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(TPA) Absinthe

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 104 recipes at an average of 3.018%.


Setup: Velocity clone; dual twisted 24awg Ni/28awg kanthal @ .27Ω; cotton wicks; 50 W

Testing: The Flavor Apprentice Absinthe @ 3%; Aged: 2 weeks

Flavor description: This is straight black licorice with a hint of booziness and the slightest herbal "green" note. Nothing fluffy or creamy, just like someone took a rope of black licorice and melted it down into something mildly alcoholic mixed with some herbs. It is fairly close to what drinking Absinthe tastes like, minus some of the booze.

Off-flavors: None.

Throat hit: 7/10 pretty robust and slightly harsh

Uses: This is what you will want to use to impart a strong boozy black licorice note to your recipe. 6-7% in a recipe has been reported if you're really a fool for black licorice, however I think 3-5% should do the trick just fine. This could also be used <1% to impart a "coolness" to your recipe if Koolada is just too much for you.

Pairings: Some FA Whiskey to impart a bit more booziness, also dark fruits, citrus fruits, chocolate, herbs/spices, caramel, even some mints and darker tobaccos would pair well here.

Notes: Definitely a love or hate flavor. It's rather crass by itself, but it's a must if you're after black licorice or a true fennel/anise without the creaminess FA Anise carries. This flavor can be enjoyable at very low % even if you're not a full on fan of black licorice, but if you find it to be too much, try FA Anise for a lighter, creamier taste and smoother mouth feel.

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12 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

From a reddit thread on using absinthe, needs to steep but very jellybeany.


An intriguing mix of juicy, ripe berries, absinthe and a touch of mint, perfect for reinvigorating a bored palate.

Recommended Base: 70/30 VG/PG
Steep Time: 1 Week Minimum

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