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(TPA) Butter

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Delicious buttery coconut cookie macaroon. Im tired of releasing recipes with coconut in it but this is too good not to share. Let it sit for at least 3 days and you are left with a banging coconut cookie type vape.

Buttered Toast + Blueberry Jam. POW!
Jam Monster Blueberry clone. Still tweaking but liking it very much so far. Suggestions welcome!

UPDATE 1/27/17: add 3% TFA Butter to prev recipe and it's even better (β testers are telling me it's amazing). But. As tasty as it is, it's not the clear, precise clone I'm looking for. Not yet. I'm thinking of starting over, greatly simplifying, just bc right now it's blending very nicely and that makes it hard to discern where the "problem" lies. For me, this isn't just to make another tasty juice. The goal is to sharpen my skills at making a specific target. One that can at least somewhat be objectively verified - as much as a decision from taste buds between different individuals can be rendered objectively, anyway.

To this end, I'd be immensely grateful if some of you very experienced mixers out there would give this a try and share your comments? Thank you very much in advance...


One version of a "French dude" remix that I've been working on.
A very sweet, buttery waffle base drizzled with blueberry & maple syrup.

Notes and subs:
JF biscuit can be subbed for INW at the same %. They are close enough to sub and I just prefer the JF in general.

This mix needs to steep, off the bat the biscuit dominates and needs time to calm down.

Super sweet can be upped to 1% for more store-bought sugariness.

French Vanilla Creme can be subbed for TFA VBIC at same %

If you don't have INW waffle just leave it out - it adds some authenticity to the waffle base, and is definitely a worthy inclusion but not 100% necessary.
In a pinch you could sub the INW waffle for FW at 2-3%

Happy new year!


After vaping my other cookie recipe for a couple months... I got bored with it. So this is a cool version that fits the exact profile instead of really using your imagination with the other one.

Carrot cake is Nature's Flavors (NF) Carrot cake, it's just not in the datebase

Need's at least 1 day's to steep, better after 7-10 days.
Full recipe breakdown and notes on Reddit.

The NF Carrot cake can be found here


Simple and plain and extremely authentic Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe. There is no cream filling and if you want milk get off your ass and go to your fridge, because you won't find it in this profile. Only made possible with the help of Jason "Jbird" Davis, Thanks bro. ((((((((((2-1-2017; VERSION 2 COMING SOON))))))))))

Well folks the Holidays are upon us and I have been working on this profile for over a month. This is my best representation of Gingerbread Cookies. The combination of Cap Sugar Cookie, FW Graham Cracker, and TFA Butter create that cookie base with a hint of cinnamon. The Cap Gingerbread is a great flavoring that plays with the hint of cinnamon very well and is in here for obvious reasons. Cap Toasted Almond I feel brings authenticity to the flavor profile and TFA Sucralose sweetens the recipe as a whole. This vape would pair very well with many holiday beverages such as egg nog, boiled custard & spiced rum, or a cider. I really hope you all enjoy this recipe, if so comment and rate it. Thanks!!!!

Nice smooth straberry flavor whit creamy taste
after 2 week steeping the creamy flavor comes out much better.


By far my favorite recipe I have conceived. A true Blueberry Cupcake with a light not overly sweet Blueberry Cream Cheese Drizzle on top. The (cap) vanilla cupcake & (cap) sugar cookie give a good cupcake but wasn't moist. A little (fw) yellow cake added what it was missing. For the blueberry went with (cap) blueberry jam & (tfa) blueberry extra. At first mix the blueberry is out there and strong but after a week steep the best baked blueberry ever. Top it off with (la) cream cheese icing & (tfa) marshmallow mix with the blueberry for a light fluffy blueberry cream cheese icing. Only Reason This Is Still In Progress Is Want To Try With (JF) yellow cake but at this time no funds for any flavor order

The random feature generated this for me. Tweaked some % to what sounded good and it produced a cinnamon-y banana cream that's actually pretty good shake-n-vape. A day or two and the cinnamon from the Graham Cracker will probably mellow out and let the banana come forward. There are hints of cake there that might come out after some time as well.

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