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(TPA) Banana Cream

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I live in Mobile, AL which is where Mardi Gras was originated. NOTE: Before you New Orleans Louisianians get upset, just do your research! The Spanish called Mobile, AL home way before they ventured down to Louisiana... The Banana Moon Pie is a staple of Mardi Gras so I had to make this flavor perfect, especially with it being one of my favorite snacks to catch and eat at Parades. Even though it is very simple it is very good! Mix it up and let me know what you think...


I haven't released a recipe in a while, here's an idea I'd been playing around with literally since the Beginner Blending competition. Inspired by my boy RiFF.

A tobacco vape with notes of vanilla bourbon throughout, and a nice little slap of banana on the inhale. Notes and all that shit below, as always.

FLV Banana / TPA Banana Cream - y'all know how much I like TPA BC, but I usually pair it with LA Banana Cream to create a more interesting and full flavoured banana note. However, after using FLV Banana, I found much more success. FLV's banana option carries a lot of the same flavour properties of LA's option, so if you're like me, expect some of that more candied, banana runts type note from it. However, I noticed more body to this option. There was some silky mouthfeel to it, a little less banana candy, and more of some sort of unholy creation that is a super sweet banana. I prefer this combination over the TPA/LA approach. We end up with something that is truly reminiscent of some sweetened banana cream, almost reminds me of banana milk or yogurt. This creates some nice sweetness to balance out the recipe, while also giving us some boost to the tobaccos in both flavour and mouthfeel.

TPA Kentucky Bourbon / FLV Bourbon - this is my go to bourbon/whiskey flavour combination. Usually I would keep TPA's option higher in the mix, but the more I've messed with FLV Bourbon, the more I realize this is the better front note for a bourbon. We're still missing some of the depth needed for a good bourbon flavour, but the TPA comes in to provide some of that bite and warmth, while FLV keeps those dark, sweet, oak notes prevalent.

FLV Red Burley - okay. So the more I've messed with FLV Red Burley, the more I realize it's almost not a good tobacco for me. I find it sickeningly sweet and thick, and while it carries a lot of wonderful flavour, I can't get away from that overt sweetness. However, this is why I thought it'd be a good match for this recipe. All of these flavour profiles have a tendency to carry some sweetness, just in different ways. The Red Burley hits us with some notes of sweetened peanut butter at times, while still giving that sense of a full bodied, yet sweet tobacco. The banana plays with these notes very well to bring some neutral fruit note as well as that earthy sweetness we get from bananas in general. And as always, the bourbon acts as a counterpoint to all of that sweetness. While it does carry some, it's still a more sharp and pronounced note that helps accent everything else.

FLV Eggnog / FLV Oak Barrel / FLV Virginia Tobacco - these act as our accents and support for the recipe. I am falling more and more in love with FLV Eggnog the more I use it. It is simply what is claims to be, a straight up eggnog with notes of fall/winter spices that accent the tobacco and bourbon quite nicely, while the thick mouthfeel boosts the bananas to a new level. The best thing I can compare it to is a cooked or fried banana/plantain flavour. The FLV Oak Barrel is here to add some more depth and complexity to the bourbon, for one thing I always find missing in our options for whiskey and bourbon is that wood note. Oak Barrel is perfect for that, and keeps the bourbons from feeling too sugary or sweet. Finally, FLV Virginia Tobacco, I know there are better options out there for a more dirty tobacco flavour, but I simply don't have them yet, so this was the option. Virginia Tobacco balances out that overt sweetness and syrupy note from Red Burley, while still pushing this recipe to be a tobacco forward profile. I love these three accents in this recipe, for all of them act as both supporting notes to certain concentrates, while being counterpoints to others. A perfect symbiotic relationship.

Steep time - While this is good on a shake, give it at least a week to let the flavours get to know each other. As it continues to age, the flavours start to pronounce themselves more noticeably, our banana notes take the inhale, the bourbon carries us through the vape, and the exhale gives us all of those complex tobacco notes.

This recipe has been a labour of love of the past few months, and I'm happy with the result. While the use of RiFF RAFF as inspiration is in name only, I woud like to think that the Neon Python himself would enjoy something like this while he's kickin it at the Kodeine Kastle with his pups.


