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(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Used in 5236 recipes at an average of 0.62%.


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a Delicious and sophisticated Bourbon and Nut Custard.

Dropped the liquid amber from 0.75% to 0.3% and upped the Butter Pecan by 0.5%. Also added some AP to bring out the nuttiness of the Butter Pecan and Torrone a bit.
I felt that the mix wasn't sweet enough so added 0.25% sweetener.
I'm happy with where it is now as a shake and vape, Will let it steep for 7 days and come back with my findings

I gave the juice 2 weeks to mature as a week wasn't enough.
It's a rich custard with burnt sugar and bourbon undertones with a noticeable nuttiness on the exhale. The liquid amber carries the bourbon flavour nicely at 0.3%.

All in all I'm very pleased with the results. I don't see this as an ADV just because of how heavy and rich it is, but it's a satisfying vape.

So fruit loops seem to be getting popular again. This is one I've been working on for about 3 months. And it's fucking delicious. Fruit rings is important. It's much better than TFA fruit circles. I know it seems high, but it was important to keep it up front, and not letting it get drown out by the other flavors, while still letting them come through during the steep. On top of this, adding TFA berry crunch is going to give it more complexity instead of just lemon while keeping the cereal element there. Strawberry ripe is doing the same, adding a little more fruit to the mix. Metaphor was the diamond in the rough on this one. For me, fruit loops isn't just lemon. I get alot of orange out of them too. Metaphor lends that orange flavor, and the cakey notes to it help with the cereal texture. This was not the same without metaphor. And it made it perfect. The mixture of creams works great and gives it a sweet milky taste. I used FW VBIC because it is a little creamier, sweeter, and less harsh then the other 2. Sweetener is there, because, it's a sugary cereal. This doesn't put it in the too sweet category, just the perfect amount of sweetness, that really helps tame the lemon, and balances all the flavors together. This is a 2 week steep minimum and best after 3. Before that the flavor will be a bit weak, and the creams won't really come out. Hope you enjoy!


The single best froot loops you'll vape.

2 week steep minimum.

Who doesn't love fruit loops?

First we start with our loop base.
Using Fw flakes/loops and tfa circles make for a great sugary base.
You can omit the Fw flakes if you're scared of the sugar syrup.
AP adds a touch of grainy flavor, you can sub 2% tpa or Fw rice crispy type in place of AP.

Cap lemon meringue pie finishes our loop base and starts our creamy milk.

Holy vanilla is our secret weapon for our milk base. At this low of a percentage it has a fantastic milky flavor and is lightly sweet.
Sweet cream deepens out the milk flavor.
Vienna cream is a necessity of this recipe, it blends fantastic with HV And whipped cream creating a wonderfully unique and balanced cream/milk flavor.

Oba Oba is the secret ingredient of this recipe. Honestly, I won't tell you what it does. You'll have to taste that yourself.

The Bavarian cream is here to complement the milk base and add more sweetness to the mix. The light caramel notes you'll taste create that sugar coating on the loops/flakes.

Looking for a great mixing group on Facebook? Join me over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/eatsleepmixrepeat/

Great group with fun thing going on.


Delicious corny goodness - flakes or pops, you decide.

See my Youtube video where I describe this recipe and how it was developed: http://bit.ly/2hkjL3k

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I've only had it steeping for about a day or so. It's pretty tasty and definitely gets me in the Christmas mood. The White Chocolate gets kind of drowned out by the Peppermint, so I'm considering dropping it down to .75%, but it seems to die down on it's own after a few days. I'm going to let it steep for about a week before I make my final version, but I feel like it's in a good spot to share right now. I may not change anything, but I don't know right now. It's definitely super pepperminty with some creaminess mixed in. It goes great with coffee!

