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(TPA) Banana Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Trying to create a Cloud Stout VSOP clone!
The longer the steep the better it gets. I don't remember where I got the recipe from, but the percentages and the ingredients have been tweaked by me to make it a better companion to coffee.
If anyone knows where this recipe is from, please let me know and I will put their link here to give credit. Thanks!

Bananas Foster topped with a bourbon caramel drizzle, toasty buttered pecans, and a melty scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Mixed for more restricted direct lung RTAs, but it's good in everything.


TFA Bananas Foster + Banana Cream = the dream team. Seriously the best. Super smooth & gooey banana with some caramelization and slight bready notes.

FW Caramel Cinn Roll + Kentucky Bourbon = FW CCR is amazing. It's got one of the best caramel bakery flavors out there, super sweet and gooey caramel with a nice fluffy cinnamon roll underneath it. The Kentucky bourbon on its own is rather syrupy too, so adds to that thickness and leaves a bit of that astringent boozy aftertaste to the caramel, definitely pokes through the heaviness of the rest of the recipe too. Quite delicious.

INW Custard does two things for the recipe: Thickens up that mouthfeel but also brings some of that eggy french toast vibe to the bananas foster base we're building on. I opt for less creamy and more buttery/eggy custards in my bakeries because of this. TFA Van Cust wouldn't be too bad here either and would likely blend well with the TFA base. INW just steeps quicker.

PUR Butter Pecan = It's a decent flavor. Just wanted some more malty buttery notes and some nuttiness. FW would be a good replacement but I wanted to mess with some Purilum stuff to see if they'd hold up. Not super upfront but I still think it has its place here.

Having spent quite a while working on my DIY game by mixing other people's recipes, experimenting with percentages, building up my stash and mixing gear and starting to look into profiles, I have finally created something of my own which I feel is worthy of sharing!

I have been enjoying banana milks recently, but noticed a lack of available banoffee profile recipes when a friend asked me to make one for him.

I started off simple, but kept adding more to the profile until I had the complex beast you see before you (of which I went through 30ml in a day after a 7 day steep).

I won't do a huge breakdown of all ingredients and how they add to the mix as it would take way too long, but would love any suggestions for improvement.

Initially mixed with a milk frother in a warm water bath (not for speed steeping but because it reduces the viscosity of the base making blending more effective) in a 180ml batch, the recipe starts to get great at 7 days but is AWESOME after 3 weeks.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! 😊

Eggnog mixed with chocolate chips ice cream and a bit of Bourbon kick

Banana Biscuit sprinkled with cinnamon Sugar

I almost always have some sort of idea, of a road I want to go when making a new recipe, but in this case I was so afraid that the ingredients I used wasn’t something that Sydney vapours had, since my last recipe had FA “up” which they didn’t have, that i went through they’re site looking for inspiration.

I hadn’t used tpa banana cream in a long time, and I actually didn’t enjoy banana vapes since Wayne had that whole week about bananas, which where when i purchased the banana cream.

But... when I saw that on SV site, i knew I wanted to make some kinda cookie.

I went with the inw biscuit because it is so damn delicious. It’s almost like a cookie custard to me, and with that and the cream from the banana cream, it was the perfect match to make a "raw" cookie dough with mashed banana in it.

The cinnamon Sugar is doing 2 things. It is the sprinkle on top, but it also makes the raw cookie dough into a nice crispy baked cookie...

Let it sit for a good 2-3 days and enjoy yourself a easy cheap Vape. It doesn’t have to be so damn complex everytime, and I really love that with this challenge 👍

Thanks to Cathy wood for making me do these notes. I know I means a lot to me when I’m looking at others recipes, so of course I should do em my self. Not sometimes, but always!



This would be a nice Banana with the Banana Foster and the baked caramelized sugars then the Banana Nut Bread adding the slight bakery note and the Banana Cream will tie them both together with a creamy mouth feel..
This is based on the Keep It Simple profile recipe

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A simple banana recipe. This is not a doughnut flavour, although I’ve used doughnut profiles. The banana profile pushes to the front and the other flavours just play a supporting role.

This juice tastes better after about 2 weeks of steeping, but it’s not too bad on the shake ‘n’ vape side of things.

Please mix it up and leave some feedback. ✌️


I made this recipe at the request of a friend and after a few iterations, I'm finally happy with it. I used Banana Nut Bread by TFA as a jumping off point. It's a great flavor that has a delicious banana note (albeit light), with a nice nut and bready bakery texture. This is the foundation for our recipe.

AP is here to boost those bready and nutty notes, and after a nice steep it works very nicely. I know it seems a touch high, but trust me on this one. It's one of the first times I've used it this high, but after folkart used it in his Boss Reserve Clone to great effect, I had faith it would work here. It did.

TFA Banana Cream is here to help out that light banana note, we only need a little( it also lends creaminess to our pudding).
When I think of Banana Nut Bread I need some cinnamon in there, so CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl does wonders adding that note, and solidifying that bread that our recipe calls for.

Brown sugar is needed in the mix as well, but I decided to skip the TFA Brown Sugar - we use INW Creme Brulee to thicken up that pudding base and to add that brown sugar caramelization. FLV Vanilla Pudding is a great creamy base that is very accurate to it's name, and really puts this recipe right where it needs to be. It brings some thickness and vanilla, and in combination with the Banana Cream and Creme Brulee it makes a nice pudding to drop our banana bread into. All these flavors play together well and it makes for a very tasty vape!

Really Just having some fun ..getting back to mixing and testing... working on some other flavors besides blueberry , we must refine the craft lol... but this is another not too complex mix, will come back and revise notes in a week or so let these flavors come together.
this recipe is a bananna/coconut milkshake with a hint of cookie..... More to come.....


Banana cheesecake with a note of sweet butterscotch drizzle...I love a good creamy banana vape..It may be a little sweet for some..But for me it's just right

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