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If you have to leave with one thing about people from Wisconsin, we love to drink!

A bit of a prologue
Since starting DIY, this was the recipe I knew I had to create. The first seven iterations I was able to make something that resembled this staple drink. After a year away and trying different recipes, I came back to what brought me here. With more knowledge and more flavors, this is the closest I am willing to take this mix.
Sure, some tweaking could help round out everything a little more, but in the end, it satisfies.

WARNING: INW Shisha Punch is potent as fuck. Use this at 1 drop per 15ml.

TFA Brandy / TFA Kentucky Bourbon - What's an Old Fashioned without the brandy? TFA's version is a bit more thick and syrupy than I would like, it's subtle and blends in the middle while adding some body. Bourbon is used low to enhance the Brandy and give more of the alcoholic sting in the throat.
TFA Brown Sugar / INW Shisha Punch - Big shoutout to @CriticalVape for finding the almost near perfect aromatic bitters mix. Even at low percentages, the amount of spice that is added really brings this vape to another level.
CAP Lemon Lime - Us Wisconsinites mix our Old Fashioned with Sprite. Lemon Lime brings out that bright, somewhat bubbly feel overall. After a shake, it does have a plasticy off note, but dies down after about a day steep.
FW Orange / FW Maraschino Cherry / TFA Sweetener - If you are unfamiliar with how this drink is made, a few cherries and a slice of orange are muddled in the glass with a sugar cube. These three flavors try to represent that mixture. While the cherry kind of hides in the mix, the orange tends to be upfront and overall present throughout the vape. Of course, sweetener enhances these notes. while rounding out the sharpness of the Lemon Lime and Orange.

Right off a shake, it's completely vapable, I do recommend about a day or two to kill off those off notes.


I may make some changes to this, but as right now I'm very pleased with how this came out.

This recipe was inspired by @Trevorxgage's Southern Peach.

Pastry Crust

  • FA Cookie - This gives it the flavor of a very light baked, slightly buttery and flaky flavor crust that a tart would have.

  • OSD Lucky Shot - This gives the crust some density as well as adds some mouthfeel.


  • TPA Brandy - I feel like this adds some sweetness along with giving it almost a syrup feel to the fruits.

  • INW Shisha Vanilla - I put this in to help the Brandy create the syrup, I think it works well in doing so.

  • TPA VBIC - This is here to help meld the filling together with out making it too heavy, I had considered CAP Vanilla Custard but wanted to keep things light.

  • CAP CDS - Couldn't have a peach tart without a touch of cinnamon, Not too much and along with the ginger I think it's perfect.

  • CAP Honey - Another additive for sweetness and the syrup.

  • TPA Juicy Peach - One of my favorite peach flavorings out there. I think this tastes like the flesh of the fruit. Sweet but not overpowering.

  • CAP Yellow Peach - I get a slight tartness from this flavor to me it's like the skin of the peach, paired with the Juicy Peach gives this recipe the full peach flavor I wanted.

  • CAP Apricot - The tartness from the Apricot boosts the peach flavors as well as helps with the skin portion of it.

  • FW Ginger - As said above paired with the CAP CDS is the perfect amount of spice to this recipe while keeping it a lighter flavor and not muddling everything.

  • FA Lemon Sicily - This is in to brighten the fruit flavors.

I know it's a lot of flavors, and it's a bit of an odd one, but damn is it tasty.

I had an eloquently written set of notes that did not save the first time. Shame on me for not copying them to notepad. This is the short short version because i am tired.

Picture a pretty little square of pie crust with cinnamon sugar under juicy apple filling with a dollup of fresh vanilla cream covered in a strawberry brandy reduction. Pure delight

FA Fuji - I must be super sensitive because this seemed to overtake everything I tried. In this recipe it mingles with both the CAP CDS and the TFA Brandy giving it cinnamon and syrup qualities and giving that baked nuance much the same as liquid amber does.

TFA Strawberry (Ripe) - I used a lot. i didn't want to use sweetener and this plays triple duty. Sweet, creamy, and strawberry flavor.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl - All i ever get is cinnamon from it on a short steep so i went with it knowing to keep it low to get that cinnamon and a little bit of bakery after the week steep. It lends just enough bakery to pull of the tart and adds complexity.

TFA Brandy - I looked at a lot of flavorings trying to bind the basket ingredients together where necessary and this one worked great in adding that syrup-like and baked quality.

FA Cream Fresh - This and TFA Vanilla Swirl make up the cream by playing off the creamy underbelly of the Strawberry (Ripe) and add mouthfeel and depth.

TFA Vanilla Swirl - (SEE ABOVE)

This has been a lot of fun listening to the show and participating in the contest. Respect to the hosts and to all the mixers, new and seasoned, for their art and passion for mixing.

Much Love,
Brett Grosswiler (That Hohmie Brett)

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