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(TPA) Banana Cream

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Hey buds what are you vaping on tonight? I know what you SHOULD be vaping on, try putting a better banana in your mouth tonight with my new recipe! This creamy strawberry/banana ice cream cookie sandwich will leave a creamy taste in your mouth, and it might even leave a different type of cream in your pants.

A little backstory on this recipe, I started with sugar cookie as the main cookie portion, but it was just too creamy and strong and seemed to explode in your mouth, instead of gently sliding into your throat, one piece at a time to taste each section giving you a rich and sensual experience. Cookie and Biscuit seemed to give it a good cookie base that gently holds the banana ice cream between it's supple cheeks, letting you taste that creamy ice cream sauce while being held together. Instead of the two parts celebrating their strengths, they work together to create the ultimate vaping experience, giving you the satisfaction you have always been searching for.


Banana Creme Brulee

For the base of this recipe I went with (LB) creme brulee. This flavor is accurate to the description, even down to the slight the nutty note. To add another layer I went with (INW) Creme Brulee and (CAP) vanilla custard.

I used (TPA) Banana cream because it added to the creaminess of the desert without taking over the mix.

And finally, I used (TPA) toasted marshmallow to add a little sweetness and to add that toasted/caramelized taste.


This is the first recipe in my new series of Simple-juice, Banana Pudding. (TPA) Banana cream is pretty much already banana pudding, so this recipe is just about balancing the other ingredients perfectly so that it tastes like a perfect Banana Puddin' and not just Banana Mush. (CAP) Sugar Cookie give it that sweetness and lightness to keep it a pudding and then (FA) Meringue is a perfect eggy, sweet, component to make this juice a little more complex. Simple-juice is making e-juice better and more simple.

Keep mixing!


Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle.
Heavy on peanuts and bakery side, but Bavarian and Whipped Cream rounds out texture.
Banana plays in the background.

This recipe came out as a first attempt, and I feel that my next batch will change a few things, primarily dropping the Papaya to 3% and possibly the tangerine to 3% to compensate for the Papaya. I feel like an equal mix of these two creates that perfect tropical real fruit-like tang found in a freshly blended smoothie. However for me that tang is a little too tart for me specifically; although this flavor still hasn't left my tank so some people may prefer it the way it is. I just picked up some TPA Ripe Banana that I am going to try to incorporate into this, possible substituting the Lorann's Banana Cream as its candy-like property may not blend as well. Currently in this mix the bana portion of the aftertaste is similar to a Banana Runt candy.

Flavor Notes:

LA/TPA Banana Cream - My preferred ratios of 1/3 LA to 2/3 TPA for a realistic banana cream, Lorann's is a little too potent and candy-like to me, and TPA's is a little unripe but a mixture of them together creates a more realistic concept of fresh banana's.

FA Marshmallow/Banana Creams - Alongside the banana flavoring, the Banana Cream blend adds that full mouthed creaminess that comes from a smoothie. The Marshmallow also gives it a "wet" feeling alongside the creaminess.

TPA Papaya/Cap Sweet Tangerine - I don't know exactly how to describe this mixture besides "real tropical fruitiness" however it is a little strong and can overpower/mute certain flavors.

INW Shisha Strawberry - This is added to help curb the sharpness of the Papaya/Tangerine mixture that I mentioned above, it also adds to the fruit-blend of the overall smoothie itself.

Sweet Coconut - I don't think this recipe would be the same without it, however it isn't that present in the flavoring itself. It's more of a background note, which helps round together the other fruits. Anyone who has worked with this can attest to the potency of the coconut and how it basically overpowers most flavors easily above 0.5%. For this recipe, due to the tartness of the other fruits combined it actually falls into the background while keeping the other flavors in check.

Heavy and buttery custard with caramel backed by banana and tobacco notes in the background.
Simple but complex – exactly like adulthood turned out to be.