So I've been in the holiday mood, and I've seen multiple Gingerbread recipes out there, but whenever I tried to make them they were just way too potent and harsh, a little off putting. /u/billgarmsarmy from Reddit has a Gingerbread recipe that I started with, it had a really good base to it, so I incorporated that into mine. He used 5% of the Gingerbread by TFA which I think was waaaaayyyyy too much. I toned it down a shit ton, and I really like it. I also used /u/meanrockSD's idea of using chai tea for a more creamy, almost like a glaze of icing on the top of the cookie as well as Brown Sugar for a little more moisture and sweetness. It just fits really well. After tasting a longer steeped version, the Chai Tea is pretty distinct, and without the heavy gingerbread % I decided to just cut it out completely. The AP might be unnecessary, but I think it adds a little more breadiness to the whole thing.

JF Bavarian Cream can be swapped at same % for TFA Bavarian Cream, it's just what I was working with.

An alternate version:

Add TFA Peppermint - .75%
Increase Gingerbread to 1.75%
Add LA Cream Cheese Icing - 1%

For a pepperminty Gingerbread!

You can S&V it, but it may have some balance issues, give it a few days and it should be nicely mixed and tasty! Happy Holidays!

No Description.
This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Prepare to taste the most amazing, excellent, awe inspiring vape that will transport you back to watching your favorite childhood cartoo- I'm just fucking with you guys. I aimed to create the profile of an apple cinnamon cereal sitting in strawberry milk, and I feel that the final recipe version achieves this profile very well (not to be cocky). It doesn't taste quite like Apple Jacks, more like Cinnamon Toast Crunch with lots of green Apple Jacks (I'm pretty sure there is a difference between the orange and green AJ's...) mixed together that's been in the milk long enough to make it sugary and delicious. When vaping the first note tasted is apple that is a slightly dominant to the rough/grainy cinnamon cereal, but both battle it out for the top note. This is carried by the sugary sweet strawberry milk which becomes prominent about halfway though the exhale. To be honest, I struggle to taste strawberry and needed to have others taste test the recipe for this aspect - what I personally get is a sugary milk that has a definite fruity sweetness (I also used the Ripe Strawberry to blend the recipe together, in particular the apple and cinnamon notes, as well as making the apple have a more artificially sweet taste). Finally, the vape will finish on one of two notes - either the apple cinnamon cereal will come back and leave you with a grainy or slightly 'rough' feel, or it will end on the strawberry milk note and provide a smooth, sweet, dairy taste that lingers for a while.

I hope you guys didn't want flavor notes - I just followed the instructions for the contest on DIYorDie.com. Just in case, the only flavoring I haven't mentioned that I used is AP. I needed to use AP to bring out a grainy and more dry feel from CAP Cin. Dane. Swirl. Without AP, CDS stays far too soft and fresh bakery like, no where near what a cinnamon cereal is supposed to taste like. So guys, that's it! Even if I don't make it to round 2 it was fun coming up with this recipe, and I'm thankful for this competition and the chance to compete. Hope you all enjoy!

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Cinnamon Apple Crunch Cereal. Steep 3 Days. Basket Ingredients: CAP CDS @1% kept the cinnamon where I wanted. It evenly spreads a nice amount of cinnamon throught the cereal. JF @1.5 wasnt going for if you were to bit into an apple but more like a light non distracting apple flavoring. Its there but not smacking you in the face. I tried using fa fuji as well and it just made the apple too sweet probably because of the next ingredient. Strawberry Ripe @1% this wouldnt probably be the first thing i used in this recipe but i knew i wasnt going to use it alone for an actual strawberry flavor(IMO its just not strong enough alone) but instead for its Ethyl Maltol. for the circumstances of the competition i worked in reverse and started high and kept cutting down till it wasnt muting the mix and it wasnt turning the fuji into something i didnt want. MY 3 ingredients: Cap Cereal 27 @4.5% my favorite cereal if i want a nice cereal crunch like berry crunch without the berry. to get more to the corn flake side this needs some Acetyl Pyrazine @.5 FA Meringue @1.5% because i cant imagine a cereal vape without meringue. evey1 knows this gives a nice sugary coating. Thank you guys love what ya are doing and appreciate all the info I get out of this community. Thanks for making it fun. Hope you enjoy!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

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