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Traditional recipe - black tea and milk and sweetener with vanilla, cardamom, clove and cinnamon - added creme brulee to round it out some - dx milk PLAIN by TPA IS a real flavor but doesn't come up here - DO USE DX MILK not milk chocolate !!!!

Fruity black tea with sweet cream to balance it out - apricot strawberry and black currant


An iced green tea latte based on that coffee shop one. Needs 10 days before it comes good.

// Amaretto Summer Cocktail //

This recipe was made for the DIY Subreddit FOTW posted by ID10-T about Amaretto recipes.

This is not a recipe with many differential layers where you have a base, top note, etc. Instead, all the flavors work toghether with each other to enhance the best they have to offer to the final product.

The Pink Lemonade with the Black Tea makes a syrupy sweet drink base, where the Black Tea act as Dragonfruit or Cactus does in other cases, adding that wet and sweet feeling without earthy notes or blending too much the mix.

FW Almond Amaretto is for me very similar to the liqueur with no alcoholic note and more in the citric side with a subtle almond in the back. The Blood Orange and Peach Juicy pairs with that citric note and adds some sweet fruit to the cocktail.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to play with it and give your most honest opinion and suggestions!!

(English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part)

This is a strawberry hibiscus mix that my wife cannot just put down and has been her ADV for over a year now.

The hibiscus and strawberries work really well together to give a nice floral note upfront and and sweet strawberry exhale. The black tea is in there as a supporting flavor of the hibiscus and adds an earthy note to the whole mix. Iit can be modified up or down to your liking I Wouldn't recommend going above 2.5% due to the extremely earthy notes i get from this ( as we all know taste is subjective). The EM is strictly to try and boost the strawberries as they tend to get lost in translation after a few days.

Thanks to the DOD community for pushing me to release some of my recipes and expect to see more from me in the future.

This is my entry for the challenge. First, this is my 9th recipe (attempt) for this ejuice, i just vaped it after 2 weeks steep and to be honest i really like it, and proud of it! At first, i tried to make the Fuji apple my main note, but had a hard time making it shine, so i went for the Strawberry for main note, i think its well balanced. Then tried many cream bases, and settled with a simple vanilla bean ice cream + Vanilla Custard, a classic.

When the main notes and cream base was balanced, i looked for something different, out of the known paths for the accent. After looking at many real danish swirl recipes, i noticed that some recipes where Green Tea based. I tried to implement the green tea without success. Finally, the Black Tea worked! It gives a nice thick taste on the exhale and stays on the tongue long after exhale, i find it pleasant, anyways for tea lovers;).

The name of the recipe came to me after using the black tea, reference to the British sub culture of the 60'.

This is my 2nd recipe i created since i started to DIY 2 months ago. Trying real hard to understand the matches between flavors by reading alot, and of course the videos on DIY or DIE.

Please note that English is not my first language, so be understanding if my explications are a little weird;)

So......Cheers for the Beatnik Swirl!!

Luc Corbeil Montreal, Canada

Should be mixed at 65VG, and a minimum of 1 week steeping.


Like the Stash™ tea flavor; very nice w/tea/cakes. High notes of bergamot and lavender. No steeping required. Shake and vape.

Koolada is optional, but gives a nice freshness. Sucralose also optional.

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