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(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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C-Goat = Custard Greatest Of All Time affectionately dubbed Sea Goat a mythical beast often seen as the true symbol of the Capricorn. That is where the name ends and the profile begins. This is a strawberry and banana custard profile, starting up front with an authentic banana note followed by a thick, rich, and creamy strawberry base. Then finishes with sweet vanilla crust on the back end.


Tony's future was bright. Spending years perfecting his talent and product, He had climbed the ladder of the cereal kingdom.

He had established himself as the "face". Ad revenue and screen castings were rolling in. Tony was on top of the world.

That was until the birth of those little ADHD assho... I mean the gnomes. The snapping, the crackling, the popping. It drove Tony MAD!

Childrens and adults everywhere fell in love immediately.

Tony was forgotten. Pushed aside in favor of the new blood in the cereal game. Years passed, Tony dove deeper into depression.

Sitting, Alone. Disheartened. Defeated.

That was until he discovered a video on his wife's laptop. The video revealed the trio of noisy cereal characters had run a train on his wife!

ENRAGED Tony decided to battle back like Rocky! He would put those fucking midgets in their rightful place! His COMEBACK!

This, Is the product of his revenge. His one chance to take back the throne of the cereal world.

After killing all of them, He had a revelation. What if he used their blood to sweeten the cereal!?

The results, amazing.

The Gnomes and that two timing whore of a wife are now to be enjoyed by everyone! THIS. IS. TONY'S REVENGE!

|||| FLAVOR NOTES |||| (Because creative stories are apparently not cool anymore)

Profile Goal: Bottom of the bowl, drenched and drizzled, sweetened cereal milk.

Acetyl Pyrazine
Who doesn't know what AP is anymore?
It's an additive to impart a bready and grainy texture. At 1% it gives the mix a lightly baked characteristic.
It also covers the inclusion of slight berries some users report coming from Capella's Cereal 27.

Capella Cereal 27
This is the foundation the cornflake is built off of. At 5% here it's dominant as we want it to be in the profile.
Lightly sweet with some oat grain. Authentic cornflakes.

Lucky Leprechaun
For me, this is more milk and marshmallow than cereal. It adds smoothness to the recipe and contributes
to the experience by pairing with Milky undertones to add a thick milk base.

One on One Milky Undertones
This could potentially be replaced by FA Fresh Cream or another of your favorite milk bases, But OoO Milky
Undertones fit the profile from version one so I stuck with it. It paid off by contributing a nice dense milky finish.

TFA Bavarian Cream
This also offers to the rounding of the overall profile, Serving as a great blender and smoother for the grains and
the milky finish. It contains a nice low vanilla note barely perceptible but is a great addition to the milk.

TFA Marshmallow
In this mix it thickens and sweetens. Traditional frosted flakes are sweet as hell, But this isn't the final touch that
takes this from a mediocre frosted flakes, To an authentic sweet bowl.

CAP Super Sweet
This is it. This is what the initial mixes I was working on was missing. Being inherently against using sweeteners
for the sake of my coils, I was hesitant to try it. After it's inclusion it brought the entire mix to completion. At just
.5% it works, But .75% was the sweet spot matched side by side with a bowl of frosted flakes cereal milk.

Accompanying Video for further notes and entertainment:


If you wish to support me as a creator Bull City Flavors has been so kind to offer community recipe packs, It doesn't cost you any more to purchase from this link, but it sure helps me out. Thank you to everyone who shows love!
Link: http://www.bullcityflavors.com/tonys-revenge-by-steamroom/

my attempt at a pineapple cake. So far so good, I let mine steep for quite a while (over a month) because I forgot about it. After the steep I added the Marshmallow, AP, and Cream Cheese Icing. Let me know what you think.


You know the good ole days on Saturday morning after you woke up to some chick you don't even know. You had a Bloody Mary to stop the headache/hangover you grab a smoke and a coffee. But now you pick up the stixx mix because your responsible and your not wanting to get cancer. This is like a mix of French vanilla and a hint of tobacco. A real banger here.

