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(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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A recipe expired by the Fantastic remix of boss Reserve by folkart.

Ethyl maltol- sweetens the profile and softens the throat hit, that acetylferrocene is notorious for.

Banana Foster - Deep rich ripe banana with hints of caramel and nut. Is flavoring can taste a little thin as a shake and vape. Just need some time to develop.

Bavarian cream + dolce de leche - a simple cream combination with complex results. Steeps out smooth and sweet with a rich thick mouthfeel.

honey - flavourart honey, is to date the only honey flavoring I have tried that isn't complete garbage. Besides being a great accent this flavoring helps ties the recipe together.

I am very happy to be able to share this recipe with all of you. While this is not an original recipe created by me, it is one of my favorites. A big shout out to Beaufort Batches on ELR for allowing me to share this recipe on ATF.

The profile is basically described as kettle corn tossed in a glaze made of strawberry gelatin, marshmallows, yogurt, brown sugar and half and half cream and sprinkled with crushed up crunch berries.

What I get out of this is an experience very true to the profile description. The use of the kettle corn, biscuit, and AP provide a very nice authentic popcorn note, and all of the other flavors combine beautifully to mimic the glaze.

This is one of many excellent recipes created by Beaufort Batches and I highly suggest mixing this one up. It is definitely the best popcorn vape I've tried so far. If you decide to give this one a try please drop by ELR and show BB some love with a rating or comment. Hope you all enjoy this one!

This recipe was inspired by Apple Jacks, but I wasn't necessarily going for an Apple Jacks clone. It is pretty close though, but I honesty wanted something better than Apple Jacks.

FA Breakfast cereal is an amazing wheat type cereal flavor. A perfect base for this recipe and thank God we don't have to rely on sub par cereal concentrates now like in the past.

CAP Double Apple and CAP CDS worked out nicely for the apple and cinnamon without having to turn this into an overly complex layered recipe with 20 ingredients. The CDS also helps a little with the cereal base.

The creams are rather light in this recipe, but they do add some nice mouthfeel and keep the overall recipe from feeling too dry.

Somewhere between a blueberry muffin and a blueberry scone. Its still a work in progress.

Yes, I know....Corn Custard!? I know this sounds like a weird profile to go after but I recently purchased Country Clouds' Corn Bread Pudding and it is awesome! Although it suffers from what most commercial juices suffer from, too much sweetener and slight off notes. This recipe is not a clone or remix of Country Clouds Corn Bread Pudding but it's very similar in it's profile.
You may ask why name it Corn Custard when there's no corn in it? When I test flavors, no matter what the label says, I write down what I taste. When testing FW Cheesecake I get a slight "dirty socks" or popcorn taste. So why put something that tastes like "dirty socks" in this recipe? Because, when paired with INW Biscuit, CAP Butter Cream, TPA Acetyl Pyrazine, and a touch of DFS HOLY HOLY GRAIL RY4, it transforms into a "kettle corn-like" flavor. The FW Cheesecake with the CAP Vanilla Custard adds a creamy custard that will have you mixing this recipe again and again. The DFS HOLY HOLY GRAIL RY4 also adds some vanilla in there as well. I added a touch of sweetener to brighten it up a bit as well.
This recipe needs a 1 week steep but after 5 days the custard starts to shine. Don't vape this off the shake, it takes a few days for all the flavors to blend in.
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If you like RY4 and bakery flavors then you'll love this sweet creamy ice cream dessert. The ry4 HS is my favorite tobacco flavor especially with the sweet creamy and lush flavors and a touch of caramel toffee. If you like a little strong tobacco it can be a snv but the flavors blend best at about a week steep.

Seductive,delicious taste of banana waffle with chocolate.hope you mix and enjoy this recipe.needs 15 days steeping but i think it is worth the wait


Well guys I find this one pretty damn close too the real thing so give it a mix and try it out for yourself and I stamp it with a S&V approval

Omg guys I bought some of this other day and I figured that I try my hand at it and it actually turned out pretty fuckin good and it's refreshing to the tongue so mix this up and enjoy guys

**pineapple inw is mississippi inw.i would like to ask the moderators to add mississippi inw in the flavor list.it is an excellent concentrate of pineapple with cream,balanced,tasty and very helpful in fruit and bakery mixes.
the idea was to create a creamy white cake with fruits.i use the same stone of mississippi inw and coconut flv in other recipes,so i did the same here.i hope you mix and enjoy this one as much as i do

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