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A Super Tasty Blonde Brownie. Its A Coil Gunker Though

This is my attempt at a Taco Bell Apple Cinnamon Empanada. Basically a fried cinnamon pastry filled with cooked apples. And yes for the full empanada flavor give it the full 21 day steep.

This is an original creation to elevate your mixing mind and inner help you strive for that perfect recipe.

A little about me:
I've been mixing for family and friends for over 5 years and have been refining my trade ever since. My favourite profiles are dessert and bakery juices but do cater for any profile that is requested of me which gives me an opportunity to switch up the taste buds from time to time.

No notes on this recipe, the only notes are the ones that you inhale and exhale.

This is version 17 of its original state and ready to share with my vaping buddies.

Enjoy !!

A Caramel Custard. Give it a try.

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Another mind vision has shown me the way. . . . the way to a Brown Sugar Sesame Waffle! Huzzah!

The combo of Crisp Waffle and Belgian Waffle make a perfect waffle on my palate. Totally borrowed this combo from Deftohms.


The Sesame Candy and Sesame Sweets add a great sesame layer to complement the LB Belgian Waffle.

Finish up with some Brown Sugar and Caramel for a little depth and dark caramel layer.

Top off with Super Sweet and I freakin' love this. Light waffle sweetness and sesame finish.


Something I mixed up after trying Wayne Walker's Obsidian gold beta recipe I liked Flavorah's raisin rum boozy and dark fruity notes and decided to try it in another mix.. ( (Fa) vanilla ice cream ( Gelato Vaniglia) is the correct flavor I used in this recipe.. The english toffee and brown sugar darken up the mix just a bit to complement the raisin rum,

A โ€œClassicโ€ vanilla custard recipe with a touch of peanut. Not peanut butter, peanut chunks crushed over a bed of velvety smooth vanilla custard.

VANILLA CUSYARD V2 & SWEET CREAM forms the vanilla custard. The sweet cream adds to the mouthfeel and adds a hint of butter, which Is mmmmh!๐Ÿ˜‹

BISCUIT & BROWN SUGAR. I wanted a vanilla custard with a bit more complexity than just vanilla and cream, and with I bit of biscuits and Brown sugar I achieve that. The brown sugar also helps bring the peanut a bit more forward without adding more FLV PEANUT.

FLV PEANUT. Itโ€™s not the โญ๏ธ But kinda is. The peanut is present on the exhale, and without it I would just be a plain vanilla custard like the rest. 0.75 where the sweet spot for me. Higher than that it got dry and to nutty.

SUPER SWEET: Again. The peanut tends to get a bit dry, so super sweets also adds to both mouthfeel and sugary goodness, which I like in a custard. Not overly sweet, but sweetness in any kind, definitely needs to be there, so feel free to sub with your preferred sweetener.

This baby needs 21 days to fully develop, so be patient. She will get there. I PROMISE ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘Š

Scrumptious biscuity graham crust base and an excellent peachy exhale, sweeten to your liking I enjoy sweet vapes so 0.75 super sweet is good for me.

I know that percentages are high but it just wasnt right at lower percents this is the final version thats right for me.

Samuel Thierstein you fucking asked for it...

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;) Thanks Dean

A fluffy Pancake spread with Butter and mixed Berry Jam, melted under delectably sticky Maple Syrup.

This, surprisingly enough, is pretty straightforward. Fluffy White Cake, Sweet Bread, and Crepe make up my big ole stack of flapjacks.
Ooo strawberry jam is great, wf Blueberry jam is great, stuck em together and it's a great forest fruit jam.
The maple Syrup trinity. Fa maple Syrup is great but make it better with tpa brown sugar (flv caramel also works great) and vta golden syrup. Not my trinity but a damn good at that.

Toss a little bit of butter in there.

That's it.

1-2 weeks for the cake to come through and the syrup to soak into it. Very delicious.

This was a recipe in development and I finally got it where I wanted it. As soon as you inhale the first thing you will get is the granola graham crackers and on the exhale you will find the apples in cinnamon with a creamy greek yogurt and I find it very delicious give this a mix and tell me whatcha think guys

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