(TPA) Apple (Tart Green Apple)

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adding 30% menthol solution(PG) make it menthol 0.5% so I dont haveto add 5g of nn
very green very cukes and freshing
replacing sour and cucumber with citric acid and cAP or fa cukes in future
fw sweetener probably works better in this

This is an attempted clone of Convicted Melons by Blue Dot Vapors. The profile is described as "melon and strawberry with a hint of green apple."

I'm building a very candy watermelon base with WF Sour Watermelon Candy and TPA Watermelon Candy. FA Red Touch and FA Red Summer bring authentic fruit vibes to the table, and Honeydew and Tart Green Apple round out the profile.

Adapted from a clone on ELR by HamGlaze (http://tjek.nu/r/tXQ0)

I replaced TPA HoneyDew with TPA Honeydew (II) and it seems a lot closer.

Very light, fruity, and sweet. No sweetener needed.

I had a friend request his favorite juice. Vape Hooligans stopped making this liquid 4 or 5 years ago, so i had no reference whatsoever. Just someone else's memories from like 5 years ago.

I had to be an internet detective to figure out what was actually going on here.
I found a YouTube review of the commercial liquid from 6 years ago where they reviewer described the profile.
Then i found a 5 year old "Clone" recipe on ELR that was close but not exactly right. (Can be Found here to give this guy credit: http://tjek.nu/r/6HTD )
Then we went through 6 months of testing. Changing concentrates, and adjusting percentages.
At first i was using RF Grape, but since that flavor is now discontinued, i had to go with FA White Grape from Hollywood Vape's clone recipe. The result is good, but definitely different.
The result you see here is really the best it's going to get according to my friend. They haven't released the actual recipe and they never will, but this is close enough: that why it's a remix.

Built this from Boxerdog and TeslaDelMar's bangin Sour Apple Melon. May the 4th be with you and within that them we all know Yoda was a dusty old fart. Guy, thing, whatever thought he knew everything. Well he completely ignored the revival of the Sith until it was too late. He was farting out dust by the time he met baby face Luke Skywalker.

This is a simple Sour Green Apple Fundip.

For the apple I used the ingenious combo of TFA(Tart Green Apple) with Cap Double Apple and FLV Apple to start. Boxer and Tes really nailed this combination and I decided to kick up the apple with the FM Green Apple.

Next we need to dust this shit up and I used the WF Pixie Candy combined with OOO Powdered sugar to give us that grainy dusty old fart flavor.

The WF Sourball Candy helps with the sour, but also gives us some fundip stick vibe to it. Enjoy!


This is a collaboration between myself and /u/boxerdog.

Boxer set out with the idea for a truly tart sour apple with some pleasant melon backing notes. He laid the foundation with FLV Sour Apple and PUR Watermelon. We fleshed out the sour by adding WF Sour Ball Candy and TPA Tart Green Apple and then rounded out the apple and watermelon with the always-reliable Cap Double Apple and FA Red Summer.

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