(TPA) Absinthe

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Used in 137 recipes at an average of 2.855%.


Setup: Velocity clone; dual twisted 24awg Ni/28awg kanthal @ .27Ω; cotton wicks; 50 W

Testing: The Flavor Apprentice Absinthe @ 3%; Aged: 2 weeks

Flavor description: This is straight black licorice with a hint of booziness and the slightest herbal "green" note. Nothing fluffy or creamy, just like someone took a rope of black licorice and melted it down into something mildly alcoholic mixed with some herbs. It is fairly close to what drinking Absinthe tastes like, minus some of the booze.

Off-flavors: None.

Throat hit: 7/10 pretty robust and slightly harsh

Uses: This is what you will want to use to impart a strong boozy black licorice note to your recipe. 6-7% in a recipe has been reported if you're really a fool for black licorice, however I think 3-5% should do the trick just fine. This could also be used <1% to impart a "coolness" to your recipe if Koolada is just too much for you.

Pairings: Some FA Whiskey to impart a bit more booziness, also dark fruits, citrus fruits, chocolate, herbs/spices, caramel, even some mints and darker tobaccos would pair well here.

Notes: Definitely a love or hate flavor. It's rather crass by itself, but it's a must if you're after black licorice or a true fennel/anise without the creaminess FA Anise carries. This flavor can be enjoyable at very low % even if you're not a full on fan of black licorice, but if you find it to be too much, try FA Anise for a lighter, creamier taste and smoother mouth feel.

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Please see my description in the original version of this recipe as the notes are very similar. I used TFA Strawberry in the original and since I'm somewhat Strawberry muted I was not really getting much Strawberry from that recipe. I played around with several Strawberry combinations and eventually landed on this mix. FA Juicy Strawberry is very jam like to me, and keeping Red Touch in the recipe brings it down to something more realistic. I normally do not enjoy INW Shisha Strawberry as it is just too artificial, but used at a low percentages it really rounds out the Strawberry flavor - but it does require a steep to mellow it out.

This is a fairly dainty recipe that, at least for me, goes to nothing if there is any carbon buildup on the coils. I use this recipe daily in my Berserker 24 mm in MTL mode, and I change the cotton and clean the coils after two tank fulls. Otherwise the Strawberry and Licorice goes muted.

I apologize for the V2 of this recipe, but a fair number of people viewed the original recipe and I did not want to change it in case someone enjoyed it and was mixing from the ATF post.

A simple 3 flavor recipe that I enjoy in MTL tanks. Basically a strong licorice vape with a candy like strawberry undertone wafting through. I get the strawberry flavors on the initial exhale with the licorice filling in at the end of the vape and lingering on.

I tested several Licorice flavors before selecting TFA Absinthe. FlavorArt Black Touch was too light in flavor and when you increased the percentage it went floral. FlavorArt Anise had a nice Licorice flavor but too creamy and did not increase in flavor linearly. Jungle Flavors Aniseed also had a good Licorice note, but when increased I got hints of Play-Doh which was too distracting. Flavor West Black Licorice was very good, but too soft for what I was looking for. TFA Absinthe really hit the mark with a strong Licorice forward flavor. Flavor West Black Licorice would probably be a good substitute if you are looking for a softer Licorice note.

The Strawberry blend was my attempt at getting a candy like strawberry with a tad bit of realism added to it. I know TFA Strawberry is a polarizing flavor, but adding the FA Red Touch tended to round it out a bit, and I find it pretty enjoyable.

I usually vape this in either the Vandy Vape Berserker or Berserker Mini MTL tanks at a 12 mg Nic level for a nice experience. This might work in pod systems, but I don't have any to try it out with.

[update 2/9/2019] I was perusing through ELR and noticed a very similar recipe to this one called Absinthe Strawberry by thedescolada. It is 4% TFA Absinthe and 7% TFA Strawberry. I did not even know it existed when I formulate this recipe. I'm not sure I would have liked Absinthe Strawberry as I think there is just too much TFA Strawberry, but as always YMMV. Might have saved me some time and money testing Licorice flavors if I would have found it beforehand though LOL.

[update 5/15/2019] Been playing around with some different Strawberry blends. Not sure how I want to introduce them to this recipe (v2?), but my original testing has been with FA Juicy Strawberry at 2.5%, FA Red Touch at 2.0%, and INW Shisha Strawberry at 0.5%. Before I commit to any delta I want to get my hands on some JF Strawberry Sweet and play with it in the mix. Even still if you replace the recipe Strawberries with the above it is pretty tasty with a different vibe (the steep time for sure is a bit longer - like 5 days).

Hapsburg Limonada........Could also be made for a jug/pitcher

An attempt to recreate a wonderful fruity/minty vape, Philosopher's Stone, by La Vap Shop.

This recipe was developed for pod devices, though tastes pretty wonderful in a dripper. Mixed at 50/50, you'll certainly get more flavor.

The inhale is minty -- think spearmint, wintergreen. The longer you inhale, the 'harsher' the minty throat hit. Its a pleasant kind of harsh.
The exhale is fruity -- peary, berry, fairly refreshing.

This recipe works fine as a shake and vape, and I couldn't discern much differences after vaping it a week later.

So ... Expanding on my Purple Haze recipe... i have gotten my vape mail in and my absinthe from TPA ... so the Delosi Black Licorice is out (LOL)... and i have changed my sweetener to FLV and decided to layer the FLV Sweet coconut w/FA Coco Coconut and layer the VT Light Rum w/ FA Jam Rhum ..hoping for a more authentic flavor and really make this Drink style vape a serious contender .... I hope everyone who tried the original recipe enjoys the upgrade and Please give feedback .... thanks

Side Note : VT Recommends 4 to 5 days steep on the Russian Vodka ..however i think it will be ok as a S&V recipe.
Also if you choose to cool this recipe down I recommend ws23 and mix to taste.. I use 1 drop per 10 ml


A sinful taste
Fresh citrus fruit
With the frost of a frozen mountain

This recipe I found over in the DIY sub reddit, I dont know who the creator is, If you know feel free to share and I'll give him the credit.

perfecf drink,Made of white gin,natural blackcurrant absinthe And lemon


A cool, herbal mix inspired by traditional medicinal soft drinks and small beers. While there is enough sassafras and root beer flavor to remind you of the more familiar supermarket offerings, the creme de menthe, absinthe, and cinnamon give the minty, earthy, and anise notes associated with its traditional, rustic counterpart more of a leading role.


One of my favorite and unique juices I've ever tried was Attara Artisan's Bombay which is a sweet fennel candy juice.
After some research I decided it had to be either Absinthe or Anise that was used in it so I got them both. To me and everyone that tries them side by side it's 90%+ to being a spot on clone. Notes in October 2016 recipe thread.


Can shake and vape but does best with 3-7 days steep time.

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