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(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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A clone of the juice that got me in to DIY. Didn't realize I didn't have this on ATF. Just dripped a little that I made a little over 3 months ago, and it ages just as well as the real deal. If you've ever had Indigo's juices, you probably loved them. I know I do. This was like my holy grail for DIY, and it didn't come together until I got FE Hongtashan. From all the research I've done trying to clone this, Hongtashan was the missing link. Once I tested it, everything fell right in to place.

Needed a Boo Berry vape - one that tastes as close as possible to what I remember from too many years back. Try #1 was up around 20% flavours, tasted good - on the right track. So this is a scale back plus added in some super sweet.

Cereal: FW Cake (yellow), TPA Vanilla Cupcake, AP and Hazelnut is my attempt at the cereal component. My previous recipe was pretty good but I feel the cereal is not 100% there yet.

Milk: Bavarian Cream, Cream Fresh and vanilla swirl and meringue provides the milk.

Marshmallow and Blueberries should speak for themselves, though I think the marshmallow gets a bit lost in the milk. Need to find a way to separate it out. I though the super sweet might help with that...

Trying to find the balance between the cereal, milk, & blueberry with a bit of marshmallow. Any comments/critiques welcome.

Me and #folkart decided to do some pies. For this journey was a difficult one. With my vaping style I need something to be a adv for me to release a recipe. With that said this was the closest I could get to a authentic plain pumpkin pie with out bombarding it with a vbic or some sort of vanilla ect..... I didn't want to mask nothing. I wanted a traditional buttery crust so the pairing of caps sugar cookie and inw biscuit play this role in making up the crust. Now the pumpkin I didn't want to go the same route as folk in using HS pumpkin. So my option were limited. Trying a bunch of different combos from holiday spice, flv egg nog ect.... they just wasn't hitting my palate the right way something was missing. The choice of RF pumpkin pie was a difficult decision. It's a tough one to work with imo. Using at 2% with caps pumpkin spice at .75% to help support the lacking spice and to help mute some of the off notes. Lastly the the lacking body of the filling is where I need a milky or some sort of condensed milk. This is where the Vienna cream, cream fresh and sweetner play there role. The addition of custard is to thickin up the mix. Hopefully you guys enjoy it was a tough one for me.

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My take on a classic.
AP 5% gives a bit of a toasted note and boosts the RY4
FA vanilla bourbon because why not? Its a good vanilla with a lil bite
Hs RY4 because its a nice ry4
FW salted caramel is a great caramel and the salted part of it pairs up well in this mix
Cap Vanilla custard to thicken it up and meld all this together.

a tobacco recipe with mild notes of spices and pistachio

Almond butter cinnamon buns quite tasty treat for anytime of the day.

FW fruity flakes is by far my favorite "fruity pebbles" concentrate. This recipe is a bowl of fruity pebbles in milk. Yeah, it's been done before a million times, but this is mine. It's the closest to the real thing that I have tried. There's no weird shit in it, just cereal, cream, marshmallow(to smooth out the fruity flakes) and AP. Who doesn't like AP? Fuck you, that's who. I've been working on this recipe for a few months and this was my ADV for weeks on end. It's great right after mixing, loses its luster during week 2, but comes right back from week 3+. I can't explain why, it just does.

I had mixed up cereally easy loops a thousand times, and it was good. But this time, I was bored with it and I took it a few steps further.

I stuck with the same percentages of fruit rings and Bavarian cream because I thought that was perfect.

I added in acetyl pyrazine to add the graininess of actual ceral. Then I added cap super sweet because I think it's the perfect sweetener to give the cereal that dry dusty sweetness.

I feel like this is super authentic and my wife has been vaping it non stop for around 3 months now.

Simple additions made this recipe outstanding in my opinion. It took a while to get the perfect percentages down but I think this is it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This recipe was inspired by a friend who made a flintstoned clone. I decided to remix it. This is what I came up with. Again loads of credit to john m. (JFM Dev)
This recipe is basicly a fruity pebbles vape with a hint of ice cream. It is absolutely delicious and if you decide to try it you WILL LOVE IT.

This is a clone for Jam monster - strawberry. After trying tons of variation, I found this to be the closest to the real thing. I notice that the real thing has a slight taste of a blackcurrant to make it more of a strawberry jam. However, I decided to leave it out because I enjoy the recipe as it is. This recipe really remind me of a strawberry jam with butter where I usually put on my loaf of bread.

Please excuse my grammar and ENJOY!

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