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(TPA) Banana Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Shake and vape certified.

I never really delve into the world of tropical treats and I had some flavours that I was yet to try. I was hoping for a juicy tropical punch with a bit of a creamy back end, did some research and then put this together and was surprised. It's yummy delicious.

It's a sweet juicy orange juice, subtle pineapple with hint of coconut and a slight and very faint bit of strawberry, the strawberry is admittedly a little lost, however, I don't want to remove it as I like what this is. Then on the exhale its less orange and a bit more cream. Then when you've finished your exhale, you get this faint banana around your mouth with some coconut sat at the back. All round, I like it and you might too!

SUBBING - the only one I can think of is switching Red Touch for TFA Strawberry Ripe/Strawberry but maybe drop it to just 2%. I haven't tried it though and I don't really like the concept of subbing ingredients (BOOOOOOO!).


This flavor profile was a suggestion from a vaping friend of mine at work named Shaver. That's where the "shave" came from. Beyond that, the rest was purely inspired by him and interpreted by me. This profile is a creamy marshmallow and cinnamon cookie with a touch of authentic banana. It is a light airy vape and each note seems to set right on top of the next without being muddled at all. .10% of FLV Rich Cinnamon is essentially 1 drop per 30ml do not exceed even if your scale doesn't acknowledge the one drop. You can sub out PUR Marshmallow with an extra 1.5 of TFA Marshmallow, but I highly recommend getting Purilum Marshmallow as it is the closest to those big puff marshmallows. Thanks for checking it out, mix it up you will love it, and any feedback is definitely appreciated. Thanks Krucial


No cinnamon? No strawberries? No worries, we'll get your cornflakes fixed up. Let's load this bowl... With sliced bananas.

Toasted Redux #2. Pulled the cinnamon and I pushed Cereal 27 from 3% to 5% to stand up to the banana. I dialed back Meringue from 2% to 1.5% and Cream Fresh from 1.5% to 1%. The banana flavoring I used is already quite creamy, so I didn't need as much "milk." If you're interested in the cereal/milk notes, check out Toasted.

Flavor Notes:

TPA Banana Cream is the one, simple, easy, malleable, reliable, tasty addition to the recipe. It's a sweet banana flavor that can pass as authentic enough in the right situations. One of those situations is a bowl of sugary cereal and sweet milk. It's a very easy flavor to work with. It tends to do it's own thing with everything but creams. In this recipe it melts into the cream, while the inherently starchy flavor of banana plays well with the flaky cereal. 2% is all we need. Don't want it to take over. We aren't eating a banana covered in cornflakes, even though I want to now.

This is pretty much ready to rock from the get go. Give it a few days to a week for the creams to figure themselves out and it gets even better.

Happy mixing. 👽


Banoffee cream sandwiched between two banana nut cookies. I used Caramel v2 but v1 works just as well.


MIX - 60VG / 40PG - STEEP - Medium / 3-5 Days
Full development notes and flavor notes here - http://diyordievaping.com/2017/05/17/yeo-banana/

ok so I thought bout this last night and creating it was the trick and matching the cap sweet strawberry and tfa strawberry ripe makes a very juicy strawberry and combining it with the banana cream makes a for good blending of fruits & I saw this flavor at the store and I thought I would try and create it and it smells amazing after mixing so I'm sure it will taste very refreshing for the summertime

Summer- To me it means time for the annual camping trip with fire and alcohol and food that can be cooked on a stick. All the best stories and ideas start with alcohol involved. This one would be the later. We had all the makings for a traditional smore on my last camping trip as well as the liquid ingenuity on tap. We also had Reese's peanut butter cups and bananas. Get where I'm going with this now? You would think the combo was thought up by someone under some other flammable influence.
Chocolate-peanut butter-banana smore
3% tfa peanut butter I get creamy generic peanut butter from this when the batch is a good one.
1% cap peanut butter brings the creamy peanut butter closer to the jif or Reese's type I know and love.
.25% flv milk chocolate this gives the Hershey's type milk chocolate syrup note to help give the melted milk chocolate taste of a smore.
2% tfa double chocolate clear while flv milk chocolate is good on its own right it can be a bully and we want some of that chocolate bar-not quite melted all the way taste.
3% fw graham cracker used this more than the usual 1% I tend to use it at to keep the crunchy Graham cracker present in this Uber smore.
2% tfa toasted marshmallow tgives you that perfectly even browned ocd compliant toasted campfire marshmallow taste.
3% tfa banana cream if you haven't tried putting sliced banana on a smore I recommend giving it a try. There isn't a plain ripe banana concentrate (that I've had to date) that doesnt get a "runty" note. This a treat and as such I want it to be candyish in terms of sweetness but creamy too to compliment the marshmallow.
1% .9% saline solution optional but I feel if you have any recipe with chocolate in it you'd be doing yourself a disservice without it.
.5% cap super sweet another optional one but the malic acid that it has and maltol tend to be another must have to help chocolate flavors.

Best after 5 days mainly due to the banana cream and peanut butter but surprisingly shake and vapeable.

Got drunk. Had some random flavors on my desk. Said fuck it. Idk if this will be good or not but it smells wacky (maybe it's a good thing??) mix it and lemme know if it's shit (probably is.)

I don't do fruits


I wanted to go with a recipe that said Springtime to me without going away from my mixing style. My mixes involve working mainly with creams, custards, cookies and fruits. So this is where I knew I needed to start.

FA Forest Fruit - I have mixed with this flavor before and find it a great mix of berries with notes of Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry, to me this flavor is really fantastic. This flavor pairs well withmany different flavors. At 3% here it gives the perfect Amount of balance to let's the Berries really shine.

TFA Banana Cream- This was a tough one here as I wanted that nice banana flavor to mellow out the tartness of the fruits and add a nice texture of flavor that would pair well with the berry mix. At 2 % this does a great job As an accent to the berries without giving off that banana Runty taste and giving a nice banana flavor on the exhale.

FA Cream Fresh- I use this flavor often as it really adds a nice amount of creamy milkyness to any mix. At 2% this really made the recipe turn into a very nice refreshing cream base. This really adds some nice body to the mix. To make this a very nice banana berry smoothie.

This flavor taste good as a Shake n vape. Best after 5 days to really let the Fresh cream settle in with the rest of the mix.

sweet fruit loops with nice milk, was trying to clone a flavor and came up with this

Flavor Notes