This one is really heavy on the cinnamon and it'll pair really well with both TFA Chai Tea and CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl. We're going to add it in at 1%.

TFA French Vanilla Deluxe is pretty much a vanilla custard without that eggy note. We're not using a custard because we're really not going for a latte. The tasty tasty diketones in the Deluxe variant of this vanilla are really going to smooth out the spices without affecting the overall crisp taste of our apple.

Flavor Notes