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A cool candyish berry grape mix. Shake and vape-able,


I have a love-hate relationship with Heisenberg from Vampire Vapes. The reason why I hate it is because it tastes like chemicals but the reason why I love it is that cool freezing effect. I've been trying to mix something along those lines of cool freezing effect with Cool Anise Bliss and WS-23 (from Chefs) and I had to bump them A LOT to meet my desire. Even though I love to vape this, Cool Anise Bliss has that tropical/pineapple taste which goes kinda off track from what I wanted to mix. Added a little lemon to try and bump up the berries and cut that tropical/pineapple taste.

Steep to taste, as I rarely do. Steep accentuate the berry blend more.

Took inspiration from https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/103899#viserion_by_id10_t

Inspired by Six Licks Bite the Bullet, this is my black licorice, blackberry, and blackcurrant with a little cooling and less sweet. This is an ADV for a mate of mine and is growing in popularity amongst friends. I am just starting my mixing journey

Mixed 70VG/30PG

Initial testing Nudge 22, 0.28 ohm single fused Clapton @ 50w, then the Asgard mini, 0.11 dual tri-core aliens @ 90w and Kali V2, 0.11 dual tri-core aliens @ 90w

Sorry I don't have a Hadaly, Citadel, or Entheon yet

This is my first recipe so I welcome feedback.

This was critiqued by Wayne on Midweek Critique and scored a 3.5/5 since then I have made a few spinoffs 1st increasing the Licorice and lowering the blackcurrant and blackberry, I think I nailed the RJ's soft black licorice with this. Second I used Raspberry to brighten it up (Red & Black) and third TFA Grape Soda (Purple Rain)

I now have a Citadel

Sweet mixed berry with a slightly tart/sour finish

Starting with forest fruit and adding blackberry to darken things up a bit. Adding juicy lemon enhances the underlying touch of tartness in forest fruit. Coconut added a nice background note and also blends well with berries. Off the shake you will indeed get a lemony sour note, after 12 hr or so the distinct lemon flavor fades and winds up as a slight tart/sour note in the finish of this tasty mix.

Sweeten and/or cool to taste.

Berries n cream

The idea behind this mix was to get a creamy vape with minimal steep time while adding a nice berry blend to the mix. Off the shake its killer IMO, super wet and flavorful but after a quick steep it comes together.

CAP Sweet Currant was used as a main note here as I had gotten the flavor awhile ago but never made good use of it. It is a really nice flavor, juicy and well rounded and can be used as a stand alone if desired.

FLV Jammy Berry and TFA Blackberry is a blatant rip from Foment_Lifes use of the combo in DAAPLBerry Cream. The 2 concentrates just meld real nice together and worked wonderfully with the sweet currant as a dark berry mix for my fruit notes.

(Original mix was 1% FLV Sweet Coconut) this stuff is just killer and works well with berries. Its not real pronounced in this mix at 1% but I was using it as a note to lighten up the berries as well as a bridge to the cream.

After revisiting this mix I switched to an equal percent FA Coco as I enjoy the flavor a bit more and it melds with the creams better. Either coconut is fine though.

INW Custard and INW Yes, We Cheesecake the idea of the juice was to have a quick steeping mix so this just seemed to fit. I was originally going to just use the custard and a vanilla but wanted a thicker body so the cheesecake came into play. There is room for a crust or bakery note as well but I was just going for a cream/fruit aspect here.


Took the base from DAAPled pears, swapped the fruit around to dark berries. @UnappreciatedRobot has asked me to make this public, so... here it is.


Blackberry and Lemon Meringue Pie for this week's profile on Mixin Vixens


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Based on this recipe

Recently got hold of VT Persian Lime and totally fell in love. It’s everything a lime should be and nothing it shouldn’t. This is just an attempt at building around it as a primary note. I’m using it as the central flavour in a lime curd.

FA Meringue and TFA Toasted Marshmallow make a pretty convincing Pavlova base.

VT Persian Lime, LB VIC and INW Custard make up our lime curd.

The rest is really up to you. I added very small amounts of Mango, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Strawberry for the topping, but feel free to mess with this if you don’t have these specific flavours.

Just keep them at very low percentages, to prevent them from stomping all over the pavlova and lime curd base.

Blue Razz is the main profile, and we all know Blue Razz is amazing, but then you throw in some Black Cherry and it gets a really good sour feel without taking away too much from the profile. Blackberry's there to give it a full mouthfeel with its jammyness and adds just a bit more tart to the overall cherry sour.

With all that said, in the end, it really feels like tasting like a Chazzberry with how everything fits together. Very wet, very sweet, sharp, and just enough sour and tart.

Perfectly acceptable after a SNV but give it 24 hours to settle and the sourness gets brought out more. I'm sure more days could really flesh this out.

Reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/gh6u71/better_business_bureau/?

When I found the TPA Blackberry I had to make an Ice Cream Cone and let the Blackberry be STAR of the show it is so good....Sooo Good, if I could find a good Cool that had no flavor I would add a bit to get the Ice in the ice cream....If I find a good one I will add it but this is sooo delicious...Love and Good Health to all...Kim

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