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(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Used in 1916 recipes at an average of 0.593%.


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This is my second entry to the cinnamon challenge that was posted in DMC. I've been looking for an excuse to have a recipe loaded up with FW Yellow Cake, Cake Batter Dip and Sugar Cookie all together. It's a heavy vape no doubt, but absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

I've been keen to get a mix that vapes close the almond butter finger desert. I'm quite happy with this mix and the steep time is quite low considering the ingredients used. With that said, a 2 week steep would be best. Enjoy and please review if you mix it.

Sweet Vanilla and nuanced spiced Fig on the inhale, spicy/sweet Clove and nuanced Tobacco on the exhale.

Just in time for the Holidays.
The Crackle. The Pop. The Aroma.

Top note here is Clove (FLV) @ .25%. This flavor will knock your socks off and it cannot be substituted. It's $ 12.49 well spent. I was adventurous and doubled the dose to .5%. Although I am enjoying it, I highly doubt many others would. It's dark and spicy, like the top note of an extra bold, unsweetened chai.

Vanilla Bourbon (FA) - After reading reviews of Clove (you are unkind, ELR), I knew I needed something dark and sweet to balance the dark and spicy. This was my first time using both of these flavors and it seems I may have got something here.

Native Tobacco (FLV) - I started DIY in 2015 (I'm a baby, I know), and I'm just now feeling comfortable with trying a tobacco flavor. I'm not sure if they are all good, but Native Tobacco is money. It reminds me of American Spirits, a really clean tasting, tobacco leaf.

Fig Fresh (FA) - This is the Secret. Fig Fresh lends a hand in brightening bold fruits. Why not bold spice? It works beautifully, and ties everything together in a tight Christmas bow.

AP is good for rounding out tobacco flavors. I've included it here. You don't have to do the same.

For Fun: 1 drop of Holiday Spice (TPA) per 5ml.


Recipe is from jfm development strawberry jam monster I change strawberry for blueberry

Last minute entry still in the development stage great vape as of now waiting on steep 🙄. Notes coming soon!!

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Created this recipe for the October Monthly Clone Challenge on /r/diy_ejuice. I’ve never tried the real thing, so I have no idea how close it is to Tripoli. But I like what I came up with.

"The taste of an exotic port-of-call, Tripoli is a finely crafted blend of aged Turkish tobaccos, fig, almonds, and rare spices."

Having never tasted it, that description is pretty much what I had to go on. I did a little bit of research, but mostly just did my own thing with it. I made one version, but didn’t really like it so I started all over, and decided that I wanted to dig in to some of my neglected Hangsen tobaccos.

First, I decided to go with Elder Captain for the spice notes. Unrelated to this challenge, I picked it up not too long ago because there was a Hangsen sale at Nicotine River. Single flavor test reminded me a whole lot when I was messing around with clove and cardamom for some other recipes. Even at .5%, those spice notes are right on top.

For the fig, I went with HS Arabic. It’s got a bright fig like flavor on top of some sweet tobacco.

HS Turkish is one of the better Turkish flavors out there. I’m not really a fan of FLV Turkish (but the Oriental I’m really liking, but that’s a little off topic.) INW and FE/SC don’t really taste anything like Turkish tobacco to me. I got rid of TFA because it was gross. So yeah, HS Turkish for the win. On its own it is kind of lacking the spice notes that you get with real tobacco, but it does provide a nice tobacco base for you to add the spices to.

FA Almond and AP kind of blend in to the base here. Not super in your face. If you’re wanting a more nut forward and spice background mix, maybe drop the Elder Captain to .25% and bump the Almond up to 1.5-2%.

One thing to note about this is that HS tobaccos are super steepers. I dont really taste them much when fresh, but they start showing up around a week. When you see people talking about month long steeps for tobaccos, Hangsen is a good candidate for that. This current version I’ve only got steeped for 10 days, but it’s gotten really good. Since this was for October’s challenge, I figured it wouldn’t make much sense to give my final thoughts near Thanksgiving. If it ends up turning to shit after a month, I’ll come back with a warning.

Frank n Vape remix. This is more inspired by, as opposed to a clone attempt. I wanted a super mellow marshmallow berry cereal vape to go with my lavazza espresso in the morning. This ticks all the boxes. Shake n vape.

Base mix for homemade PB. Slightly modified HIC's peanut butter. Needs a bit of steeping, then it should smell exactly like TPA PB.

I added all the fruit flavors at 2% thinking I could adjust one another up if need be but wow right off rip they were where I wanted them. Originally it was good but I wanted to cream it up. So they were kind of milky like cereal would be. Guys and Gals this is seriously amazing. I really think I've got ahold of a winner here. If you like cereals than this is your vape. Good luck and vape on. P.S If you don't like sweetener leave it out but kapn krunch berries is very sweet. So sweeten to taste. Best after seven days but honestly good on the shake.

Flavor Notes

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