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(TPA) Black Honey

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Inspired by a hot toddy with ginger in, i ended up adding lots of cream to take the edge of the ginger which is quite strong. Essentially you have ginger and lemon with some molasses (from the Black Honey). The French Vanilla 'seasons' the Black Honey while adding a little more to the dynamic.

I'm a fan of the occasional tobacco flavor every once in a while, leaning mostly towards RY4. I ran across some information regarding the TPA Black Honey and heard some good vibes around it.

I decided to pair up TPA Bavarian Cream evenly, percentage-wise, as a start and let it steep for about 3-4 weeks. What happened was quite delicious in my opinion. Within the public recipes available to me I've seen Black Honey as mainly an additive. I wanted it as the top note because the honey carries well with this flavor. Very forward in the flavor. The Bavarian Cream, I think, is the vehicle that smooths out the ride.

I added a quarter percent Super Sweet to brighten up the honey note and think it did so quite well.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Play with it, if you wish, and give me some pointers regarding the original recipe and any tweaks you think might work well to continue refining this recipe. Enjoy.


Normally,i only buy some snv's from time to time,created by mixers i respect, only to support the diy community.This project was a request from a friend and i just couldn't refuse.Butterscotch reserve by Glas vapor,is a typical RY4 mix,nothing really innovative,it was created for people that enjoy RY4 mixes.The only difference is that they added a honey and alcohol layer,which makes it a little difficult to identify the exact vanilla and caramel flavours.I believe that honey flavour is tobacco based so i went with tpa's Black Honey.The bourbon accent is not really heavy,it is hidden in the background,so i preffered Aged bourbon cream by RF,for the alcohol accent and also for the nice blend it does with other creams.French vanilla is softer and milder than custards and it blends well with tobaccos.RY4double was the obvious flavour for the main tobacco.My first attempt was with tpa's caramel original,but i feel that fw's butterscotch suits much better
Supersweet is optional,i vape it without it,but the original uses it,so mix according to your taste

This is a very realistic tobacco vape, taste like a Marlboro Red off the shake give it a months steep and the honey comes out toasting the tobacco and adding just alil sweetness


These were all flavors that just belonged together naturally IMO. They practically screamed at me to combine them. This recipe ends up a sweet, creamy, dark vanilla, dessert tobacco with warm bourbon intermingled. Although you can vape this within a few days it would be better to let it steep longer if possible. If you do not have the WF-Vanilla Ruyan Custard you can sub it with DIYFS Holy Holy Grail RY4 3% and CAP-Vanilla Custard v1 2% and it will still get you pretty close. If you are a fan of oak flavorings you could easily add a drop to this as well. I was just trying to keep the recipe list a bit shorter for a change.

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i never touched TPa's Black Honey before, but after the first smelling, i thought this could be a good honey tobacco.
So i packed it with cookie notes and some biscuit to turn it towards a tobacco bakery but without making it a tobacco vape.
it needs some time to steep, but the result is a good dark honey with tiny hints of tobacco settled in bakery bit.
you can up the sweetener if you like it more sweet, i like it like this

This is a dark smooth tobacco vape close to a cigar style of tobacco needs to steep but worth it


Problem solved. Complex tobacco flavor with just 3 ingredients.

Nice rich tobacco comes from the burley. Add some dark notes and caramel with ry4 double, and finish it off with some dark honey notes. Add more burley if you wanna taste that ash, but I wouldn’t recommend over 4%. Let it steep.

Enjoy. Born.

Based on "The New Pistachio RY4U", this version boosts the butterscotch & switches out the pistachio in favour of a hazel/walnut mix from FA nut mix.
Additionally, TFA black honey adds a touch of honey/syrup & coumarin to the profile.
Really benefits from a long steep.

Deep chocolate tobacco. AM4A does the trick. A try to make a pipe style tobacco.

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