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(TPA) Brown Sugar

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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I used the ingredient list of taco bell's empanada. Mix it up and let me know what you think. I feel it is very true to the profile. Let this recipe age 1 to 2 weeks. Add 1% CAP super sweet if preferred. Mixed at 80/20.

So, I had some help from a buddy of mine when I first started mixing to create this recipie. And I was only mixing for a few months before I came up with this. When I released it on all the flavors a while back its just how I created it back then.

I mixed it a couple weeks ago and it was terrible. Not as in gross but just way to much of everything. I messed around with it and cut the percentagesame way down. So try if you like.

If you get just a dry soilish flavor add TFA sweetener at 1% or CAP Super Sweet at 1 drop per 10 ml.

The only reports of that I've gotten are from people who are used to shelf e-liquid, once sweetness is added they liked it alot more.

But yeah. This was my very first recipe and I'm glad I could cut it back to make it enjoyable again.


Creamy Sopapilla casserole. My first public shared recipe. In its current state, it has taken me over 13 revisions. Nothing should be subsituted.

I have always steeped the recipe for 2 weeks. I prefer all my recipes 30/70 pg/vg because it gives a certain sweetness and thick mouth feel. Some times I have added no more than 1% tfa sweetener, but it is still very sweet for me without.

If you give this a try, I appreciate all feedback.


Warm pears over vanilla ice cream with a bourbon/brown sugar reduction sauce

FW cinnamon roll

No Description.

FW cinnamon roll


Banana pudding with vanilla wafers - Can sub MF with NN Banana Cream Pie

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