(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%

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Looks weird, but it works. Really well.

I was aiming at perfecting the JF RY4D - which is my favorite RY4 on the market (tied with Hangsen). While it already has a mild woodsy tobacco note, it is too flat and in the background for me.

The black for pipe and the red burley take care of that.

The popcorn and AP add complexity, and that roasted/toasty note, which blends in perfectly with the creamy caramel and vanilla in the RY4. I know the FLV popcorn isn’t a common concentrate, but I couldn’t really get as good results with any other flavor. It has an amazing roasted-caramel-butter accent you just can’t find anywhere else.

The cream fresh is there to add some mouthfeel, and for smoothening out the edges of the black for pipe; it is optional, but I think it really pulls the whole recipe neatly together.

This was designed to be flavorful and saturated in mtl, but it’s just as tasty in dl.

It’s pretty decent off the shake, but give it at least two weeks. A month is where it peaks.

Hope y’all enjoy this as much as I have :)

Made magic with this on the first try just loved the Banana Cream after trying it in Boss Reserve Clone by Folkart I noticed it would probably be better as the top note at 5% in it's own recipe instead of hiding in the background at 1.5% in the other one.

The banana is light and creamy as expected. It's not too much at 5% after a 2 week steep.

The other flavours are just there to make the pie crust taste as well as the signature meringue/whipped cream that would be on top of the pie. Added some crushed nuts to the top as well the Acetyl Pyrazine @ 1% does give it that tasty little kick of flavour layering.

Graham Cracker Clear at a higher than normal 3% but the flavour is poppin. Wouldn't lower it because I find at 1.5 or 2% it's not enough to get that dominant pie crust taste needed to get through the banana and the other flavours in the recipe.

Acetyl Pyrazine @ 1%. Note the specific brand. I find it adds some body and just a very slight nutty, chewy tinge to the pie crust as what would happen when the crust gets a little moist from all that banana cream sitting on top of it in the fridge.

Biscuit @ .25% adds a nice layer of cookieness to the pie crust making the flavours burst even more in your mouth.

Vanilla Swirl, fresh cream, toasted Marshmallow and meringue all combine together to give us our nice light & fluffy, very sweet (but not too sweet) & slightly charred pie Meringueish whipped cream topping flavour that everybody loves.

Super Sweet at .25% gives it that sweet kick and boosts all the flavours while not adding too much sweetness.

I didn't think it would be this good off the rip. I vaped it for an hour and was astonished at how accurate this is to Banana Cream Pie and how it just keeps tasting better and better as I continue to vape it and I'm VERY picky with what I vape. At the moment wouldn't add to or take anything out of the recipe. Don't fix a wheel if it ain't broke type thing. I'm not an expert but I highly recommend this to anyone who likes banana & dessert flavours.

6% Nic. My standard for dripping.

Used 80% VG/20% PG. This means no spitback for drip tanks. Any higher is just a waste imo. For other tanks do what you feel is best but I don't think 80% VG will work very well in non-drip tanks (too thick) though I would recommend you get one as those have the best flavour and consistency anyway.

I would not shake and vape this one. The creams, vanilla and banana need some time to steep. Give it bare minimum 2-4 weeks. It will only get better with time.

Feel free to share this recipe around I really enjoyed making it and please let me know what you think of it if it made you as happy as it made me.

Original Scotch Pears used River Supply's Honey Oats, that flavor may or may not be accessible soon. So I had to tinker and tweak but I think I have it back where it belongs. Either way this recipe is delicious. Comments welcome.

After mulling over many royalty II recipes on ELR & many many mixes of others recipes i decided to give it a shot on my own this recipe isn't finished yet but it is delicious. All feedback is welcomed with open arms i would love some more experienced mixers to let me know what they think if they have tried vapestasias original thanks

Second version of this recipe I added APyrazine and some JF biscuit and upped the soho this is much better than the first iteration

A few weeks ago I came home in the evening. I was soooo hungry. In the refrigerator I found my favorite vanilla pudding. I topped it with hazelnuts and peanuts and was very happy about the taste experience. A sweet cream vanilla pudding with a nutty tartness. So I decided to create a recipe based on that idea.

The (CNV) Vanilla Pudding is an excellent flavor. It is supported by the (CAP) Vanilla Custard and (FA) Cream Fresh. The (CAP) Vanilla Custard adds a little depth on it and the (FA) Cream Fresh adds the whip.
For The Hazelnut Note, I opted for a mix of (FA) Hazelnut and (FW) Hazelnut. (FA) Hazelnut is an authentic but dry hazelnut. To balance that out, I used (FW) Hazelnut. For an extra nuttiness I‘ve added (TPA) AP at 0.5% . Additionally I took the (FLV) Beer Nuts on top.
(You can add 0.3% Super Sweet if you want - I like it without)
The recipe nailed it. Very tasty!

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Add sweetener of your choosing.

My attempt at a strawberry cream filled cannoli. Very creamy and smooth. Solid as a shake and vape but gets better after a few days.

It's not 100% just yet, but a good start. Any variations/revisions/feedback to improve this, would be greatly appreciated.

The ice cream was pretty simple. I used Mr Evans Ice Cream Trinity as the base. 3 words for that, solid, bold and delicious.
I added 1.25% bavarian cream to it because otherwise the peanut butter, butterpecan and caramel where too dry on the exhale.
I first tried other caramels and it helped with the dryness but it changed the profile completly. So 1% FA Caramel.
For the pea-nuts I went with TPA Peanut Butter DX and FW Butter Pecan. You can easily swap for the regular TPA PB if you want.
The Butter Pecan and AP help the TPA PB really well to hold up after the steep. The Hazelnut I used as a bridge between the nuts and the chocolate.
For the chocolate I normally would have used WF chocolate chunks but for some reason it didn't give me the result I wanted, somehow it didn't work well with the nuts. So I went with TPA DCC. 0.75% is plenty.

It's great as S&V but really delicous after 10 days and even better as it ages.
Tried it in the Hadaly and really loved it MTL in my Millenium and FEV

A decent pb shake.im still tweaking it so its not finished yet but as of right now its a good vape.i think the peanut butter could be a little stronger.i tweaked the recipe a little plus i added wf caramel popcorn and peanuts, thats a new flavor for me.im letting it steep i haven't tried the the tweaked recipe yet. Constructive criticism is always welcome

If you can see your way past the floral from the BBC, this one will grow on you. TBH, I don't SFT, but rather, approach my recipes through trial and error, and a little guess work! So, that'll be the extent of my description :-) Anyway...lotsa flavor from an overall low flavor total, and an ADV, for me.

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