(TPA) Black Currant

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Inspired by Six Licks Bite the Bullet, this is my black licorice, blackberry, and blackcurrant with a little cooling and less sweet. This is an ADV for a mate of mine and is growing in popularity amongst friends. I am just starting my mixing journey

Mixed 70VG/30PG

Initial testing Nudge 22, 0.28 ohm single fused Clapton @ 50w, then the Asgard mini, 0.11 dual tri-core aliens @ 90w and Kali V2, 0.11 dual tri-core aliens @ 90w

Sorry I don't have a Hadaly, Citadel, or Entheon yet

This is my first recipe so I welcome feedback.

This was critiqued by Wayne on Midweek Critique and scored a 3.5/5 since then I have made a few spinoffs 1st increasing the Licorice and lowering the blackcurrant and blackberry, I think I nailed the RJ's soft black licorice with this. Second I used Raspberry to brighten it up (Red & Black) and third TFA Grape Soda (Purple Rain)

I now have a Citadel

Sour watermelon, yo. You know what it is. Vape it and enjoy.

Delicious papaya dessert, very fruity with a touch of cream to it and the sweet juicyness of the black currant makes it perfect.
You can use The Perfurmer/Flavor Apprentice in all the ingredients if you have them.

PS1: If you like more papaya you may go up 1% if you like it more sweet increase 1% of the black currant and 1% of the bavarian cream.
PS2: Inspiration taken from Victor de Campos Couto
PS3: If you choose to use TPA's papaya please go down to 5% since it is a strong flavor, but the FW papaya (natural) really needs to be at a higher % like 9% or even 10%
PS4: It is a floral recipe since all papayas taste like that, if you don't like floral notes you may decrease the papaya and increase the black currant.

This is my favourite juice that I have made so far.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s pretty sweet.

(TPA) grape juice and (TPA) grape candy go well together to make a fairly synthetic/candy grape flavour. (CAP) jelly candy assists with this. I don’t really know what to say about (TPA) black currant... I suppose it’s kind of like Ribena and helps to round the flavour off nicely, I think. You can take or leave the koolada. That’s really a personal choice. It doesn’t alter the flavour profile, but I think it helps to make the whole thing pop.

You could use this as a shake and vape... I do. But I also usually make a second (bigger) batch to let it steep. I don’t usually touch that bottle until about 2 weeks.

Mix this one up, you will not regret it. As always, enjoy, and let me know how you feel about it.

Peace ✌️

I've always been a fan of FA Grape White, it's an nice authentic fruit profile but on it's own in a vape, it needs some love to make things more dynamic. IMO

Grape Juice TFA - the grape juice is used to push the grape to a sweeter profile and give a bit more brightness. I would experiment with other grapes as well to see what works best. I haven't had a chance to try anything else yet.

Double Apple CAP - A great apple taste thats authentic and doesnt really need any other help to get there.

Wild Melon FLV - This keeps things a bit more fruity rather than candylike.

TPA Black Currant - I find this really helps round the flavors out and bring them together. This is optional and totally up to you.

Let me know what you think and if you guys try anything else, let me know in the comments.

Okay I want to use a floral to good effect ya know?? So I'm attempting a delicate cake with complex flavor profile of apple for both sweetness and juiciness then black current as a hint, honey (I'm conflicted as to whether this is a good place for this), elderflower, and lavender as the ingredients that make this a "ladies' luncheon cake" if you know what I mean?? The cookie is added because I am not so sure how good or not good white cake is. This is the first run of this recipe!!

Originally this was an attempt at a fruit snacks recipe . It's not all the way their on the fruit snacks, however it is a yummy recipe . A nice fruity/berry candied mix !!

mixed fruits and greek yogurt - I added the whipped cream because I figured it would add a more interesting mouthfeel?? idk and then toasted almonds and brown sugar also for interest

This is a play on Orange Fanta with subtle hints of Raspberry and Coconut to finish it off.. It is a super fruity and zero sweetener. The Cactus makes the vape super juicy with the slight hint of tart and sour to mess with your taste buds as you vape it. I used the Black Currant as a buffer to slightly enhance the Raspberry and it worked just right.. This is a nice SNV and it could be a daily vape.

This is a creamy raspberry shake. I used the black currant to give the raspberry a jammy texture and the strawberry ripe to brighten it up. the recipe is pretty sweet on its own, so you can certainly leave out the super sweet. its great off the shake, but better if it steeps for 3-4 days. if you want to add a little mint to the mix, add 2% of fw crème de menth. it sounds weird, but it's tasty!

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