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A remix of the Developed classic Creme Brulee donut.
In order to give this more donut feel I dropped the VT Croissant and upped the WF Glazed Donut and replaced the croissant with WF Fluffy White Cake to give the donut more fluff. I added FA Zeppola to finish the donut with a fried flavor. Then because the VT Creme Brulee has a custard already in it I added TFA Bavarian cream to help fill out the custard. For the top layer glaze I added VT Scorched Caramel to add to the burnt sugar effect on top of the donut. I changed the sweetener to Fw because it is more fitting in a bakery recipe.

Mixed for the Developed Assignment which is to remix one of their recipes, but only better...
Now I hadn't tried their Oreo Milkshake, and take it that not all the flavors are still available.. So I can't say if it's better.
The MF Dark Chocolate (and creams) is best after a couple weeks (or more) steep but on a short timeframe to get recipes posted I’m pretty confident in this mix, off the shake this is my perfect oreo milkshake 😋
“You ain’t making an Oreo without MF Dark Choco”👌

A milkshake is a “a beverage that is made of milk, ice cream, and often flavoring and is blended or whipped until foamy.” UNLESS you live in New England, where a milkshake would never include ice cream. Adding ice cream makes it a “frappe” or "cabinet" drink.
Being Born and Raised in New England, my remix is more a "milkshake" not a "cabinet" although I Did add a little VIC to cream it up a little more..

I went short on the “cookie” part in this mix which is how I like it, not being a huge cookie fan myself but I think it’s just the perfect ratio for a shake.
Oh yeah, last minute decision was to add a touch of INA biscuit 😉 even though JF biscuit is my favorite, but wouldn't work in this profile
Mixed 7/29/2021
Tested on FreeMaxMeshPro Kanthal Double Mesh coil 65watts
Original Developed recipe:

I remixed this just for Folkart so he can have his cookies and cream milkshake.

Generic brand oreos? milk chocolate oreos? i dunno i'm not even sure this tastes like oreos. i do know its good.
HS aussie chocolate, JF biscuit & FA cookie make up the cookie part
TFA bavarian cream, CAP butter cream, Super sweet(use tfa super sweetener if you want same %) & Fa Vanilla tahity make up what was an attempt at something that should have been just straight OOO vanilla icing & FLV frosting, or something else. this works though just more complicated.

I am on a quest to perfect the most popular flavor profiles. Perfection doesn't just come from flavor, it's also found in simplicity. The recipes in this series are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. So whether you're a veteran or someone who's a little newer to the DIY community I invite you to pick a profile and join me in the lab as we quest for perfection.

Strawberry and Cream.

You know it doesn't matter what time of year it is. Hot. Cold. Sun. Rain. Snow. Strawberry and Cream is always there for me. It was the first recipe I mixed that I actually liked and it's still something that I'm constantly trying to perfect. How do I do that?

I want the strawberry to be artificial, sweet and really basey. I want it to linger and penetrate. The cream I want to by silky and smooth with a hint of vanilla.

If you're someone who's searching for a strawberry and cream that vapes like that sounds I invite you to try this recipe.

Sweeten to Taste.

Watch the Video here:


So, I originally made a peaches and cream I did not feel was good enough to share, the white peach was way too strong! This time, we’ll I’m not going to lie I am surprised with how good this is!! I have only been mixing a few months and this is third one I have came up with on my own and this one is great and my favorite! Works well as a shake and vape. Something about the berry flavor settles the peach down and is amazing. I also put 3 drops of cap sweet mango per 60mls but that is optional and hardly measurable. Enjoy


This is my take on a Southern Style Banana Custard with nilla wafers and a lightly baked meringue topping. This is one of my favorite real food desserts to make for my family. I have tried many many times to get this recipe right in the past but was always missing that one thing, FA Vanilla Cookie, until now. The FA Vanilla cookie is not a perfect nilla wafer flavor, but its about as close as we are going to get at this point in time. Although not a perfect representation of a REAL nilla wafer, this is still an amazing tasting vanilla cookie to use in a banana custard recipe. Here is how I used the flavors in this recipe.

VT Banana Custard/TFA Vanilla Custard/TFA Bavarian Cream is my Banana Custard layer. I used TFA VC with the VT Banana Custard as I find the TFA original Vanilla Custard to be very buttery and I tend to add butter into my actual custard when making it right after I pull it off the stove. This adds richness to the VT Banana Custard and offers more authenticity to the overall mix. The Bavarian cream thickens this Banana custard base and adds some of that TFA Bavarian cream flavor that we know and love. I have mixed VT Banana custard with every custard under the sun and this is one combo I tend to favor.

TFA Meringue is just an added touch mostly for mouthfeel and a little extra depth and sweetness to this recipes Banana Custard profile

FA Vanilla Cookie is essential in making this recipe taste so much like the banana custard recipe I make in real life. It is hands down the best cookie I've ever had out of all the cookie flavorings I own. If you don't have FA Vanilla Cookie, you are truly missing out. This flavor adds another dimension of flavor and texture to this recipe. It blends perfectly with the Banana Custard base and you can taste it throughout the recipe while still tasting the Banana Custard separately layered in the mix.
If you are a fan of a killer Banana Custard with Nilla wafer cookies, you'll love this!

This is the best Ry4 I have made to date. Perfect balance between caramel and vanilla. I like the Tahitian Vanilla Cream much better than the vanilla swirl or shisha vanilla I was previously using. The Qlmond cookie could go up more or an addition of FA almond could take this more nut forward, as recorded above you get a ever so slight nutty note on the emd inhale and very beginning of the exhale. This is very creamy. I am going to sub jungle flavors ry4 double for the tfa at 4 percent and see what happens. This is Very flavor intense and does well in both mtl and dtl. For mtl mix at 60/40 dtl 65/35. Works well with both freebase and salt.

Findings with this recipe are that Wf tahitian vanilla cream, tfa bavarian cream, and fa caramel create a delicious vanilla caramel cream similar to that of the inside of a caramel drumstick ice cream cone.

Strawberry ice cream, going to tinker with the Strawberry element a bit over time but taste pretty amazing so far.

Since I started doing DiY, there's only one premium flavor I've really missed, and that's Blue Dot Vapor's Dots Custard. It is a vanilla custard with an undertone of orange, and just a hint of graham cracker. After some experimenting, I think I've got it. It may not be as sweet as the juice I've ordered hundreds of ml of, but the flavor profile is bang-on. As a custard flavor, this sucker needs a good steep.

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