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(TPA) Banana Nut Bread

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Banana pudding... not much more to say. Good right away.

I mix low percentages so you may need to increase them to suit your tastes

ST Vapes and Mark Fagan both love it


A Banana nut muffin !! Not a lot of description required here ! TFA Banana Nut Bread was the perfect choice here for that banana nut part of the mufffin and the FLV Cupcake Batter just helps add a little depth and helps the bread flavor ! Mix this one up people, leave your feedback, and rate it , Thanks !!!!!! SK..

Banana Nut Bread with Chocolate Deutsche (German chocolate) notes. Suggested by Shyndo!


Thanks to /u/ID10-T for the suggestions from the Weekly Suggest a Recipe thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6lt7mm/weekly_suggest_a_recipe_for_my_flavors_thread/

I was looking for some good bakery recipes but found the banana mixes I was trying tasted too much like candy. Luckily /u/ID10-T suggested this one, and it's a spot on banana nut bread. It's great after 3 days but gets even better after a week. The only thing I may add in the future is some meringue for a light sugar icing on the top but otherwise it's amazing!


Banoffee cream sandwiched between two banana nut cookies. I used Caramel v2 but v1 works just as well.


UPDATE - 7/11/17** Ive basically just replaced the LA Flavorings with more common (and better tasting) flavorings. Also bumped the BNB up a percent because the custard and cheesecake tend to overpower it as steeping progresses.

Wunderbar means wonderful in German.

This recipe was developed by me and one of my coworkers who does not use any website to post recipes, but I should state that this was originally her idea, so credit goes to the both of us.

This is a Banana Nut Bread Pudding recipe.


TPA Banana Nut Bread 2.5% - obviously with this being a banana nut bread pudding recipe, we needed a good banana nut bread to do so. We landed on 2.5% because we wanted enough of this flavor to be prominent without stealing the entire show, with this also being a pudding.

LA New York Cheesecake 5% - This does most of the "pudding" aspect of the recipe. Honestly we only had LA at the shop and I originally wanted to go with CAP but this still works very well.

LA Creamy Caramel 1% - This is a VERY dark flavoring and when used at higher percentages it tends to turn the recipe into tasting like a burnt coil. However, at 1% it almost acts as the "crust" on banana nut bread - slightly sweet and carmelized. Could sup for FA Carmel.

Super Sweet - we both have a sweet tooth so obviously this is subjective and can be omitted if necessary, but SS is my favorite sweetener to use so that's why we used it.

TFA VBIC 4.5% - This just kind of adds to the "pudding" aspect. I find that it helps to add a little more "dairy" to the pudding and just helps to make the pudding more creamier. I don't get the "pepper" taste from TFA VBIC, but you could totally sub for CAP.

CAP Vanilla Custard 2% - This is what completes the "pudding." I didn't want so much of it so that the pudding wouldn't taste "eggy," but I knew it had to be there for it to be more think and provide the body for this recipe. I am using v1 in this recipe and I wouldn't recommend you to use v2 and it tends to make recipes taste more "buttery" and we don't want butter in our pudding.

So there you go! This is the first iteration of this recipe and I do plan on tweaking it in the near future with more familiar ingredients, but please let me know what you think, I'd love some feedback!

I am currently vaping this after a 4 day steep but we did shake and vape and it was still good, just obviously needs some time for those creams to meld together.


A simple 3 ingredient warm fresh out of the oven banana nut bread. This is a very simple, delicious recipe showcasing just how good TFA Banana Nut Bread is, along with Cap Sugar Cookie,and Cap VC V1. This was something I used to mix up quite a bit and figure I'll share it for those that like simple recipes.

An amazing cloned recipe by u/project_twenty5oh1 he put in a ton of work into this spot on clone a few years back and is one of my ADV. I have found that the menthol that works for me is .5%-.7% fw extreme ice to make the Polar Bear clone. Personally I don't use the heating mixer and I just mix and shake and it's perfect for me.

Original post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/2lsbi1/in_celebration_of_reaching_25000_comment_karma_on/?st=IX3QN6MB&sh=29e41527

Hello all,
I've been working for the past several months solely on a polar bear clone. I've talked to many juicers, many diyers, and had many people test it, and I'm happy enough with it that I feel comfortable sharing the fruits of my labor. For those who don't DIY, TFA = The Flavor Apprentice (or the Perfumer's Apprentice) one of the main companies used by juice vendors.