Coffee vapes were my first love when I started mixing. It's a hard profile to nail since there are so few flavors out there that don't taste like burning rubber. FA Tiramisu, Espresso, Cappuccino, Cocoa were my favs, but are super concentrated and tend to taste burnt at higher temps. Ive since moved on to fruits and desserts and haven't touched coffees for a while until FA Up was released. This is my take on a frilly toffee flavored coffee drink with a splash of ameretto.

Honey smacks cereal. If you enjoy honey smacks cereal than you will probably enjoy this it is pretty spot on after resting a few hours but really blends together after 3 days. Add milk or cream if you want to its all good!!!

This is my sweet Vanilla Cavendish Tobacco and it is smooth and soothing to vape and makes those hard days just a little bit sweeter. No harsh spice or off notes, enjoy!!

So this is my take on Wayne's take on the pistachio ry4. I didn't have all the things i needed to make his recipe so i came up with this with what i had. To me it tastes pretty damn true to the real thing. Very delicious and easy vape with a good nutty richness. I wanted a bit more sugar cookie with mine and it works wonderfully. With this one i honestly get impatient and pretty mush SNV, and it tastes wonderful as is.



After getting involved with the DIY_EJUICE Monthly Clone Challenge, I ordered some Titan from the good people at Blue Dot Vapors. Upon trying it, I feel it taste very similar to Amalfi by Bigglesworth Labs, which I've been working on cloning for quite some time. Titan definitely has a lovely spice on the finish of the exhale, whereas Amalfi is more jam-like and consistent across the vape.

I've had a multitude of Amalfi clones, and recently been taking it in my own direction. Once I tried Titan, I simply removed FW Tres Leches and replaced it with CAP Gingerbread. I also excluded FA Liquid Amber. I'll tell ya what, even fresh, this tastes like it's going in the right direction. Although I obviously haven't had a chance to see how it steeps, based on the previous iteration I expect it to be as delicious if not moreso, as the Gingerbread really adds the extra dimension of flavor.

INW/FA Apricot- I must say I'm a big fan of LA Apricot, but FA seems a bit tangier, juicier, and punches through longer during the exhale. INW lends that soft, almost peach-like quality.

FA Torrone/Almond/Meringue- While I used TPA Almond in my Amalfi attempts initially, FA's offering is less sweet and seems to be a bit more "musty" which works well in bakeries. The Torrone adds almond as well, as well as a citrus zest that helps the Apricots poke through. Also when combined with FA Meringue, it steeps into a beautiful sweetness that seems intrinsic rather than sitting on top of the other flavors.

FA Tanger- While this is a new addition to this recipe, I don't really know how it will play out during a steep. A bit forward at the moment, but definitely well in the ballpark and adds a nice zing to the Apricots. This may end up being reduced to .75%.

AP/TFA Vanilla Cupcake/JF Yellow Cake- This was my base for Amalfi (+FW Tres Leches 1%) and seems to be a fine fit here. Initially, I used FructoseWild's Yellow Cake, but changed to JF because even though I don't mind, others may not wish to consume that concentrate. TFA beats CAP Van Cupcake with a little extra sweetness, and a shorter steep time. I feel the AP helps with seperating the layers of flavors, so fruit over bakery instead of fruit + bakery x blender= bleh.

CAP Gingerbread- Again, a new part of the recipe that, at least fresh, seems like it will be in the right direction.

DISCLAIMER- This is not meant to be an outright clone, just a modification on a similar recipe. That, and my tastebuds are like that Turkish neighbor of yours that wears sunglasses at night, buys large amount of black trash bags, and drives a Chrysler Sebring convertible...AKA on the Not To Be Trusted List. If you people knew what I put my tastebuds through...

Cherimoya produces a great accent note to the gingerbread. Texture is gritty and wet at the same time

Flavor Notes