Quick and simple Banana Nut bread Covered in peanut butter.

Banana Nut Bread Is the main profile and using a little bit of vanilla cupcake helps to fluff it up
Banana cream accentuates the banana flavor and adding creaminess to the peanut butter
GCC helps to sweeten up the recipe a bit without providing the cookie feeling.
CDS gives it a nice twist from regular banana nut bread


Finally a custard I can be proud of. If you are looking for a simple vanilla custard that is creamy and smooth, then here it is. Don't worry about the banana and the hazelnut as they are just for rounding off flavor...but don't leave them out. You wont pick them out and they were just what I was looking for to fill in the gaps. Enjoy everyone.

aka Pretend Prickly Pear

I hadn't used CAP Cantaloupe, TPA Honeydew or TPA Marshmallow since my first flavor order, wanted something nice and fruity, a farewell to summer on these lingering warm October days. Ironically, I enjoy melon vapes more than the actual fruits, at least these two, though I do love me some watermelon.

I've never had the privilege of enjoying any prickly pear fruit, however, based on the descriptions and not being able to call it a fruit I've had, I settled on naming it Morty's Mega Melon Meltdown, aka Pretend Prickly Pear, because "A melon-esque gum vibe" just didn't have that same ring to it.

Cantaloupe is the main note here, blending with honeydew nicely, and the cactus adds a whole extra juiciness and intriguing fruit note. Banana Cream is here for a nice, creamy, tropical supporting note for the melons, Blueberry I honestly threw in initially for the hell of it, I figured it'd sweeten it a bit and blend right in and it definitely does. Marshmallow adds a lovely texture, nice and fluffy, and it's this fluff coupled with the juiciness of the cactus that gives me what I'll call a "natural bubblegum" mouthfeel.

It's great as a SnV, but I think a few days are required for everything to coalesce and for the fullness of the vape to really come through.

Feel free to add a touch of E.M. or Sweetener to your preference!

As always, any suggestions, tips, ideas, reviews, criticisms, etc are most welcome! The more feedback, the tastier the vapor!

If you enjoy this mix, split some off and try adding 1% of CAP menthol for a surprisingly refreshing experience!


"..how much is that lemon meringue pie?"
"No, honey, I meant for the whole pie."

DISCLAIMER: You lookin' for the crust? It ain't here!

FA Lemon Sicily is the lemon base, having it turned up helps it keep its presence as the juice steeps. FA Custard and CAP Vanilla Custard are the custard/pudding base. I like using two flavors for one aspect of a flavor profile that feels boring or one dimensional (creams, custards, etc), I think it can add a nice complexity without being over the top. I used more FA Custard here because of that slight lemony tone, and just a little bit of CAP Vanilla Custard for that layer and touch of vanilla.
FA Cookie and TPA GCC make up the humble crust, both giving a little grit and baked presence, I'm totally out of Sugar Cookie so I've been playing with Cookie a lot more and enjoying.

TPA Banana Cream is what truly makes this a Gonzo recipe. It was thrown in at the last minute as I was writing out my recipe before mixing (which helps me so much), the muse struck me with the thought to throw a little banana cream in there for shits and gigs. I love this flavor and love working with it, it seems to have a sort of Dragonfruit-esque blending property, it bends so well in low doses in almost unexpected areas, here it actually just slips right in with the lemon custard in a really unique, complex and subtle way. I honestly can't taste any banana, it disappears as it blends with the lemon and it's creaminess just lends itself so well to the other custards. Don't let its small doseage deceive you, I think it's crucial to the flavor and texture of this profile.

The emphasis of this particular lemon meringue recipe is the lemon custard in the foreground with the meringue in the background and the crust as an intentional undertone.

This is a great as a SnV. This just got mixed a few days ago, but it honestly tastes so good already I'm comfortable posting it, so I'll update with some steep notes.

Gonzo journalism is a concept pioneered most famously by Hunter S. Thompson in which the journalist makes no claims of being objective, instead he presents himself as part of the situation, and in being honest about his lack of objectivity, in presenting his perspective as a perspective and not fact, his trust and validity increase. There are also no editors, proofreaders, rewrites or scratch outs (in theory), the character of the original piece is as important as the whole piece itself.