6.0% TFA DK Base
5.0% TFA Banana Cream
3.0% TFA Banana Nut Bread
1.0% TFA Bananas Foster
3.0% TFA Peanut Butter
0.3% TFA Koolada
0.2% TFA Coconut Extra
0.3% TFA Smooth
1.0% Strong Mint/Menthol Concentrate
Take out the mint/menthol and you get Nanner. My suggestion is to use Axiom's Icicles (the concentrate of which is used as the mint/menthol in Polar Bear) - you could order 0mg from Axiom and use it as a flavor ingredient, reducing VG appropriate to even out the concentration; Icicles is 20% concentrate, so if you made a 100ml bottle you would need 5ml of Icicles juice to reach 1% concentration in the Polar bear.
Now, some notes on process. After discussions with some juicers, we came to the conclusion that a heated magnetic stirrer is the likely culprit for the "process" that Grizzly uses for their juice, and that it's not really completely ready right away after mixing (as I'm sure they'd like us to believe) but that you mix using this process, and then 3-4 days later it's reached shelf stability. The juice I made last Saturday is exactly the right color of Polar Bear now (bonus reusing polar bottle!), so I'm pretty sure i've got it right. This process works for any juice you mix, and makes trying a mix you're fiddling with much, much faster.
Basically, I cook the juice for 4-8 hours in a heated magnetic stirrer at a constant 75c. The stirrer has a temperature probe which will equalize the temp inside the flask with the temp of the hotplate, so there's no guesswork as to whether you've hit the right temp (such as using a water bath or heated ultrasonic). Here's some before and after shots of a 1500ml batch I made:
Ingredients initially mixed and the vortex stabilized, temp reached, begin cook time
Four hours later
The end result is a Nanner/Polar clone that has the following attributes:

1) It doesn't gunk up cotton or coils. Myself and others have found that you can go at least two weeks without changing cotton, and when you remove it there is no discoloration. What this says about nanner/polar may be that it has some ingredient that contains a sweetener, or sweetener is added, I don't really know.

2) This relates to 1; it's not as sweet as the real thing, which I've found I quite like, while retaining all the inherent flavor attributes that make it such a good juice.

3) It costs $1.20/30ml.
If you have any questions about using the stirrer or anything about the process please feel free to ask. My entire plan for this juice was to open source it, and I've been selling it for $10/100ml (up to 1L) plus shipping. Really just double the cost of materials, I'm just happy people have been enjoying affordable juice I made. I encourage you to try this recipe and see if you can figure out what is missing to make it a really true clone, or make your own improvements! Let me know what you come up with :)
Here is a link to the heated magnetic stirrer I've been using- you will need to buy stir bars and flasks separately, but they all can be found on amazon. This is also a nifty gadget for other things that require constant mixing and fixed temperature.

Here's what my fridge looks like after I cooked up 4L last weekend, 2L 6mg Polar and 2L 3mg Nanner:


Polar Bear was the first juice I found (after trying HUNDREDS) which I could vape and vape and vape and never get sick of. I bought easily 80+ bottles of it. I've vaped more than a liter of my own version in its current iteration, and I love it. I won't be going back to buying juice, ever.
TL;DR: Recipe is at the top. #kickbacks, #crucifixions, #Bigglesjuice, #wheredeyatdoe, #hashtag.
EDIT: This recipe works GREAT at 0mg!
EDIT AGAIN: Pimp for /r/diy_ejuice!

This is a alcohol infused banana nut bread. The TFA Banana Cream, and Banana Nut Bread create a great base for this profile. The JF Bavarian Cream is in there first of all because it has to be for competition requirements and to create that soft moist center. The FA Liquid Amber helps add a yeasty fermented flavor helping on the barkery side and the FA Vanilla Bourbon with the alcohol notes. The vanilla from the FA Vanilla Bourbon and FA SOHO work very well together to add a nutty, caramel, almost brown sugar vanilla aspect to the bakery notes and the SOHO seems to work well in sweetening recipe as well. Mix at (((70/30 with a 6 day steep)))Thanks guys I hope you all enjoy it.

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Banana nut bread with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

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