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(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Used in 6020 recipes at an average of 0.612%.


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This is a recipe I've been working on for a while. Once I found Inawera Marzipan it really came together.


Aiming to hit that awsome kellogs frosties taste, and I feel I have succesfully done it! A definate ADV for those cereal lovers!! It's GRRREEEEEAAAATTT

Originally when creating this recipie I was aiming to create a typical screwball ice cream. As time went on, and flavours kept coming to me, it evolved into the most fantastic screwball, sandwiched between two wafers.

Nice wee play with my nuts. Was actually found by mistake when the missus said she liked the smell of FA Almond. Sweet, slight nutty coconut. Originally made at all one percent flavourings with no sweetener on stapleton coils in a Govad RDA. Kinda needed the extra flavourings on my claptons in my OBS Engine, so really up to personal preference. Cheap and easy. Id give it a solid 6/10. Enjoy


This is my version of crunch berries.

I enjoy a good cereal vape, especially crunch berry. A lot of the recipes I've tried fell short on the berry part though.

This is sort of an adaptation of cereally easy crunchies but with some additions.

Of course the Bavarian cream and the crunchy berries make the base of the cereal and the milk.

Acetyl pyrazine adds the grainy nutty texture of the cereal, and a little bit of strawberry ripe brings out more of the actual berry to make it pop.

I like it without sweetener but added a half percent and seem to like it this way better. This is still a work in progress and I'll be making some tweaks to it over time.

Great as a shake and vape, but after a few days the Bavarian cream really pops. You can use fw or tpa Bavarian cream at the same percentage and it's still good.


Going for a creamy salted caramel with a sweet butter base on nuts profile. Added a tad bit of brown sugar extra to help the caramel.

This recipe was inspired by a commercial juice I like (Golden State Vapor's Crème Brûlée), but it's not an attempt at a clone. I just wanted a vape that hit similar notes. I went through 12 different iterations of this recipe before I thought it was finished, and I think the end result is great. The caramel and coconut notes really mix excellently. I can't decide if I like the Brown Sugar or not, so consider it optional. You could also probably bump up the caramel a bit, but the Lotus caramel is pretty strong. Acetyl Pyrazine and TPA Marshmallow are there for mouthfeel. Meringue is just a sweetener.

Yes, this recipe does absolutely require Lotus (aka Medicine Flower) Caramel, and it can't really be subbed for anything else. It's the only caramel I've used that tastes anything near the real thing. You can get it at ecigsexpress.

Be patient and let this steep for at least a week. Two is probably better.

This is my idea of the Holy Grail of custard. The custard base is dense, buttery and eggy.


Blueberry cake donut recipe. I've been working on this for a few months now. It is a work in progress. Idk if I'll ever perfect it, but it is dang close.

FA Zeppola, FW Cake(Yellow), and TFA Acetyl Pyrazine make up the cakey donut base of this recipe. Zeppola is by far the best doughnut flavor I have found. But I believe it needs help to create the profile I was going for. That's where the Cake(Yellow) came in. It added some more fullness and weight to this recipe. Which added depth to doughnut base. Acetyl gave it just a bit more of grainy essence.

FA Bilberry and TFA Blueberry(Wild). After testing a few different blueberry variations I decided to stick with the bilberry and blueberry wild combo. Bilberry is an darker and a little more bitter blueberry. It's very stout and definitely couldn't be the leading role is this recipe. But I felt it would be a great supporting blueberry. It seems to round out the blueberry wild just perfectly. FA Lemon Sicily is there in a small percentage to just brighten up the blueberries and it does a good job at it.

FA Torrone and TFA Sweetener
These two create the sugar glaze coating you find on the outside of the doughnut. Now the torrone isn't necessary. I actually subbed it out for FA meringue at the same percentage in a different variation of this recipe. Although you could taste a small difference in the batches it wasn't significant. Both versions were great.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have.


C-Goat = Custard Greatest Of All Time affectionately dubbed Sea Goat a mythical beast often seen as the true symbol of the Capricorn. That is where the name ends and the profile begins. This is a strawberry and banana custard profile, starting up front with an authentic banana note followed by a thick, rich, and creamy strawberry base. Then finishes with sweet vanilla crust on the back end.

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