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(TPA) Caramel (original)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Caramelized bananas done right. When I think of this treat my first thought is the thick creamy caramel; followed by the fresh, perfectly ripe banana. Sorry Nick I love you man, but this one is supposed to be a very sweet delectable vape. This is my first attempt at a caramelized banana.

Looking to create that perfect mix of caramels that is so rich most people wont want to vape it. Coil killer, sweet tooth, smile on my face, good stuff. Definitely a work in progress. Open to suggestions, but only from those of you that have a sweet tooth to rival that of my own. :)

This is one of those classic carnival or fair foods. I always look forward to the whole in the wall food stand at the local fair that makes these delicious caramel rice crispy corn ball. I used kettle corn by tfa because it adds a great sweetness and texture it is perfect for this mix and is a great flavor overal.l I then added caramel rice crispies another good flavor both this and kettle corn have a sweetness to them which when you add caramel original by tfa you definitely shouldn't need sweetener. Caramel original and kettle corn both by tfa have plenty of sweetness to go around. I added rice crunchies by tfa to add a little more of the rice cripies grainy properties. I add caramel by flavor art to help push the caramel original into having a more authentic taste. I added toasted marshmallow to pull it all together and help bLend all the flavors while also adding almost a creamy caramel feel to this Vape. I feel that this recipe is at its best after a 7 day steep its definetly a quality Vape after a day or two but it really comes together after 7 days the kettle corn and caramel rice crispies start to melt together into there own magically balanced sweet treat.

This is my take on a snickerdoodle Doughnut. I found the recipe online and after making the doughnuts for my family and myself, I really wanted to transfer that taste into a vape.

I used FA Zeppola, FW Cake Batter Dip and FW Bavarian Cream as my doughnut base.

For the snickerdoodle I used CAP Sugar Cookie and CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl.

I used the TPA Carmel in this recipe to blend the two together.

The cinnamon danish swirl can be adjusted depending on your preferences. I found that using it at 1.5 was a good balance and did not make it overpowering.

The sucralose is optional in this mix and can be left out if preferred.

I'm going to start by saying this is not my recipe, it is just one I have been making for a while that is not on all the flavors, it's only available here http://makemyvape.co.uk/blog/peace-pipe.

This is an amazing Ry4 recipe, I have been making this for friends that also fell in love with it.

The original recipe calls for 4 day steep, I feel it's best after at least 2 weeks. But I've also vaped this right after mixing and it is delicious.

Straight up funnel cake
I might alter the strawberry alittle there a bit weak.
Give it 1 or 2 days to settle.
And enjoy

The main profile here is a sweet tobacco with a warm feel to it and some bite.Butterscotch,honey and the caramel provide a deep dark sweetness.The bourbon adds some warmth to the overall profile.Graham cracker adds just a bit of body to everything and torrone pulls everything together nicely.
Let it sit for a couple of days or even more to let the honey calm down and the tobacco develop to it's full potential.

I am a caramel lover, but never found a commercial juice that really satisfied me. So this is the final recipe after making a few different batches. Setup: Recoil RDA, dual coil build flat clapton wire @ 0,13 ohm's, 70 watt. Very nice creamy caramel taste, but you really need to let it steep for about 3 weeks to let the Dulce de leche settle down en blend in with the other flavours. If it is to sweet for you reduce the sweetener to half a percent, i personally got a sweet tooth lol

Flavor Description: A velvety smooth cheesecake topped with fresh apples, caramel cinnamon syrup, and a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top. Similar to the cheesecake one would get from Carnegie Deli with my own personal twist on it.
Inhale: Fresh apples that are almost candied in nature as the caramel cinnamon syrup starts to come through.
Mid-note: The candied apple drenched in caramel cinnamon syrup sits on top of a smooth cheesecake that’s extremely light on the crust.
Exhale: Fresh apple dipped in whipped cream to finish off on a perfect note.

JF Fuji and CAP NY Cheesecake- This makes up the main profile of my recipe. I used JF Fuji to give a very fresh and realistic ripe apple taste, but in conjunction with the other flavors it begins to transform into an almost candied apple by the end of the vape experience. I found 4% is the perfect amount to keep this flavor going strong throughout the entire vape, any lower and it just doesn’t hold up as well with what I had in mind. I prefer CAP NY Cheesecake to TFA Cheesecake with graham crust because of its realistic cheesecake taste when compared to TFA’s version which, to me tastes like a cheap no bake cheesecake. I used this flavor at 6% to really bring out that cream cheese taste from cheesecake without going overboard into the realm of sweaty socks and sour cheese taste, any lower and it loses its vibrant taste in the recipe.
TFA Strawberry Ripe- To very simply put it, I used this flavor for its ethyl maltol and maltol content. I wanted the sweetness from this flavor to really shine, rather than using it for the strawberry flavor.
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl and TFA Caramel Original- These two flavors make up the syrup topping on the cheesecake. TFA Caramel original, to me, gives a very realistic caramel syrup flavor and at 2% I found that it really pairs well with the cheesecake to give a drizzled effect. The CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is a strong cinnamon type taste when used above 3%, but at 2.5% it combines with the caramel syrup in such a way that it becomes a caramel cinnamon syrup. This combined syrup brings out the full flavor of the apple while also transforming it during the vape from a fresh apple into an almost candied apple flavor.
TFA Sweet Cream- This flavor is mainly found in the exhale of the vape. I don’t really care too much for whipped cream flavors because of the waxy taste they leave behind, so in order to replicate a whipped cream type flavor, I found this works perfectly for a dollop of fresh whipped cream. At 1.5% this flavor gives a fresh homemade whipped cream taste that’s not overly sweet, but pairs well with the other flavors to give just the right amount of sweetness.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Nice smooth straberry flavor whit creamy taste
after 2 week steeping the creamy flavor comes out much better.

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