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(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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This all started looking a lot different. In the beginning, I was going for a nutty/woodsy/earthy vibe with a hint of tobacco. Tested that one, and it just wasn't doing it for me. Contemplated for about half a day, and decided with all that oak, it might be good to char it a bit and get some more Tobacco in the mix. I wanted to keep a bit of the nutty vibe, but not quite as desserty as INW 555 Gold, so I went with just a pinch of AP and Tobacco Symphony. Then a bit of Garuda to bring some sweeter Tobacco notes to the mix.

Shake and vape is a bit heavy on the Black Fire, but I expect that will settle down quite a bit in the next week or so. The oaks with the Black Fire is quite nice though. It's got the intensity of black fire, but it feels a bit fuller.

It's still fresh, so I can't give a solid steep time, but based on experience, it will most likely be 10 days to 2 weeks.

A damn near dead on REMIXX of "Moo E-Liquids Vanilla Almond Milk". Mix it and see for yourself. Its definitely accurate. If you do decide to give this a shot please leave a review :) Thanks and Enjoy!
EDIT - Adding sweetener will make this juice even closer to the original. Try sucralose around 1-2% or super sweet between 0.5 and 1% :)
--- subbing ingredients will change the taste of this recipe ---

This is basically a Tobacco remix of Castle Long. I took out anything vanilla, and added some tobaccos. It's rich and complex. It needs a couple weeks to mix, but I could tell right off the bat that it was a keeper. After an over night steep, I mixed up 60 ml to let it sit for at least a month because I'm thinking that's where it's really going to shine.


I called this one Churros? because I can't remember what a real churro tastes like. So maybe this does, maybe it doesn't. The original recipe seemed to think it did.

Orig Recipe - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1226583/Secret%20Strawberry%20Churrio%20%28The%20best%29

Added TFA Strawberry Ripe instead of CAP Sweet Strawberry
Added a couple % of TFA Sweetener
Removed TFA Meringue - It's pretty rough on my throat even at low %s.

I may still test removing the TFA Acetyl Pyrazine too. I haven't mixed it too much and honestly, since I usually only make 10-15ml at a time, I don't like having to futz with such small %s. If it doesn't make too much or any difference to me I'll remove it from here.

Listed it at a 7 day steep even though the original says SnV/3 as it was better to me after having more time to sit.

Don't think Apple Jacks with this one. It's more of a cornflakes cereal with chopped apples and a little sugar sprinkled on top. Very refreshing and bright.
The recipe is based around cereal 27 and Fuji. Cereal 27 is similar to frosted flakes, but not nearly as sweet. INW Pear is there to make the apple more authentic, bring some juiciness to create the apple chunks rather than an apple flavored cereal. The creams all play together to create the milk base. Cream Fresh is really what does it, but meringue gives it more of a milk flavor and vienna cream brings it more to the cereal milk side. The sweetner isn't completely necessary or could be taken down, it doesn't make the vape sickly sweet, but helps to brighten up the whole recipe in my opinion.

My adaptation of the popular Castle Long profile. Bourbon notes are accentuated by RF Aged Bourbon Cream and the whole mix is smoked by Solub Arome's additive

Need I say More. My Game of Thrones Inspired Vape


Breakfast Bowls #3: Groot Loops - A bowlful of fresh Froot Loops with a little bit of milk.

This is a pretty linear profile. I wanted it to be straightforward and simple. I kept turning Fruit Rings up until I was satisfied. Then, I used some creams to smooth it out and bolster the mouthfeel. Big departure here, I know. I'm stuck on cereal vapes. What can I say?

Flavor Notes:

Acetyl Pyrazine is giving texture to Fruit Rings. 0.75 is just enough to make it seem like fresh cereal without being too sharply crunchy.

Cheesecake Graham Crust helps both sides of the equation. The graham works with the AP to ensure a grainy cereal texture. The cheesecake gives body and sweetness to the milk. At 1%, it doesn't give off a cheesecake flavor in the mix; it just does it's background duties.

