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(TPA) Blackberry

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 589 recipes at an average of 1.626%.


40 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Taste like a thick rich blackberry infused cheesecake. This recipe gets better after it steeps for a few days.


This is a delicious creamy coffee drink you would get at starbucks or something. Sweet blackberry layered in with a buttery cream in a delicious coffee drizzled with white chocolate. The inw milk chocolate is just enough to bring out the white chocolate flavor.

Lemon Meringue Pie with Blackberry.

Meringue inhale followed with lemon and then blackberry. Graham Cracker comes through on the backend lending the heaviness that contrasts on the airy light start. I really like how this vapes as it goes from light to heavy throughout the inhale and exhale going from the meringue to the lemon to the graham cracker, much like eating Lemon Meringue Pie.

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie: Man I love this flavoring for that Lemon Meringue. While it's not enough on its own for me, it's a perfect base to start building.

FA Meringue: I know it might be a reoccurring thing for FA Meringue to be such a staple in a lot of my recipes but this flavoring is just that good for what I want it to do. In this case it helps adds a bit sweetness and light airiness that I want from Meringue on the top of a Lemon Meringue Pie.

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream: This flavoring man! It is a great light cream that helps the Meringue shine. I've been enjoying this FA Meringue and CAP VWC combo a lot lately.

TFA Blackberry: I wanted to distinguish this Lemon Meringue Pie from any other and I settled on Blackberry adding to the Lemon. TFA Blackberry is a bit sweet and tart but is very potent. No more than 1% or it really gets overbearing. But for me, it is the perfect flavoring when I want to add a Blackberry note to a recipe.

TFA Pear: I originally wanted to do this with FA Pear but found out I actually don't have any but you can sub it in because its main job in the recipe is to help out the Blackberry just a bit more to mix it with the Lemon better. I found 1% too much for this as the Pear started to override but at half a percent it sits back far enough to lend its help with out stealing the spotlight.

CAP Lemon Sicily: I use this at 0.5% just to help boost the lemon and the blackberry a bit more.

TFA Graham Cracker Clear: What's a lemon meringue pie without a nice graham cracker crust? This flavoring speaks for itself but it also does help add a heaviness that is missing and finishes off the vape nicely. Without it this would be too airy and light and would miss that bottom note that TFA GCC adds in.

I mix all my recipes at 80vg/20pg but feel free to do whatever ratio works for you and feel free to let me know how it works out. <3 <3 <3


A tiny bit of sweetener is recommended, it really makes the strawberry noticeable on the exhale. For those without blackberry, GET IT. But even without, it's still pretty tasty/

Edit 9-17-18 Dropped 4% Vanilla Swirl in favor of the Holy Vanilla. Give this 2 weeks in the dark, becomes very full and creamy.


Here we have the tried and true KB/TM combo with blackberry suggested by /u/ID10-T and plums smuggled in by yours truly.

This is a rich, sweet experience after 7-10 days.

My take on a toaster pastry with a light icing and a mix of black and blueberry drizzle. Think toaster strudel with a more indulgent twist. Vapeable as shake and vape. Yogurts and fruits subside over time. On day three the essence of the flavor profile comes together. Steeping takes this recipe on a journey from a black berry yogurt parfait to a conglomerate of pastry sweetness. The result is what fat kids dream about.
Your feedback is appreciated.

A bit of an offshoot of the popular Flamingo recipe. Black Flamingoes are allegedly very rare.


Honeysuckle, of course, is the very top note here. Blueberry and blackberry do a magical wood sprite dance in the background, where the background is a meadow illuminated by fireflies looking for a date. Its a warm summer evening where the air is sweet with libidinous anticipation and it is time to gather around the fire.
I included bilberry to add some musky aspects of that ever-so-sweet FW blueberry. The pear is present to help smooth the whole thing out (don't get me wrong, it still has a bit of a bite though and that is quite okay). The cactus is added to juice it all up a bit more (just as the right amount of booze can provide the right amount of lubrication for summer evening socialization). Plan the event a week in advance and the stars should align to gather this group. Just come prepared to have a good time and go with the flow!

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