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Mixer’s club April - ATeam

It started as “I want to use FE lychee”. The theme was ATeam. I know the show but never watched it. Didn’t have time to watch it now so pure improvisation. I thought that I will make to the theme of Murdock - insanity but the more I mixed the more it looked like a restriction. Told myself: “why not to combine characters?” Here it goes, when hannibal contacted murdock, it smelled of cigars and a note of insanity. Ah? How do you like that? Hehehe
So I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and mix with flavors I am not comfortable with, so there goes fe lychee and tobaccos. Tobacco left low on purpose as I want a hint from it, the overall bottom darkness (you can quote me on that lol). Apart from that, there is an flv lychee which on it is own almost not perceptible in the mix cause damn fe lychee whoops his ass. There is also inw grapes, because for some reason it transforms fe lychee into something different and pairs so well. Wild melon to give you this light creaminess of melon with some pleasant aroma and finally tfa bavarian cream. For the dark body that was a bit packing there.

I called it Aether. Because I can

This makes a lovely coffee vape, not too sweet. Vapeocalypse is the reason for the bavarian cream instead of cream or sweet cream, but I find it to be such a happy accident! Works as a shake and vape.

A Simple Strawberry Cheesecake. I may adjust the strawberry a bit after it steeps a little longer. The Cream cheese icing, yes we cheesecake, and Bavarian cream base works very well. Similar to the new yes cheesecakes available in the Wally World bakery. The crust may benefit from a buttery finish. At 1 week it's valuable, finished at 2 weeks. Surprisingly decent for a creamy vape as a shake and vape. Works well for mtl and dtl tanks. In a pod I would increase the strawberry.

This is based on my thin mint recipe but the tag a long instead.

An homage to my favorite baker. I don't have any notes or anything I just have a fat ass bottle of this I made months ago and it turned out really well. I'll honestly vape anything with creme de menthe and chocolate in it to be honest.

Really tasty thick strawberry milkshake with a rose milk like taste


For the strawberry lover! A tasty and classic-type recipe. Experience and enjoy!

A premium delicious blend of fresh juicy figs, pears are added to help balance and round out the flavors. It’s then finished with a small amount of cane sugar to soften any fruity acidity and give this silky sweet cream condiment a smooth finish.

Been working on this for over a year, I can handle yc rhubarb up to 1.25%, but if you are sensitive it works as low as 0.5%

A tobacco mix with licorice. Cut Supersweet and increase Sweet and Smokey Tobacco to 2% to get a more tobaccoish flavor.

Steep to taste, as I rarely do. Steep increases the licorice blend more.

Took inspiration from: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3536373/Caramel%20Apple%20Ry4

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