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(TPA) Banana Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Gofry its banana strawberry waffles Still in progress. All feedback is appreciated


A fruit medley that made love on top of a hazelnut and banana cream.

One of my first recipes I was content with, that dates around a year ago. Since then it's has been my girlfriend's ADV and I tried fucking around with it and changing it up, but it has never been as good as this revision. It wasn't created with any particular food in mind, although I have been told that it smells and somewhat tastes like an apple and raspberry granola bar, it's an abstract recipe that was created by having my girlfriend pick up two flavorings and creating a recipe based around it.


The thing that is definitely up front and carries over entire vape is Fuji that is accentuated with lime and raspberry. TPA Banana Cream forms a solid base on its own (pretty much alone), together with nuttiness provided by FA Hazelnut, while Torrone binds it really nicely to the fruits and plays along the lime. I would probably call this my best recipe to date.
It can be enjoyed as a shake and vape, but it really needs some time for the fruits to somewhat calm down. I'd say it's pretty near it's full potential after 3 days steep, and straight up amazing after a week. Bold, bright yet not cloying.

More notes at: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/5pekmv/mox_abstract_fruity_thingy/


This is an adaptation of Vurve's vanilla wafer with banana pudding recipe. I wanted a little more Nilla wafer than his original recipe tasted to me. This is a very flavorful mix with loads of banana pudding taste. Thanks Vurve for the inspiration!

A fresh spiced cream with a sense of tobacco.

FA Soho: I adored this flavor and I’m so very glad it was added to the basket. Just the shove I needed to stop putting off looking into more tobacco flavors. Initially I really wanted to base the recipe around this, playing around with 7-10% to really make it noticeable, but overtime I found the pairings to be too delicate to strike through all that richness. Bringing it down to 4-5% made it a pleasant caramel presence but at these low percentages it needed some help to make it sing.

TFA Banana Cream: Also a crowd pleaser to those I supply liquid. The delicate realistic banana notes hidden behind a mound of cream were what I really wanted to push forward. Soho works its grips into the cream base, working along with bavarian to twist it into something of a spiced

TFA Bavarian Cream: I kept this low because of how delicate the banana was as well as the sheer amount of creaminess it already provided. It adds a bit of nice complexity to the earthy dessert that the Soho brings along.

FA Cookie: This was a special find. The relatively high acetyl pyrazine content helps the more realistic tobacco notes from the Soho come out early and really ride along with the length of the pull. The crispiness adds a nice contrast for the heavy cream to play against, and the relatively simple flavoring doesn’t come across much more than texturally.

CAP Yellow Cake: I put this in to add a little unctuousness to the mix. At 1% it asserts itself throughout, the moist cakiness blending with the creams and landing on the Cookie.

TFA Ripe Strawberry: A round one competitor makes an appearance. As much as I was conflicted about using this, just a touch helps add some more natural sweetness and it helps to coax the dainty banana out to the front a bit. The airy sweetness complements and lightens pretty much across the board.

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This is a banana creme brulee with a subtle hint of cinnamon. This recipe began as a riff on one of Enyawwreklaw's Live Mixing recipes. I didn't have all of the flavors needed for the recipe. I have also been trying to clone a recipe for a Banana Snickerdoodle Cookie. This recipe was great on it's own, but it didn't quite have that "oomph" that pulled it from the drawing room floor to something that I was ready to release. The addition of the TFA Sweetener gave this recipe exactly what I was looking for. I also added 1 drop per 30 ml of FLV Rich Cinnamon, and there were fireworks going off in my mouth. EDIT The rich cinnamon can be subbed quite effectively with CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl. This recipe is finally to the point where I feel good about releasing it into the community. I would like to ask for any feedback and constructive criticism in the comments section down below. I sincerely hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. Pretty good as a shake n' vape, but the vanilla custard really comes out to play after a few days to a week.


It's a remix of Drippy HubbaHubba – creamy, soft, soluble gum with a watermelon, strawberry, kiwi and banana - similar to hubba bubba.
Watermelon is playing on front with a strawberry and kiwi just a tad behind it. Banana is a background flavor here but brings a little bit of creaminess with vanilla swirl and meringue, which is here also for sweeteness. FAs Marshmallow is a blender in this case and helps watermelon candy become a actual gum. Enjoy!

