(TPA) Banana Cream

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I have to write ten words in order to share

I have to write ten words in order to share

The Banana Cream is doing a great job as the main profile with a mouth full of creamy banana and the Yogurt by FW is helping the creaminess out tremendously. Both Butterscotch and Butterscotch Ripple are present altogether along side the Banana Cream and Yogurt.
I have let this sit to the side for about a month and it already reminds me of a banana butterscotch sort of yogurt which is exactly what I was aiming for! I am loving it so far but it could be better as always.

"Minty Coconana Cream"
Simple 3-2-1 with banana cream, coconut, and leafy mint.

Banana and nut mixed in with cookie! How can that be anything but awesome!! So I wanted to go back and use some old school flavors and see what I could come up with and I'm pretty dang happy with the results! Using the two hazelnuts together really worked here, mixed with the butter and vanilla bean ice cream, it's just delicious! I used some Sugar cookie for the cookie note in this recipe and it all just blended together the way I wanted it!

All tpa full banana bread.
Straight up toasted, buttered banana bread.


OOO Cream (MU), FA cream fresh along with TPA Vanilla Swirl and CAP cake batter makes up the creamy milkshake taste and texture. After many attempts at getting the banana right, l settled on a trio, VT Banana custard (it's a cream NOT a custard) pairs well with TPA Banana Cream, I added just a touch of MB Soft Banana because I just love the extra it brings. I'm very happy with how it turned out, I find it difficult to put down. Works straight off the shake but really comes into it's own after a couple of days.


FA Mango Indian & FLV Mango are a great combination
FLV Sweet Coconut can be substituted with FA Coco'
Adjust sweetener to taste
Banana and mango forwardness varies with device/wattage
Can shake & vape, but much much better after a few days


This is a Clone of Ugly Butter by Bad Drip Labs. So I can't take credit for this, I was just inspired. It's pretty spot on from what I can remember though. It is a fried dough with cinnamon sugar and banana pudding. Trust me and just try this recipe out.

Banana cream pudding base- tpa banana cream, wf banana puree, and wf Bavarian cream.

Buttery Cinnamon sugar dough- jf biscuit, cap butter cream, fa joy, Flv cinnamon crunch, Flv rich cinnamon.


Trying to make a recipe for the first time by putting different aromas in a wheel and seeing which aromas were chosen at random.

Personally, I really like it immediately after shaking, but I am curious how it tastes after 2 weeks.

The flavors remind me of Boss reserve AKA Folkart's reserve

curious what you think of it!

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