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(TPA) Banana Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 4528 recipes at an average of 3.104%.


235 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A simple banana milkshake!!! steep time is 2 weeks, but not bad as a shake and Vape.


A rich, decadent, banana custard tart. Not a shake-n-vape, needs at least a 4-week steep for the custards to develop properly, but thoroughly worth the wait.


It's banana puddin'. Keep up.


Strawberry Banana Cream Pie with Graham Crust. This is my first recipe as a newbie DIYer. It's quite simple (as i'm just starting out) however I'm welcome to criticisms and suggestions for improvement. In V2 i've doubled to Cheesecake (Graham) Crust to 3% and instead of 8% TFA Strawberry, its now 4% TFA Strawberry and 4% Strawberry (Ripe). Tastes pretty good to me after an overnight steep, but looking forward to trying this after a week or 2.

Shooting for a a nice creamy Strawberry Banana salt water taffy like we had as kids down the Shore.


A recreation of this delicious cinnamon banana granola baby food that my son and I both love.

Yeah, I'm weird. Deal with it.

Art by me : http://www.matthew-kocanda.com


This is an extra creamy banana milk treat. I didn't want to upload it till I got it totally right...and here it is... definitely my best. Give it a couple weeks to get all the creamy goodness. I mix it at 70VG/30PG and the LA banana cream I use is the clear version.
* update- for a creamy banana Pudding add 1% Vape Wizard-yummy

Yoghurt with banana and strawberries.

The heat is oppressive, so I had a random idea to make a sangria type vape. Not bad.

My clone/remix of Cuttwood's Boss Reserve.

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