An amazing cloned recipe by u/project_twenty5oh1 he put in a ton of work into this spot on clone a few years back and is one of my ADV. I have found that the menthol that works for me is .5%-.7% fw extreme ice to make the Polar Bear clone. Personally I don't use the heating mixer and I just mix and shake and it's perfect for me.

Original post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/2lsbi1/in_celebration_of_reaching_25000_comment_karma_on/?st=IX3QN6MB&sh=29e41527

Hello all,
I've been working for the past several months solely on a polar bear clone. I've talked to many juicers, many diyers, and had many people test it, and I'm happy enough with it that I feel comfortable sharing the fruits of my labor. For those who don't DIY, TFA = The Flavor Apprentice (or the Perfumer's Apprentice) one of the main companies used by juice vendors.

6.0% TFA DK Base
5.0% TFA Banana Cream
3.0% TFA Banana Nut Bread
1.0% TFA Bananas Foster
3.0% TFA Peanut Butter
0.3% TFA Koolada
0.2% TFA Coconut Extra
0.3% TFA Smooth
1.0% Strong Mint/Menthol Concentrate
Take out the mint/menthol and you get Nanner. My suggestion is to use Axiom's Icicles (the concentrate of which is used as the mint/menthol in Polar Bear) - you could order 0mg from Axiom and use it as a flavor ingredient, reducing VG appropriate to even out the concentration; Icicles is 20% concentrate, so if you made a 100ml bottle you would need 5ml of Icicles juice to reach 1% concentration in the Polar bear.
Now, some notes on process. After discussions with some juicers, we came to the conclusion that a heated magnetic stirrer is the likely culprit for the "process" that Grizzly uses for their juice, and that it's not really completely ready right away after mixing (as I'm sure they'd like us to believe) but that you mix using this process, and then 3-4 days later it's reached shelf stability. The juice I made last Saturday is exactly the right color of Polar Bear now (bonus reusing polar bottle!), so I'm pretty sure i've got it right. This process works for any juice you mix, and makes trying a mix you're fiddling with much, much faster.
Basically, I cook the juice for 4-8 hours in a heated magnetic stirrer at a constant 75c. The stirrer has a temperature probe which will equalize the temp inside the flask with the temp of the hotplate, so there's no guesswork as to whether you've hit the right temp (such as using a water bath or heated ultrasonic). Here's some before and after shots of a 1500ml batch I made:
Ingredients initially mixed and the vortex stabilized, temp reached, begin cook time
Four hours later
The end result is a Nanner/Polar clone that has the following attributes:

1) It doesn't gunk up cotton or coils. Myself and others have found that you can go at least two weeks without changing cotton, and when you remove it there is no discoloration. What this says about nanner/polar may be that it has some ingredient that contains a sweetener, or sweetener is added, I don't really know.

2) This relates to 1; it's not as sweet as the real thing, which I've found I quite like, while retaining all the inherent flavor attributes that make it such a good juice.

3) It costs $1.20/30ml.
If you have any questions about using the stirrer or anything about the process please feel free to ask. My entire plan for this juice was to open source it, and I've been selling it for $10/100ml (up to 1L) plus shipping. Really just double the cost of materials, I'm just happy people have been enjoying affordable juice I made. I encourage you to try this recipe and see if you can figure out what is missing to make it a really true clone, or make your own improvements! Let me know what you come up with :)
Here is a link to the heated magnetic stirrer I've been using- you will need to buy stir bars and flasks separately, but they all can be found on amazon. This is also a nifty gadget for other things that require constant mixing and fixed temperature.

Here's what my fridge looks like after I cooked up 4L last weekend, 2L 6mg Polar and 2L 3mg Nanner:


Polar Bear was the first juice I found (after trying HUNDREDS) which I could vape and vape and vape and never get sick of. I bought easily 80+ bottles of it. I've vaped more than a liter of my own version in its current iteration, and I love it. I won't be going back to buying juice, ever.
TL;DR: Recipe is at the top. #kickbacks, #crucifixions, #Bigglesjuice, #wheredeyatdoe, #hashtag.
EDIT: This recipe works GREAT at 0mg!
EDIT AGAIN: Pimp for /r/diy_ejuice!

Steep time on this one's really long at least 14 days for the root beer to calm down.


Creamy Buttery Sweet Rich Caramelized Banana Light Tobacco with Light Citrus Cookie Notes

My recipe for the DIYorDIE Mixxed! (Round 2)

Banana Cream (TPA): In order to get the full Banana flavor, I notice a lot of people pushing this flavoring to over 5%. I wanted to balance out the banana flavor with the rest of the mix so that it would still be a main note but not too overwhelming.

