(TPA) Banana Nut Bread

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a simple but delicious banana cream yogurt with some ice cream notes and a bit of peanut butter, add sweetener to your liking, give it a 3 day steep

All tpa full banana bread.
Straight up toasted, buttered banana bread.

Yupper. S & B for my daughter again.
Went more natural this time.
She's gunna wanna mess it up with ice.

I used banana pudding as the "base" and added strawberries. If you do not have FA Custard Premium, you can use TFA Vanilla Custard II instead at the same percentage.


Here’s my version of a delicious,simple banana pudding that IMO is decent off the shake and ready to go. I prefer to add 0.5% cap SS to pretty much all my recipes (this one included) however it’s very tasty without so if you prefer not to use sweetener,this recipe is a banger without. Please leave your feedback if you give this one or any of my other recipes a mix, kind regards and stay safe people 💙

A nutty baked tobacco with a touch of gooeyness that will leave you screaming for more when it's gone.

By far the best I’ve ever tried or made myself and I’ve made ALOT of banana breads, ok, this is a really moist banana bread, almost a banana nut bread pudding for the first few days but then the AP comes through and is just an utter delight, the Creme brulee caramelises the outskirts of the bread, the bread pudding keeps the inside nice and moist and buttery and the doughnut just stiffens that bread up and gives the bread more texture and mouthfeel.

If you like this recipe and what I do then please rate and review accordingly. 7-10 days steep.

Possible subs :-

increase tpa banana nut bread to 10% instead of using DIYFS.
OOO Creme brulee - Vta creme brulee

(Although I’ve supplied subs I highly recommend you use the concentrates in the original recipe)

You can omit the sweetener but it really helps.

This is a banana waffle drenched in peanut butter and maple syrup.

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TFA Banana Nut Bread was one of the very first recipes I truly fell in love with when I started DIY. It’s this natural (ish) banana, slightly mushy with a dense bakery note. Unfortunately it lacks a true nut, but who can fault it? There’s so much good stuff going on with it already.

I’ve paired it here with a little TFA Peanut Butter DX to help out that nutty note. No the peanut butter is not here to be peanut butter it’s just a nice general nutty flavor.

Lastly this is an RY4 so of course I’m using my favorite TFA RY4 Double. Rich caramel, smooth vanilla and a hint of woodsy tobacco pair nicely with bananas, bakeries and nuts.

Sweeten to Taste.

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