(TPA) Boysenberry

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this my take on cherryberry type recipe I added different things like boysenberry and subbed bumbleberry instead of the raspberry and harvest berry the original called for I love how you get the sweet and a little tart from the boysenberry


it needs a few days to turn into a awesome somewhat tart blueberry lemony cheesecake I hope you all enjoy my first recipe here any feed back is welcomed

A little experiment that turned into one of my ADV's. It's weird, it's unusual, it's tasty af. Can be SNV but is best after a 3 day steep.

FA Papaya: The main star of the recipe. To me, it kinda tastes "pink" in a way and pairs very well with floral notes, that's why...

TPA Cherry Blossom: ...is in here, same as FA Rose. Those two in combination with the Papaya really give it that sort of "weirdness" that's making this so addicting for me. If you don't have FA Rose, you could get away without it, but there would be something missing.

FW Blueberry & TPA Boysenberry: These two combined in here bring the sweetness of the FA Papaya down a bit and add a bit more texture and juiciness. Especially the TPA Boysenberry brings out a certain sort of "bite".

FA Fuji: Tbh, it's in here because I'm addicted to it and sneak a little bit into most of my fruity mixes. Also fits surprisingly well in here.

TPA Koolada: I like my recipes to be very cold. Adjust the percentage to your liking.

Ticino Taste is a summer Drink, a sparkly sensation both fruity and sweet without clogging up your tastebuds.

FA Pear - act as the bold note, but decently in the back
CAP Honey - binds the fruits together, gives the vape a mellow sweetness
INW Sparkling Wine - the freshmaker, interesting note in the middle
LA Apricot - a candy-like apricot sits in the foreground
FLV Apple Cider - pairs well with the sparkling wine
TPA Boysenberry - is a dark, tasty undertone

1 drop Eucalyptus per 10ml for a fresh kick
0.5 Lime Cold Pressed for a sour note
0.5 CAP Yogurt for a creamy note


This is the ice cream flavour i have been looking for the way the floral notes of the boysenberry bounces off the strawberry is something to put a smile on your face!

Ice cream base
The mixture of vbic/marshmallow/meringue/custard is something i have been looking for! I used to just use high percentages of vbic and it was always harsh on inhale and never really had the taste that i want in an ice cream the marshmallow helps thicken it up and helps mellow everything out

Fruit mix
I have always had a problem with tpa boysenberry (bought it by mistake thinking it was the same as flv boysenberry, wrong!!) it has always overpowered everything so i decided to reduce everything down and its amazing especially when it plays off the earthy tones of the shisha strawberry really helps it along

I have tried this as a shake and vape and its so good but i think its really going to come to life after a good steep for a week or so

my take on the famous Heisenberg eLiquid.
don't expect it to be close

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