(TPA) Almond Amaretto

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Drink recipe: Almond Liqueur (Amaretto) + sour mix { simple syrup, lemon juice, optional citrus soda }

Almond liqueur: Almond Amaretto + Cherry Extract + Kentucky Bourbon (Adds to 'boozy' profile)

Sour mix: A tart citrus punch profile using cactus, lemon sicily and other citrus flavors [ + optional Sour Solution : replace w. WF Sour Ball Candy?]

Creamy, kicky and smokey. After a week or two steep I feel the flavours merge better. In a direct lung this is quite strong and the chai masala has a distinct clove type flavour which is really not for everyone!

I'm italian and this is the vape translation of a traditional italian dessert: Pesche con cioccolato e amaretto.
After many and many trials this is the most close flavour to the real dessert.

Chocolate: in this dessert the chocolate is very strong and sweet at the same time, so i went with CAP double choco for the dark chocolate aroma and FA chocolate to give it a bit of kindness.

The peach: FA white peach is a must everytime we need a peach flavour, but in real eatable life this dessert is made in order to avoid trashing peaches too much old, in fact all our grandma use a combination of peaches. Here it comes the TPA Juicy peach to mitigate the FA white peach and give the sensation of a peach mix.

Almond amaretto: this is the accent of this receipt. This flavour is very strong and you will need just a .5.

Again in real life Almond amaretto is a special type of cookie. So i tried to combine this with FA cookie or INW cookie, but at the end I erased those cookies from my recipe because the TPA almond amaretto is a very complete flavour and it has already inside it all the cookie you need.

Smooth fall/pumpkin blend. Made this recipe for my friends who cant seem to get enough of it.

Berry pastry with subtle nutty notes. Ok as a shake and vape (i typically bath the liquid bottle in hot water before vaping) Best after a weeks steep. Constructive criticism welcome. Easy on coils.

Custard custard custard, sorry no sharks, just almond and cookie!!!

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