Cream Fresh is the cream element that's keeping Fruit Rings from getting weird. It softens the sharper notes without killing the cereal texture. 1% is enough to make a noticeable impact on the profile, but it doesn't distract from that main top note.

Fruit Rings is used pretty high here. I really wanted to get everything I could out of this flavor. I think it represents Froot Loops pretty damn well. The fruit notes are authentic to the cereal, and the texture is on target as well. 6% squeezes out about all there is to be had. It does get sharp up there, but I didn't want to accent it and distract from the profile. Chose to suck it up and work out the kinks with creams instead.

Marshmallow is acting as both a mild sweetener and to mildly texturize. 1% fluffs up the milk and cereal to a satisfying mouthfeel. It also helps out the fruit notes with its tasty, sweet deliciousness.

Steeping is easy for this stuff. Mix it and rips it. I think it gets better after a week, but I just mix enough for a few weeks and vape through the steeping. It's great out of the gate, and I imagine some will like it best fresh.

Happy mixing. 👽


OPTIONAL INGREDIENT: 0.5% DFS HOLY VANILLA. If you have it, I'd definitely add it.

It probably won't taste like marshmallow man, but that's a good thing because this is much better, IMO.

This is an adaptation from a popular marshmallow man clone found on e-liquid-recipes.
Marshmallow man was my all day vape back when it was somewhat popular. I still have a 30ml of it and now that I've been diy-ing a while I think it's over sweetened trash. I do like the profile though.

I mixed up the clone from eliquidrecipes (months ago) and it was alright. At the time I didn't know how to make it better. But now that I've got some experience I decided to revisit it and it was pretty simple to turn it from a decent blend to my favorite marshmallow vape of all time.

The first and obvious thing was to get rid of the tpa sweetener. For most applications that stuff sucks. I never used tpa sweetener anyways, even before I knew there was ethyl maltol in it. It always seemed weird tasting to me.. so the obvious better choice (IMO) was cap super sweet. .75 is the sweet spot for this mix. I keep going back and forth but it really needs (IMO) .75% to make this recipe shine.

The next change was removing FA marshmallow and using cap marshmallow because I think it's a better fit for this. Plus I convinced myself that they are probably only using capellas and tpa concentrates.

So with convincing myself it's a cap/tpa mix I needed to get rid of Fw vbic.. at first I planned on using cap vbic but after going back and forth smelling the marshmallow man liquid and the different vbic's I decided the tpa vbic was the better fit.

The Tpa strawberry ripe at .85% serves no purpose whatsoever and was a completely pointless ingredient at that percentage and in this mix so I nixed that sucka.

Then I just tweaked a couple other percentages and called it a day. I was totally shocked how good this was as a shake and vape.. I don't normally shake and vape but this smelled/tasted on finger absolutely irresistible... and then it just got better.

I mixed it at 60vg\40pg like I do all my mixes, but feel free to mix at your preferred ratio.

Link to boldfmixologist marshmallow man clone:


This is my take on a strawberry cheesecake. The flavors kind of speak for themselves but I chose JF Sweet Strawberry because it is one of the few strawberries I can taste. I think the CAP Sweet Strawberry helps out the JF and adds some sweetness.

TFA Cheesecake GC, CAP NY Cheesecake and Sweet Cream make up the main body of the cheesecake it's creamy, rich and delicious.

TFA Graham helps boost the graham in the cheesecakes and Biscuit and Acetyl Pyrazine are there to give it some more grainy, buttery goodness.

I love a bit of FA Coconut so I added it for something extra.

This is the first recipe I have made that I feel is worth sharing so feedback is welcome.

I like my recipes strong so I think the 20% flavoring is necessary. Sweetener is optional.

I recommend at least a 2 week steep.

Please rate it if you mix it!

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