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(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
Buy From: ecigexpress gremlin wizard

Flavor Profile: Not set yet

Used in 914 recipes at an average of 0.611%.


69 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is my sweet Vanilla Cavendish Tobacco and it is smooth and soothing to vape and makes those hard days just a little bit sweeter. No harsh spice or off notes, enjoy!!

CNCv12 the name comes from 12 different attemps at a strawberry milk my way. This is one of those recipes that is always getting tweaked by me because I feel there is no perfect strawberry milk out there imo. This is one of several variations that I have but I feel this one is worth sharing. As always please leave a comment or review good or bad,

So this is my take on Wayne's take on the pistachio ry4. I didn't have all the things i needed to make his recipe so i came up with this with what i had. To me it tastes pretty damn true to the real thing. Very delicious and easy vape with a good nutty richness. I wanted a bit more sugar cookie with mine and it works wonderfully. With this one i honestly get impatient and pretty mush SNV, and it tastes wonderful as is.

A cherry cheese danish, or the mighty " Loup de Fromage à la Cerise." Another application of the Dogma danish base goaded into existence by the also mighty ID10-T.

This recipe has three main components:

1) The Dogma base. Used here with .25% AP to make the base breadier and nuttier. It kills some of your S&V layering, but it's useful to make a base that'll hold up to fruit flavors. Also with the INW Marzipan bumped from .5 to 1% to bolster the...

2) The cherry: Cherry flavors are kind of terrible in general. I've yet to find one that gives a good, solid body that doesn't also taste like inhaling cheap plastic or gasoline fumes. So we are building a cherry from scratch. The increased INW Marzipan adds some almond extract bordering on cherry kind of flavor. I've also used FA Apricot to contribute some jammy, relatively neutral stone-fruit body to back up the cherry top notes. We have INW Cherries for the top notes. While this is a good flavor, I find it really thin and top-heavy with a strange bit of dryness that limits the utility of the flavor. And finally another dual use flavor, FA Vanilla Tahity. Tahity has some almond milk / extract kind of notes that really help to hammer home the bakery cherry edge from the marzipan. It also helps to sweeten and fluff out....

3) The Cream Cheese Icing: Achieved here mostly through LA Cream Cheese Icing. It does kind of mix into and sweeten the base, but enough sits in the top notes to pull off a cream cheese icing. It's used a little high compared to rest of the recipe, but I wanted that cream cheese tang to really come through. The sweeteness and body from the Vanilla Tahity furthers help to give some texture and sweetness to that icing note.

Extra special next level stuff: Add like 1-2 drops of FLV Brie Cheese per 30ml. It's not life-changing enough to really recommend going out and buying a fairly difficult flavor just for the effect, but if you have it already it adds some more realism and tang to that cream cheese without mucking with anything else.

And there it is, again 10 concentrates (11 if you're feeling bold) is a lot for a recipe, but 5 of those are from the original Dogma base and available from Bull City Flavors in a pack that is scientifically proven to make you irresistible to any and all genders you're interested in being irresistible to.

In terms of steeping, this one actually needs a bit of time. I feel like 3 days gives all of the disparate notes we are using for cherries to come together, the icing to firm up, and the danish base to really solidify.

I love doughnuts...the sweet sticky glaze
I also love lemon..lemon pies,lemon cakes anything lemon
So why not combine the 2??So here it is..a super rich,yeasty,sweet lemon meringue doughnut..


After getting involved with the DIY_EJUICE Monthly Clone Challenge, I ordered some Titan from the good people at Blue Dot Vapors. Upon trying it, I feel it taste very similar to Amalfi by Bigglesworth Labs, which I've been working on cloning for quite some time. Titan definitely has a lovely spice on the finish of the exhale, whereas Amalfi is more jam-like and consistent across the vape.

