(TPA) Brown Sugar

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A β€œClassic” vanilla custard recipe with a touch of peanut. Not peanut butter, peanut chunks crushed over a bed of velvety smooth vanilla custard.

VANILLA CUSYARD V2 & SWEET CREAM forms the vanilla custard. The sweet cream adds to the mouthfeel and adds a hint of butter, which Is mmmmh!πŸ˜‹

BISCUIT & BROWN SUGAR. I wanted a vanilla custard with a bit more complexity than just vanilla and cream, and with I bit of biscuits and Brown sugar I achieve that. The brown sugar also helps bring the peanut a bit more forward without adding more FLV PEANUT.

FLV PEANUT. It’s not the ⭐️ But kinda is. The peanut is present on the exhale, and without it I would just be a plain vanilla custard like the rest. 0.75 where the sweet spot for me. Higher than that it got dry and to nutty.

SUPER SWEET: Again. The peanut tends to get a bit dry, so super sweets also adds to both mouthfeel and sugary goodness, which I like in a custard. Not overly sweet, but sweetness in any kind, definitely needs to be there, so feel free to sub with your preferred sweetener.

This baby needs 21 days to fully develop, so be patient. She will get there. I PROMISE πŸ™‚πŸ‘Š

Scrumptious biscuity graham crust base and an excellent peachy exhale, sweeten to your liking I enjoy sweet vapes so 0.75 super sweet is good for me.

I know that percentages are high but it just wasnt right at lower percents this is the final version thats right for me.

Samuel Thierstein you fucking asked for it...

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;) Thanks Dean

A fluffy Pancake spread with Butter and mixed Berry Jam, melted under delectably sticky Maple Syrup.

1-2 weeks for the cake to come through and the syrup to soak into it. Very delicious.

This was a recipe in development and I finally got it where I wanted it. As soon as you inhale the first thing you will get is the granola graham crackers and on the exhale you will find the apples in cinnamon with a creamy greek yogurt and I find it very delicious give this a mix and tell me whatcha think guys

Vanilla, Custard, Dairy, Bourbon, Brown Sugar, tasty.

Made on Live Mixing

This is all in good fun who is going to challenge this recipe no matter how many flavors we put in our recipes we will never get this one right 😁 Then again it just might work.... #Nostrapons

A tried & true recipe that my wife and I have been using for quite some time now... I can't really remember where I found it to give proper credit (I'm pretty sure it's been cut, copied, and pasted all around the internet at this point) but whoever made this did an excellent job in replicating a delicious e-liquid! Thank you whoever you are! πŸ‘πŸ‘


Recipe inspired by Matt Topolski of
Charlie Noble "coconut ry4" unreleased recipe featured on Diyordie.

UPDATED...Tpa peanut butter is what I had at hand when this was mixed DX peanut butter would be sufficient if you prefer...........This recipe has been in my flavor stash for a year now just recently mixed this up again substituted
all TPA flavors it's kinda old school but it's tasty and simple if you're into RY4 profiles.. I usually mix all my RY4 recipes @ 65/35 for use with tanks and MTL's any new mixers would have these flavors at hand to give it a try...thanks 😎

Butterscotch,Salted Caramel and Brown Sugar stirred and simmered in a sauce pan til all thick and gooey and then poured,hot,over a pudding filled donut.

Notes: I can't vape FW Yellow Cake,but, it would work fine here if you don't have JF. 5 day min. steep, the longer the better!

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