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(TPA) Apple (Tart Green Apple)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct

Used in 22 recipes at an average of 1.591%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

It's a green apple gummy - thick, chewy, sweet and extra juicy - but sitting on a white base like a strawberries and cream would - no one came here for cream today though right - It's time for thee apples:

I like to add CAP/PUR Super Sweet 0.5-1% in candy recipes
I have mostly mixed this with WS-23 @ 1% as the weather warms up (in Australia at least)
Personally, I think this needs some SS @ 0.5% to feel like a true gummy candy, but it's DIY so go for it and add both, or don't and add neither if you prefer!

Quick Notes:

TFA Apple (Tart Green):
Adds a bright and sweet top note with only a hint of peel at 1.5% but enough to bring some authenticity to the mix

FLV Granny Smith:
No off-notes are present at 1.5% and this is an awesome green apple. "A really sweet, crisp, mostly natural green apple. It’s just a little bit candied. Fairly harsh. A bit dry, not very juicy."

FLV Sour Apple:
This one boosts the Apple Gummy flavour and adds some bite to the mix. I couldn't take WF Apple gummy any higher without getting soapy off-notes. The sour apple is candied but pretty soft.

FLV Red Apple:
Tones down sharp notes and adds some depth to the mix, even at 0.5%. A very authentic red apple.

CAP Fuji Apple:
Fills in the dryness of the FLV Apples and adds some sweetness while just tying everything together perfectly with it's apple juiciness.
Really good and fresh this one..

WF Apple gummy
Is a good gummy flavour at 1% but is used low because I would get soapy off-notes any higher. I have attempted to boost it here with FLV sour apple.

FLV Cream
The apple gummies I was going for are little green, apple-shaped gummies with a white base (like a strawberries and cream) but do you think I could find a picture of them online? Nope! That is the reason for the FLV Cream. It adds a smoothness without imparting too much cream flavour. I feel it works here but I am yet to try it without it - I think you could skip it if you wanted just a straight up apple gummy with no cream but it's not that noticeable anyway!

I made many versions after this mix but I kept coming back to this so it was just lucky I had scribbled the percentages down somewhere!

Let me know what you think if you mix it up. Subs should be ok in here for the fuji, I like the juiciness of CAP's though, and if you don't have the cream just drop it :) Sing out if you need help with subs. No probs. Peace fam!

Built this from Boxerdog and TeslaDelMar's bangin Sour Apple Melon. May the 4th be with you and within that them we all know Yoda was a dusty old fart. Guy, thing, whatever thought he knew everything. Well he completely ignored the revival of the Sith until it was too late. He was farting out dust by the time he met baby face Luke Skywalker.

This is a simple Sour Green Apple Fundip.

For the apple I used the ingenious combo of TFA(Tart Green Apple) with Cap Double Apple and FLV Apple to start. Boxer and Tes really nailed this combination and I decided to kick up the apple with the FM Green Apple.

Next we need to dust this shit up and I used the WF Pixie Candy combined with OOO Powdered sugar to give us that grainy dusty old fart flavor.

The WF Sourball Candy helps with the sour, but also gives us some fundip stick vibe to it. Enjoy!


This is a collaboration between myself and /u/boxerdog.

Boxer set out with the idea for a truly tart sour apple with some pleasant melon backing notes. He laid the foundation with FLV Sour Apple and PUR Watermelon. We fleshed out the sour by adding WF Sour Ball Candy and TPA Tart Green Apple and then rounded out the apple and watermelon with the always-reliable Cap Double Apple and FA Red Summer.

Flavor Notes