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(TPA) Banana Nut Bread

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Blondie A La Mode
Brief Description:
I haven't gotten to have this steeped yet. Off of shake and vape, its this thick maple and fudge covered pastry with light notes of vanilla ice cream. As it steeps, the ice cream should become richer. The white fudge is being used with the yellow cake to act as the blondie. The banana nut bread is backing that up with some spices and also adding that hint of a nut since I don't own any walnut flavors, this was what I had to work with. It actually does a decent job of it. The creme brulee and maple bar are being used as the sauce drizzled on top. I am really looking forward to seeing how this mix steeps. I would give it at least a 2 week steep for the creams to shine.

Some people taste the bread part of the banana nut bread in this, I personally can't. I just taste banana (real, not candied) nuts and tobacco which was the intent.

Inspired by a handmade maltese Milkshake. Enjoy this well balanced Peanutbutter Banana Milkshake.


I made this recipe at the request of a friend and after a few iterations, I'm finally happy with it. I used Banana Nut Bread by TFA as a jumping off point. It's a great flavor that has a delicious banana note (albeit light), with a nice nut and bready bakery texture. This is the foundation for our recipe.

AP is here to boost those bready and nutty notes, and after a nice steep it works very nicely. I know it seems a touch high, but trust me on this one. It's one of the first times I've used it this high, but after folkart used it in his Boss Reserve Clone to great effect, I had faith it would work here. It did.

TFA Banana Cream is here to help out that light banana note, we only need a little( it also lends creaminess to our pudding).
When I think of Banana Nut Bread I need some cinnamon in there, so CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl does wonders adding that note, and solidifying that bread that our recipe calls for.

Brown sugar is needed in the mix as well, but I decided to skip the TFA Brown Sugar - we use INW Creme Brulee to thicken up that pudding base and to add that brown sugar caramelization. FLV Vanilla Pudding is a great creamy base that is very accurate to it's name, and really puts this recipe right where it needs to be. It brings some thickness and vanilla, and in combination with the Banana Cream and Creme Brulee it makes a nice pudding to drop our banana bread into. All these flavors play together well and it makes for a very tasty vape!

Strawberry banana nut bread filled with bavarian cream and drizzled with a rich eggy vanilla surprise. Really tasty as SNV. Even better after a week or 2 steep.


banana, butterscotch and brittle - cant go wrong, this is just yummy. I am a fan of Banana nut bread - it is just a fantastic flavor and i wanted to use it as the cupckae base. if you like more of banana you can add additional banana cream . it is a solid cake/ bread base with a light banana back note and some nutty texture, that becomes more prominent as you increase the %. The vanilla cupcake is a very light cake with a strong vanilla icing note, that works with the butter cream . The butterscotch ripple adds a creamy butterscotch top note that I wanted along with the vanilla brittle which adds some more of that dry nut note to the finish. Over all this is a really yummy simple vanilla bananna cupcake . Best after 7 days
if you like that the sweet tooth rattling type of cupcake frosting then feel free to add sweetner
If you want more of a heavier butterscotch note feel free to add to it.

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Cavendish has a very strong honey note
if you are not a big fan of it you may lower it to 0.6% 0.5%

Smoke My Nana Smoke My Nana Smoke My Nana Smoke My Nana Smoke My Nana Smoke My Nana Do it! 😂🤣😅

And this means peanut butter banana bread and i guess that now i have enough words for the description.it needs at least 10 days steeping for the apple to settle.after 15 days it is just fine.enjoy!

Light, fluffy pancakes with bananas and warm maple syrup. Great SNV even better after a week steep. Can be hard on the wicks though.

Two warm slices of fresh banana nut bread with a thick layer of rich vanilla custard slathered between them. Good as a SNV but the real flavor comes out at 1 - 2 weeks steep It gets even better if steeped longer.

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