That being said, I'm going to be posting some more recipes in this vein, meaning no batch tests, no tweaks, these will be pure gonzo recipes, spontaneous, inspired, sporadic. No withholding and no prior planning while creating these recipes.
The main cause for this project is I find that doubting or second-guessing myself while mixing/writing out my percentages before mixing creates such a huge negative impact in my mixes that they almost never work out because now I've over analyzed and questioned every possible dynamic, stifling most creative thoughts with logic based ones. This isn't to say there aren't some profiles worth chasing and tweaking for months, honestly, I've done/am doing it.

As always, thanks for any comments, feedback or ideas to help improve the recipe, they're beyond appreciated. Aren't we all here to make the world a tastier place? 😌✌️

An exotic mix with bananas, coconuts, pineapples and limes. A little rum and vanilla flavor. Note there is also on it Mississippi (INAWERA) 1% but I can't find it in the database.

It's a Banana Cream Pie- not much else to say.
NOTE- add sweetener or not I think it's better with .5 Cap SS but that's just me. Enjoy!

Fried bananas are a popular dessert and snack food in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. The dish is more often known as goreng pisang in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and surrounding countries.When I was a Young Marine out on deployments to the orient i would love to stop and indulge in this simple but delicious snack while on liberty in Singapore... Brings back Nostalgic feelings ... I hope you all enjoy this mix as much as i do ... My Inspiration besides the Nostalgia was to bring something different to the community and inspire others to think outside the normal things we mix .....agian enjoy

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The Ancient Greeks had a problem with representing zero. They understood the concept, but philosophically and religiously had issues with it. They questioned, “how can nothing be something?” This philosophical paradox lead many Greeks to not supporting the idea of representing zero as an actual value. Then in 130 AD Ptolemy used a symbol for zero in his work Almagest, which was on mathematical astronomy. This was called the Hellenistic zero and was used by itself, not just a placeholder. This zero, however, was not used in arithmetic and other areas of mathematics like it is today.

To find a zero that is more common to the uses of today we need to look into 7th century India. Before zero became used as an integer, arithmetic was struggling. Some problems that faced everyday life were much more difficult to calculate. Indians were using words to describe “nothing” such as “void”, “sky”, and “space” (translated into English). Then in 628 AD the Indian mathematician Brahmagupta came up with a solution. He introduced a set of rules for this nothing number. He described it as, “when zero is added to a number or subtracted from a number, the number remains unchanged. A number multiplied by zero becomes zero”. This was the first concrete application of zero as a number and not as a place holder. Brahmagupta did make a mistake though. He thought that one divided by zero would produce zero.

Brahmagupta was also a savvy business man. He went with this concept of zero and came up with what he called “debt”, which he described as the opposite of property. With this concept of debt he thought up what we would call now as negative numbers. Before this idea, there was no way to subtract a larger number from a smaller number. The thought was that this would produce a meaningless value or at best nothing. Brahmagupta’s idea of debt gave him more insight to things such as subtracting a debt from zero will produce a fortune, or a positive value. Brahmagupta’s work with zero also lead him to discover that quadratic equations had two solutions, which also lead to Brahmagupta looking at quadratic equations with multiple variables.

This is my banana cream pie recipe.

This was a tricky one, I've been working on it on and off for about a year and could never seem to get it where I wanted it. After trying out tons of bananas, my first hit was with TFA Banana Cream. If this flavor was stronger, my banana quest would be over, but it took many failed attempts with crap banana flavorings to get it right. Finally, recently I picked up LA Banana Cream. While I think TFA is better overall, LA adds what TFA is missing on its own.

I wanted to focus on the filling of the pie with this recipe more than the crust, so I added some heavy hitter creams like FLV Cream and CAP Vanilla Custard. Had I stopped here the pie would have been a lot thicker, like a custard or pudding. That's where the CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream comes in, to help lighten up the creams and create more of a cream pie feel.
Lastly was the crust. I wanted a light graham crust to keep the focus on the filling. So I went with TFA Graham Cracker clear, INW Biscuit, and a touch of FA Almond to create a nice bright crust.

Flavor Notes