I've had a multitude of Amalfi clones, and recently been taking it in my own direction. Once I tried Titan, I simply removed FW Tres Leches and replaced it with CAP Gingerbread. I also excluded FA Liquid Amber. I'll tell ya what, even fresh, this tastes like it's going in the right direction. Although I obviously haven't had a chance to see how it steeps, based on the previous iteration I expect it to be as delicious if not moreso, as the Gingerbread really adds the extra dimension of flavor.

INW/FA Apricot- I must say I'm a big fan of LA Apricot, but FA seems a bit tangier, juicier, and punches through longer during the exhale. INW lends that soft, almost peach-like quality.

FA Torrone/Almond/Meringue- While I used TPA Almond in my Amalfi attempts initially, FA's offering is less sweet and seems to be a bit more "musty" which works well in bakeries. The Torrone adds almond as well, as well as a citrus zest that helps the Apricots poke through. Also when combined with FA Meringue, it steeps into a beautiful sweetness that seems intrinsic rather than sitting on top of the other flavors.

FA Tanger- While this is a new addition to this recipe, I don't really know how it will play out during a steep. A bit forward at the moment, but definitely well in the ballpark and adds a nice zing to the Apricots. This may end up being reduced to .75%.

AP/TFA Vanilla Cupcake/JF Yellow Cake- This was my base for Amalfi (+FW Tres Leches 1%) and seems to be a fine fit here. Initially, I used FructoseWild's Yellow Cake, but changed to JF because even though I don't mind, others may not wish to consume that concentrate. TFA beats CAP Van Cupcake with a little extra sweetness, and a shorter steep time. I feel the AP helps with seperating the layers of flavors, so fruit over bakery instead of fruit + bakery x blender= bleh.

CAP Gingerbread- Again, a new part of the recipe that, at least fresh, seems like it will be in the right direction.

DISCLAIMER- This is not meant to be an outright clone, just a modification on a similar recipe. That, and my tastebuds are like that Turkish neighbor of yours that wears sunglasses at night, buys large amount of black trash bags, and drives a Chrysler Sebring convertible...AKA on the Not To Be Trusted List. If you people knew what I put my tastebuds through...

Cherimoya produces a great accent note to the gingerbread. Texture is gritty and wet at the same time

A blueberry cinnamon danish, using my Dogma danish base.

By adding some Acetyl Pyrazine to the base Dogma danish, you turn a flaky, light, layered almond danish into a heavier, breadier, danish base. I then added a variation of @EdibleMalfunction 's blueberry holy trinity and a dash of FLV Rich Cinnamon. It's quite a bit fuller than Dogma solo, and those blueberries do a great job of tasting like a baked in part of the pastry.

Still 100% S&V certified, although if you let the AP settle in for a couple days the danish base gets a little more solid.

It's 10 ingredients, yes. But 5 of those ingredients are currently available RIGHT HERE from Bull City Flavors in one super convenient and dare I say, sexy, package.

Do you love vanilla??Do you love cream??Do you love cookies??Of course you do...sweet vanilla cream sandwiched between 2 delicious cookies..very reminiscent of everyone's favorite Golden Cookie...mix this up ASAP

(TFA) Chai Tea- Obviously the base for this Recipe. I have only ever used it as a highlight in things like Horchata and other things like that. So seeing that other people have used it so high made me a little nervous. I know this recipe is going to need to steep AT LEAST 2 weeks before it will be what I am hoping it will be.
(CAP) Gingerbread- I haven't gotten to play around with this flavor too much because I got it in right before Christmas and then I was burnt out on this flavor. seeing as how strong it smells, I was surprised as how it has been used. I used it a bit lower than the average, so that might be the death of this recipe calling for more versions to bring it up. I am not expecting it to come out so much but it makes the recipe unique so it might need to be upped.
(CAP) Sugar Cookie- YUM! This is obviously the sugar cookie that gets everyone's dick hard. This is the Sugar Cookie base for my cookie. It is similar to the Frosted sugar cookies in the market around springtime. Just without the frosting. Perfect to meld my Chai and Gingerbread into this cookie.

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