This one is my first attempt at a clone of a "premium" e-liquid. The liquid is called "BA-NA-NAS" by Coil Butter. The profile given for their liquid is as follows: A freshly baked snicker doodle infused with ripe banana. I feel like I have come as close to the actual recipe as I can. Here comes the breakdown:

TFA Banana Cream: This banana is creamy enough to hold it's own against the other flavors in this recipe, while being subdued enough to let those other flavors shine through. I also chose this banana over LA Banana Cream, as this has a more authentic banana feel, where LA is more candy like.
FLV Rich Cinnamon: A user by the handle "Drumbtr" on the DIY or DIE Discord chat gave me the idea to make a dilution out of this one. At a 10% dilution in PG, this recipe now sits smoothly into the recipe, and really compliments the cinnamon in the TFA Cinnamon Sugar Cookie.
CAP Sugar Cookie v1: You guys already knew this one was in here. One of my all time favorite flavors, and the absolute best sugar cookie to use as the base in this recipe. It really sits on the palate well and provides the warm bakery notes that this profile is based on.
TFA Cinnamon Sugar Cookie: This flavor is by itself pretty damn tasty, but in this mix, the cinnamon is accented by the FLV Rich Cinnamon. This flavor also really helps to add another layer of that sweet snickerdoodle cookie, and backs up the CAP Sugar Cookie perfectly.
TFA Sweetener: Tbh, CAP Super Sweet would have probably fit better in this recipe, but I only had TFA Sweetener. Sue me, lol. The sweetener really brings out the, welll, sweetness of the other components in this mix. It also helps to add to that, er-hem... "premium" feel.

Hope you guys like this recipe. Your constructive feedback is always well appreciated.

A simple mix that the girlfriend wanted, something along the lines of an "Elvis".


If you ordered a mint milkshake and someone accidentally added a scoop of banana ice cream to it by mistake you would think you would be pretty pissed right? Wrong! Well at first you might...until you tasted this delicious happy accident. This combination is so delightful it will make you question every flavor you thought didn't go together. This milkshake will most definitely bring all the boys to the yard. Enjoy this unusual treat!

TFA Banana Cream - This flavor makes the perfect banana ice cream to act as an accent or backnote to this mix.You can tell there is banana in your milkshake but it doesn't get in the way of that amazing mint..It is mellow and very creamy and adds to the authenticity of the milkshake.

FA Cream Fresh - I used this flavor to help boost the creams and give the mix a more milky mouth-feel and flavor.

FW Creme de Menthe - This is the perfect mint flavor for this mix. It has a soft nuanced creaminess to the mint that just works so well as a milkshake. The slight vanilla notes further add to the accuracy of this milkshake along with the cooling sensation it provides that pushes this mix over the edge into milkshake land. Creme de Menthe also provides most of the sweetness for this recipe and makes it so darn enjoyable to vape.

CAP French Vanilla - Here we have more vanilla to add to the milkshake, but this flavor does more than just add some vanilla to the mix. It bridges the gap between the starkly different flavors of banana and the mint. So instead of having a scoop of banana ice cream in your mint shake, you have an evenly blended together concoction.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 3

This is a lightly baked banana with caramel and bourbon notes. After a longer steep, a subtle earthy RY4 comes through in the middle of the exhale.

I've been eating bananas every morning before I leave the house, and for some reason whenever I smell anything that is supposed to have a "Bourbon Barrel flavor" I think of banana. This flavor association seems like it would be a delicious thing to inspire an e-liquid profile This time of year my beer of choice is a Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, so I wanted to create a vape that not only paired with them side by side but also had enough nuance to vape all day and enjoy it.

The core concept: TFA banana cream/TFA toasted marshmallow/TFA Kentucky Bourbon

These flavors come together to create that flavor association I keep getting in real life. It's smooth, creamy, and predominantly banana. The TM/KB combo serves to enhance that banana into something interesting. It almost gets a bit baked by the combo. I landed at these percentages because any higher on the TM/KB and it got to "warm." The 3-1-1 ratio here is the sweet spot, at least for me. Play around with those a bit if you want to adjust the bourbon to your liking.

I wanted to add a touch of earthiness and a boatful of dark sweetness into this recipe, so caramel and butterscotch bolster the sweetness of the cream base. I didn't want to go completely tobacco, RY4 double along with the Butterscotch Ripple was a great couple of flavors for that. If you let this steep closer to a month and beyond, those tobacco notes show up in the middle, subtle enough to really add something nice to the profile.

Enjoy folks, and long live winter!

Flavor Notes