(TPA) Bavarian Cream

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I challenged the Developed crew against their Sadboy remix. I believe this recipe is superior, as am I.


A creamy blend of ripe dragon fruit & fresh raspberries.

Inspired by the incredible Mother of Dragon's Milk by @ID10T, this incorporates the stunning combo of dragonfruit & raspberry.

TPA Dragonfruit still reigns supreme, period. This unmistakable & unique fruit is the cornerstone of the mix and provides an alluring tropical base.
The raspberry combo has been my go-to for years and works wonderfully here. Authentic, slightly tart semi-sweet raspberry goodness balances the mix with ease.
The cream combo is the best in the business and needs little interpretation other than it is just stupendous!

Give this bay around 7 days to come together and enjoy!


Profile: Raspberry Light Cheesecake

Update 2.0-
* Rating is for V1 of this recipe, dropped INW Raspberry to 2% after something I discovered myself as well as through feedback.
* Cheesecake notes and nuances should become more pronounced after reducing INW Raspberry to 2%
* V3 might have different cheesecake base so stay tuned.

Great Graham Cracker forward e-juice. Steep time just a few days. Can shake and vape also.

This is a very creamy and sweet hazelnut flavor with vanilla, coffee and bakery undertones. I think Flavour Art's Up is the star here because it gives a great coffee flavor without overpowering the mix, as coffee flavors can often do. It also adds a little bit of a bakery flavor and the marshmallow kinda mellows the coffee a bit and pushes it behind the hazelnut and vanilla. I've only been mixing for about a month and this is my 1st try at this recipe but I already like it significantly more than the Nuts N Cream by Northland that I was trying to emulate. Hope you guys like it! Also, since I'm pretty new to mixing I'd love any and all advice from the veterans here. Enjoy!


Profile: Your favorite summer time treat as a child orange Creamsicle.

Inhale: Creamy sweet/citrus Orange Exhale: Sweet Candy Orange Ice Cream

  • Orange Cream gets better the more time has passed.
  • Starting percentage for super sweet is .75% anything lower and your getting more oranges and cream than icecream.
  • V2 will include Mandarin orange or some combination of fresh/candied orange.

This is a rich, sweet and creamy coconut cream flavor with a hint of graham crust. It is the best coconut juice I've ever tried, incl the store bought ones I've tried. I'm not sure if the percentages are spot on because I mixed it on a whim and didn't actually write down the recipe, unfortunately. But I think they're very close because I just mixed it 2 days ago so I remember most of what I did.

The ice cream was pretty simple. I used Mr Evans Ice Cream Trinity as the base. 3 words for that, solid, bold and delicious.
I added 1.25% bavarian cream to it because otherwise the peanut butter, butterpecan and caramel where too dry on the exhale.
I first tried other caramels and it helped with the dryness but it changed the profile completly. So 1% FA Caramel.
For the pea-nuts I went with TPA Peanut Butter DX and FW Butter Pecan. You can easily swap for the regular TPA PB if you want.
The Butter Pecan and AP help the TPA PB really well to hold up after the steep. The Hazelnut I used as a bridge between the nuts and the chocolate.
For the chocolate I normally would have used WF chocolate chunks but for some reason it didn't give me the result I wanted, somehow it didn't work well with the nuts. So I went with TPA DCC. 0.75% is plenty.

It's great as S&V but really delicous after 10 days and even better as it ages.
Tried it in the Hadaly and really loved it MTL in my Millenium and FEV

Caramel Apple Cobbler w/Vanilla Ice Cream hold the fuck on

just a really good rootbeer recipe that steers clear of the black licorice dilema

ooo rootbeer float is FlavorLabs(Vapor-Flavor.com) Root Beer

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