Bavarian Cream (TPA): Well, I read that this cream works really well with tobacco at higher percentage, however, I did not want to push it as I find it plenty strong as it is at 3%. It provides a great vanilla caramel creaminess to the mix and along with Meringue (FA) it helps support the Banana Cream (TPA).

Butterscotch (FLV): Sure, I could have used Butterscotch Ripple (FW) but, with limited number of flavorings at my disposal, I thought best to use this flavor because of that additional cookie back-note characteristic. I wanted it to join the Banana Cream (TPA) and Soho (FA) as the main profile. It's just too good and along with Soho (FA), it helps with creating that rich buttery caramel taste, almost as if to caramelize the bananas.

Meringue (FA): I wanted to add milky creaminess to the recipe so as to mimic a shake of sorts which would work with the Bavarian Cream (TPA) and Banana Cream (TPA). I also wanted to use it to help bring out the cookie back-note from the Butterscotch (FLV).

Oba Oba (FA): I needed something to create a bridge between the dessert flavors and the tobacco and I thought I might try Oba as it could serve such purpose. It would allow me to add a light citrus note (almost bitter, which would help with balancing sweetness) to brighten the recipe. It would also work to fluff up the heavy flavors (part of the flavor reminds me of Marshmallow (FA)) and with steep time, provide a malty note that I felt would work well with the Meringue (FA) and Soho (FA). I feel that it accomplishes all that, however, at the expense of longer steep time (at least 2 weeks).

Soho (FA): Halo's Tribeca immediately comes to mind. I researched this flavoring for hours just trying to get a definitive answer on the right mixing percentage (20% SF, whoa!). I am not a big fan of tobacco flavors but, much like in cooking, sometimes we have to work with ingredients that we don't particularly enjoy. I do not have any experience with tobacco flavors but my intent with Soho in this recipe was to use it add complexity to a more desserty profile. I feel that at 2.5% (although if you like tobacco, you can bump it up a bit), it brings in enough of its smoky nutty caramel characteristics to complement the entire mix.

I don't really like using sweeteners in recipes unless absolutely necessary. With Butterscotch at near max and 2% Meringue, I feel that it's plenty sweet and I can always mix at a bit lower VG anyway. Also, I suspect Soho (FA) has Ethyl Maltol in it.

I hope you will enjoy it, if not, go easy on me, I'm a noob! :-D

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 2

Have you ever asked yourself what's inside Donkey Kong's barrels? What does a monkey do with barrels besides throwing them like crazy towards unwanted guests? On my way through the flavor-jungle called "Beginner Blending: Mixxed Competition", I found the answer. The only logical purpose must be: he uses these barrels to steep his favorite e-juice ;)

"Donkey Kong's Secret" is a composure of creamy bananas and peanuts with a nutty RY4-tobacco note, steeped in old oak barrels. Enjoy!

TPA Banana Cream
No doubt: Donkey Kong loves bananas. And what else should a banana-expert use than the best banana flavor out there.

TPA Peanut Butter
Every monkey likes peanuts. TFA Peanut Butter adds a nice peanut taste to the juice that blends good with the banana and the nutty aspect of FA Soho.

TPA Bavarian Cream
Adds more creaminess and a tasty vanilla note to the mix.

FA Soho
FA Soho is a RY4-like tobacco flavor with a very nutty and woody character. Being a weaker flavor, compared to other FA flavors, I used it around 5-7% depending on how much of a tobacco note I wanted.

TPA Red Oak
Red Oak adds a more woody note to the juice, creating the impression that the juice steeped in Donkey Kong's oak barrels.

FW Butterscotch Ripple
FW Butterscotch Ripple adds a caramel note and turns the FA Soho even more to a RY4-tobacco. Moreover it adds some sweetness to the juice and blends together the whole mix. If you like it a bit darker and more sweet you can substitute FW Butterscotch Ripple for FA Butterscotch @ 0.5%.

TPA Sweetener
Take a look at Donkey Kong's hostage (I think her name was Pauline) and you'll know: he likes it sweet ;) Add to your liking between 0.2 to 1% TFA sweetner.

Mixed at 70/30 (VG/PG). Steep: minimum Steep over night, best after 3-5 days.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 2

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